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Rat Mouse Ortholog Human Ortholog
Protein ID Gene Protein ID Gene Gene Protein ID Gene Gene Protein ID Gene
ENSRNOP00000010421 UFL1 B2GV24 Ufl1 Ufl1 Q8CCJ3 (1<-1) Ufl1 UFL1 O94874 (1<-1) UFL1
ENSRNOP00000023080 QPRT Q5I0M2 Qprt Qprt Q91X91 (1<-1) Qprt QPRT Q15274 (1<-1) QPRT
ENSRNOP00000020412 FXN D3ZYW7 Fxn Fxn Q3TV21 (1<-1) Fxn FXN Q16595 (1<-1) FXN
ENSRNOP00000025224 RPSA P38983 Rpsa Rpsa P14206 (1<-1) Rpsa RPSA A0A024R2P0 (1<-1) RPSA
ENSRNOP00000017824 CLCA5 F1M7N4 Clca5 Clca3a2 Q9EQR4 (1<-1) Clca3a2 CLCA2 Q9UQC9 (3<-3) CLCA2
ENSRNOP00000005257 ARSG Q32KJ9 Arsg Arsg Q3TYD4 (1<-1) Arsg ARSG A0A024R8K1 (1<-1) ARSG
ENSRNOP00000056429 CTSG P17977 Ctsg Ctsg Q059V7 (1<-1) Ctsg CTSG P08311 (1<-1) CTSG
ENSRNOP00000031328 MAP3K10 D3ZG83 Map3k10 Map3k10 Q66L42 (1<-1) Map3k10 MAP3K10 Q02779 (1<-1) MAP3K10
ENSRNOP00000001444 RFC3 Q5M830 Rfc3 Rfc3 Q3TKD1 (1<-1) Rfc3 RFC3 A0A024RDQ8 (1<-1) RFC3
ENSRNOP00000062794 PKD2L1 D3ZDT6 Pkd2l1 Pkd2l1 A2A259 (1<-1) Pkd2l1 PKD2L1 Q9P0L9-2 (1<-1) PKD2L1
ENSRNOP00000051114 ENSRNOG00000033625 P36198 Lhx2 Rpl35a Q6ZWX1 (3<-1) Rpl35a RPL35A P18077 (3<-1) RPL35A
ENSRNOP00000063205 POGZ D3ZV33 Pogz Pogz D3YUX1 (1<-1) Pogz POGZ Q7Z3K3-2 (1<-1) POGZ
ENSRNOP00000005262 CPD F1LPC6 Cpd Cpd O89001 (1<-1) Cpd CPD O75976 (1<-1) CPD
ENSRNOP00000066044 UXS1 M0R982 Uxs1 Uxs1 Q91XL3 (2<-1) Uxs1 UXS1 Q8NBZ7 (2<-1) UXS1
ENSRNOP00000008035 OXSM G3V6R7 Oxsm Oxsm Q9D404 (1<-1) Oxsm OXSM A0A024R2Q9 (1<-1) OXSM
ENSRNOP00000056223 TIMD2 Q5FVR0 Timd2 Timd2 A8C1R4 (2<-1) Timd2
ENSRNOP00000042818 N4BP1 D3ZT79 N4bp1 N4bp1 Q6A037 (1<-1) N4bp1 N4BP1 O75113 (1<-1) N4BP1
ENSRNOP00000046983 R3HDM2 G3V9G7 R3hdm2 R3hdm2 Q80TM6-2 (1<-1) R3hdm2 R3HDM2 B5MCU0 (1<-1) R3HDM2
ENSRNOP00000021783 RGD1310016 D4A224 Ric1 Ric1 E9QPA1 (1<-1) Ric1 RIC1 Q4ADV7 (1<-1) RIC1
ENSRNOP00000002695 MX2 Q499Q3 Mx2 Mx2 Q9WVP9 (1<-1) Mx2 MX1 P20591 (1<-1) MX1
ENSRNOP00000008163 ARL8A D3ZPP2 Arl8a Arl8a Q8VEH3 (1<-1) Arl8a ARL8A A0A024R977 (1<-1) ARL8A
ENSRNOP00000001103 GTF2H4 Q6MG20 Gtf2h4 Gtf2h4 Q542U3 (1<-1) Gtf2h4 GTF2H4 Q92759 (1<-1) GTF2H4
ENSRNOP00000062549 TJP2 Q3ZB99 Tjp2 Tjp2 Q9Z0U1 (1<-1) Tjp2 TJP2 Q9UDY2-7 (1<-1) TJP2
ENSRNOP00000067765 FUOM D4ACG8 Fuom Fuom Q8R2K1 (1<-1) Fuom FUOM A2VDF0 (1<-1) FUOM
ENSRNOP00000065603 SH3RF3 M0R6D9 Sh3rf3 Sh3rf3 Q8C120-3 (1<-1) Sh3rf3 SH3RF3 Q8TEJ3 (2<-1) SH3RF3
ENSRNOP00000027831 MEGF8 R9PXW3 Megf8 Megf8 P60882 (1<-1) Megf8 MEGF8 Q7Z7M0 (1<-1) MEGF8
ENSRNOP00000027614 OBFC1 A0A0H2UHR9 Obfc1 Obfc1 Q8K2X3 (1<-1) Obfc1 OBFC1 Q9H668 (1<-1) OBFC1
ENSRNOP00000051819 CSNK1D Q06486 Csnk1d Csnk1d Q9DC28 (1<-1) Csnk1d CSNK1D P48730 (1<-1) CSNK1D
ENSRNOP00000051803 NARF Q2YDU6 Narf Narf Q9CYQ7 (1<-1) Narf NARF Q9UHQ1 (1<-1) NARF
ENSRNOP00000057432 RBMXRTL D4AE41 Rbmxl1 Rbmxl1 Q91VM5 (2<-1) Rbmxl1 RBMX P38159 (3<-1) RBMX
ENSRNOP00000016362 BAIAP2L2 D4A901 Baiap2l2 Baiap2l2 Q80Y61 (1<-1) Baiap2l2 BAIAP2L2 Q6UXY1 (1<-1) BAIAP2L2
ENSRNOP00000066064 RIN1 G3V8P7 LOC100911794 Rin1 Q921Q7 (1<-1) Rin1 RIN1 Q13671 (1<-1) RIN1
ENSRNOP00000014310 TENC1 M0R671 Tns2 Tns2 Q8CGB6-3 (1<-1) Tns2 TNS2 Q63HR2 (2<-1) TNS2
ENSRNOP00000028057 RGD1563645 Q63636 Gzmc Gzmc Q0VB76 (2<-1) Gzmc
ENSRNOP00000002983 HPSE F1M581 Hpse Hpse Q6YGZ1 (1<-1) Hpse HPSE Q9Y251 (1<-1) HPSE
ENSRNOP00000060223 ZFP598 D3ZR64 Zfp598 Zfp598 Q80YR4-3 (1<-1) Znf598 ZNF598 Q86UK7 (1<-1) ZNF598
ENSRNOP00000024659 SLC27A1 Q6GMM8 Slc27a1 Slc27a1 Q544D7 (1<-1) Slc27a1 SLC27A1 Q6PCB7 (1<-1) SLC27A1
ENSRNOP00000005541 ZFC3H1 Q5U3X2 Zfc3h1 ZFC3H1 O60293-2 (3<-1) ZFC3H1
ENSRNOP00000001243 SLC46A3 Q5BK75 Slc46a3 Slc46a3 Q9DC26 (1<-1) Slc46a3 SLC46A3 Q7Z3Q1-2 (1<-1) SLC46A3
ENSRNOP00000063787 PHKA2 F1M1C9 Phka2 Phka2 Q6PE66 (1<-1) Phka2 PHKA2 P46019 (3<-1) PHKA2
ENSRNOP00000046904 CYP2J10 E9PSJ0 Cyp2j10 Cyp2j12 G3UXT0 (1<-1) Cyp2j12 CYP2J2 P51589 (2<-1) CYP2J2
ENSRNOP00000016723 UFSP2 Q5XIB4 Ufsp2 Ufsp2 Q99K23 (1<-1) Ufsp2 UFSP2 Q9NUQ7 (1<-1) UFSP2
ENSRNOP00000060398 COX7A2 P35171 Cox7a2 Cox7a2 P48771 (1<-1) Cox7a2 COX7A2 H0UI06 (1<-1) COX7A2
ENSRNOP00000037163 SEC24B D3ZW15 Sec24b Sec24b Q80ZX0 (1<-1) Sec24b SEC24B O95487 (1<-1) SEC24B
ENSRNOP00000034135 NDUFA9 Q5BK63 Ndufa9 Ndufa9 Q9DC69 (1<-1) Ndufa9 NDUFA9 Q16795 (1<-1) NDUFA9
ENSRNOP00000023889 MAPKAP1 Q6AYF1 Mapkap1 Mapkap1 Q8BKH7 (1<-1) Mapkap1 MAPKAP1 Q9BPZ7 (1<-1) MAPKAP1
ENSRNOP00000000029 NDE1 Q9ES39 Nde1 Nde1 Q9CZA6 (1<-1) Nde1 NDE1 Q9NXR1 (1<-1) NDE1
ENSRNOP00000016468 URGCP F1M5F4 Urgcp Urgcp Q5NCI0 (2<-1) Urgcp URGCP Q8TCY9 (2<-1) URGCP
ENSRNOP00000023773 HS3ST2 Q80W66 Hs3st2 Hs3st2 Q673U1 (1<-1) Hs3st2 HS3ST2 Q9Y278 (1<-1) HS3ST2
ENSRNOP00000004646 MAST1 Q810W7 Mast1 Mast1 Q9R1L5 (1<-1) Mast1 MAST1 Q9Y2H9 (1<-1) MAST1
ENSRNOP00000000532 PSMB9 Q6MGA6 Psmb9 Psmb9 Q3TAR7 (1<-1) Psmb9 PSMB9 P28065 (1<-1) PSMB9
ENSRNOP00000038073 HADHA Q64428 Hadha Hadha Q8BMS1 (1<-1) Hadha HADHA E9KL44 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000015561 SLC25A18 Q505J6 Slc25a18 Slc25a18 Q9DB41 (1<-1) Slc25a18 SLC25A18 A0A024R0W0 (1<-1) SLC25A18
ENSRNOP00000021258 PJA2 A0A0H2UHM9 Pja2 Pja2 Q80U04-2 (1<-1) Pja2 PJA2 O43164 (1<-1) PJA2
ENSRNOP00000016759 SUPT6H F1LR36 Supt6h Supt6 Q62383 (1<-1) Supt6h SUPT6H Q7KZ85 (1<-1) SUPT6H
ENSRNOP00000020347 UBXN8 D3ZUE3 Ubxn8 Ubxn8 Q9QZ49 (1<-1) Ubxn8 UBXN8 A0A087WV67 (1<-1) UBXN8
ENSRNOP00000014602 SCAMP1 P56603 Scamp1 Scamp1 Q3TD71 (1<-1) Scamp1 SCAMP1 O15126 (1<-1) SCAMP1
ENSRNOP00000018711 CAP1 Q08163 Cap1 Cap1 P40124 (1<-1) Cap1 CAP1 Q01518-2 (1<-1) CAP1
ENSRNOP00000009111 ALDOB Q66HT1 Aldob Aldob Q3UER1 (1<-1) Aldob ALDOB A8K430 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000003017 GUF1 D3ZHF8 Guf1 Guf1 Q8C3X4 (1<-1) Guf1 GUF1 A0A024R9T3 (1<-1) GUF1
ENSRNOP00000059816 VPS33A A0A0G2K5N1 Vps33a Vps33a Q9D2N9 (3<-1) Vps33a VPS33A Q96AX1 (3<-1) VPS33A
ENSRNOP00000012720 PGP D3ZDK7 Pgp Pgp Q8CHP8 (1<-1) Pgp PGP A6NDG6 (1<-1) PGP
ENSRNOP00000017282 MPC1 P63031 Mpc1 Mpc1 Q3UX28 (1<-1) Mpc1 MPC1 Q9Y5U8 (1<-1) MPC1
ENSRNOP00000035467 PPIL2 Q5RKH8 Ppil2 Ppil2 Q9D787 (1<-1) Ppil2 PPIL2 A0A024R1C1 (1<-1) PPIL2
ENSRNOP00000008329 SEC61B B2RZD1 Sec61b Sec61b Q9CQS8 (1<-1) Sec61b SEC61B P60468 (1<-1) SEC61B
ENSRNOP00000024214 NCOA5 D3ZEI6 Ncoa5 Ncoa5 Q91W39 (1<-1) Ncoa5 NCOA5 Q9HCD5 (1<-1) NCOA5
ENSRNOP00000003685 CCDC43 Q5BK07 Ccdc43 Ccdc43 E9Q2S9 (1<-1) Ccdc43 CCDC43 Q96MW1 (1<-1) CCDC43
ENSRNOP00000004519 TMEM63A A0A0G2JVY4 Tmem63a Tmem63a Q91YT8 (2<-1) Tmem63a TMEM63A A0A024R3T3 (1<-1) TMEM63A
ENSRNOP00000023527 SH3GLB2 Q5PPJ9 Sh3glb2 Sh3glb2 A2AWI7 (1<-1) Sh3glb2 SH3GLB2 Q9NR46-2 (1<-1) SH3GLB2
ENSRNOP00000051853 MAFG Q76MX4-2 Mafg Mafg O54790 (1<-1) Mafg MAFG A0A024R8X1 (1<-1) hCG_1991559
ENSRNOP00000008026 SCN1A A0A0G2K6Y2 Scn1a Scn1a A2APX8 (2<-1) Scn1a SCN1A P35498 (2<-1) SCN1A
ENSRNOP00000021743 TLDC1 D4A255 Tldc1 Tldc1 Q8K0P3 (1<-1) Tldc1 TLDC1 A8K5C2 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000007472 FRS2 D4A244 Frs2 Frs2 Q8C180 (2<-1) Frs2 FRS2 L7RTG7 (2<-1) FRS2
ENSRNOP00000048945 SRP54 Q6AYB5 Srp54 Srp54a P14576 (1<-1) Srp54 SRP54 P61011 (1<-1) SRP54
ENSRNOP00000016984 VAMP5 Q9Z2J5 Vamp5 Vamp5 Q791P0 (1<-1) Vamp5 VAMP5 Q6FG93 (1<-1) VAMP5
ENSRNOP00000021431 TBC1D13 D4AEG7 Tbc1d13 Tbc1d13 Q3TZ63 (1<-1) Tbc1d13 TBC1D13 A0A024R8C8 (1<-1) TBC1D13
ENSRNOP00000016088 PTN P63090 Ptn Ptn P63089 (1<-1) Ptn PTN A0A024R778 (1<-1) PTN
ENSRNOP00000002040 PDCD2 P47816 Pdcd2 Pdcd2 P46718 (1<-1) Pdcd2 PDCD2 Q16342 (1<-1) PDCD2
ENSRNOP00000002053 SNRPA Q5U214 Snrpa Snrpa Q62189 (1<-1) Snrpa SNRPA P09012 (1<-1) SNRPA
ENSRNOP00000014151 ADA Q920P6 Ada Ada Q4FK28 (1<-1) Ada ADA X5D767 (1<-1) ADA
ENSRNOP00000064823 ZBTB8OS M0R5Y9 Zbtb8os Zbtb8os B2KGA7 (1<-1) Zbtb8os ZBTB8OS A8K0B5 (1<-1) ZBTB8OS
ENSRNOP00000000631 RGD735065 Q6P6G2 BC004004 Q99KU6 (2<-1) C6orf89 Q6UWU4-2 (2<-1) C6orf89
ENSRNOP00000042347 MAP7D2 D4A4L4 Map7d2 Map7d2 A2AG50 (1<-1) Map7d2 MAP7D2 Q96T17-5 (1<-1) MAP7D2
ENSRNOP00000001211 ASL Q4QRB8 Asl Asl Q3UUH0 (1<-1) Asl ASL A0A024RDL8 (1<-1) ASL
ENSRNOP00000035547 LY6G6F Q6MG56 Ly6g6f Ly6g6f B2RXM6 (1<-1) Ly6g6f LY6G6F Q5SQ64 (1<-1) LY6G6F
ENSRNOP00000007549 PWP1 D4A1H8 Pwp1 Pwp1 Q99LL5 (1<-1) Pwp1 PWP1 A0A024RBH5 (1<-1) PWP1
ENSRNOP00000066820 QTRTD1 M0RB91 Qtrtd1 Qtrtd1 B8ZXI1 (1<-1) Qtrtd1 QTRTD1 Q9H974 (1<-1) QTRTD1
ENSRNOP00000004147 MYH3 G3V6D8 Myh3 Myh3 P13541 (1<-1) Myh3 MYH3 P11055 (1<-1) MYH3
ENSRNOP00000036679 APOL9A Q5XIB6 Apol9a Apol9a Q6PF90 (1<-1) Apol9a
ENSRNOP00000025070 GFPT1 P82808 Gfpt1 Gfpt1 P47856-2 (1<-1) Gfpt1 GFPT1 Q06210-2 (1<-1) GFPT1
ENSRNOP00000005367 FAM20A I7LRF5 Fam20a Fam20a Q8CID3 (1<-1) Fam20a FAM20A L8B8N7 (1<-1) Fam20A
ENSRNOP00000032812 TNS1 F1LN42 Tns1 Tns1 E9Q0S6 (1<-1) Tns1 TNS1 B2RU35 (1<-1) TNS1
ENSRNOP00000058759 CAST F1LPH1 Cast Cast P51125-2 (1<-1) Cast CAST P20810-10 (1<-1) CAST
ENSRNOP00000026627 MAPK3 P21708 Mapk3 Mapk3 Q63844 (1<-1) Mapk3 MAPK3 L7RXH5 (1<-1) MAPK3
ENSRNOP00000000717 RPF2 B0BN82 Rpf2 Rpf2 Q9JJ80 (1<-1) Rpf2 RPF2 Q9H7B2 (1<-1) RPF2
ENSRNOP00000015468 LRP10 Q496Z8 Lrp10 Lrp10 Q7TQH7 (1<-1) Lrp10 LRP10 Q7Z4F1 (1<-1) LRP10
ENSRNOP00000054446 TPM1 Q63607 Tpm1 Tpm1 E9Q450 (1<-1) Tpm1 TPM1 D9YZV5 (1<-1) TPM1
ENSRNOP00000021956 SEMA4C D4A9J3 Sema4c Sema4c Q64151 (1<-1) Sema4c SEMA4C Q9C0C4 (1<-1) SEMA4C
ENSRNOP00000009112 PLRG1 Q9WUC8 Plrg1 Plrg1 Q922V4 (1<-1) Plrg1 PLRG1 O43660 (1<-1) PLRG1
ENSRNOP00000054003 PACSIN3 G3V9N7 Pacsin3 Pacsin3 Q543N7 (1<-1) Pacsin3 PACSIN3 Q9UKS6 (1<-1) PACSIN3
ENSRNOP00000019755 HGSNAT B2GV61 RGD1560755 Hgsnat Q3UDW8-2 (1<-1) Hgsnat HGSNAT Q68CP4 (1<-1) HGSNAT
ENSRNOP00000002843 CNOT6L F1M642 Cnot6l Cnot6l Q8VEG6-2 (1<-1) Cnot6l CNOT6L Q96LI5 (1<-1) CNOT6L
ENSRNOP00000039295 IGDCC3 D3ZQ86 Igdcc3 Igdcc3 Q8BQC3 (1<-1) Igdcc3 IGDCC3 Q8IVU1 (1<-1) IGDCC3
ENSRNOP00000035860 GNL3 Q811S9 Gnl3 Gnl3 Q8CI11 (1<-1) Gnl3 GNL3 Q9BVP2 (1<-1) GNL3
ENSRNOP00000067875 ENSRNOG00000050908 M0RE11 Abo Z4YLB0 (3<-1) Abo
ENSRNOP00000012494 FCNB P57756 Fcn2 Fcnb O70497 (1<-1) Fcn2 FCN1 O00602 (1<-1) FCN1
ENSRNOP00000024054 SLC2A5 P43427 Slc2a5 Slc2a5 Q9WV38 (1<-1) Slc2a5 SLC2A5 P22732 (1<-1) SLC2A5
ENSRNOP00000007484 DERL1 F7FNS3 Derl1 Derl1 Q99J56 (1<-1) Derl1 DERL1 A0A024R9G3 (1<-1) DERL1
ENSRNOP00000042533 PLCB1 P10687 Plcb1 Plcb1 F6X322 (2<-1) Plcb1 PLCB1 A0A087WW73 (1<-1) PLCB1
ENSRNOP00000021430 LPAR6 Q4G072 Lpar6 Lpar6 Q8BMC0 (1<-1) Lpar6 LPAR6 A0A024RDT2 (1<-1) hCG_30749
ENSRNOP00000037023 SCFD2 Q5U2R9 Scfd2 Scfd2 Q8BTY8 (1<-1) Scfd2 SCFD2 Q8WU76 (1<-1) SCFD2
ENSRNOP00000052717 HDAC10 Q569C4 Hdac10 Hdac10 D3Z7T4 (1<-1) Hdac10 HDAC10 C9J8B8 (1<-1) HDAC10
ENSRNOP00000006350 ZEB2 E9PTC3 Zeb2 Zeb2 Q9R0G7 (1<-1) Zeb2 ZEB2 O60315 (1<-1) ZEB2
ENSRNOP00000007949 IL1RN P25086 Il1rn Il1rn Q542W1 (1<-1) Il1rn IL1RN P18510-2 (1<-1) IL1RN
ENSRNOP00000057636 PM20D2 D4AAB5 Pm20d2 Pm20d2 A3KG59 (1<-1) Pm20d2 PM20D2 Q8IYS1 (1<-1) PM20D2
ENSRNOP00000025878 AP3D1 B5DFK6 Ap3d1 Ap3d1 O54774 (1<-1) Ap3d1 AP3D1 O14617-5 (1<-1) AP3D1
ENSRNOP00000012617 ENSRNOG00000009371 D3ZGM3 LOC100909750 Abl1 P00520 (1<-1) Abl1 ABL1 A0A024R8E2 (1<-1) ABL1
ENSRNOP00000007004 FBLN5 Q9WVH8 Fbln5 Fbln5 Q9WVH9 (1<-1) Fbln5 FBLN5 A0A024R6G3 (1<-1) FBLN5
ENSRNOP00000000599 AIP Q5FWY5 Aip Aip O08915 (1<-1) Aip AIP G9I2H4 (1<-1) AIP
ENSRNOP00000020002 ANPEP G3V7W7 Anpep Anpep P97449 (1<-1) Anpep ANPEP Q59E93 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000039808 RSRC1 Q5PPJ2 Rsrc1 Rsrc1 Q3TGY1 (1<-1) Rsrc1 RSRC1 Q96IZ7 (1<-1) RSRC1
ENSRNOP00000010263 NAP1L5 Q5PPG6 Nap1l5 Nap1l5 Q9JJF0 (1<-1) Nap1l5 NAP1L5 Q96NT1 (1<-1) NAP1L5
ENSRNOP00000013275 KCNH5 Q9EPI9 Kcnh5 Kcnh5 Q920E3 (1<-1) Kcnh5 KCNH5 Q8NCM2 (1<-1) KCNH5
ENSRNOP00000032511 CDH12 F1M1A2 Cdh12 Cdh12 Q5RJH3 (1<-1) Cdh12 CDH12 P55289 (1<-1) CDH12
ENSRNOP00000065794 CES2F M0R8J8 LOC100910259
ENSRNOP00000015670 RPUSD4 Q4QQT0 Rpusd4 Rpusd4 Q9CWX4 (1<-1) Rpusd4 RPUSD4 Q96CM3 (1<-1) RPUSD4
ENSRNOP00000034210 LRP1 G3V928 Lrp1 Lrp1 Q91ZX7 (1<-1) Lrp1 LRP1 Q07954 (1<-1) LRP1
ENSRNOP00000062956 GALNT2 D3ZFD2 Galnt2 Galnt2 Q6PB93 (2<-1) Galnt2 GALNT2 G3V1S6 (2<-1) GALNT2
ENSRNOP00000005550 PVRL4 Q80W87 Robo4 Pvrl4 Q8R007 (1<-1) Pvrl4 PVRL4 K4PZ75 (1<-1) LNIR
ENSRNOP00000020892 RGD1307235 D3ZJ01 RGD1307235 2310035C23Rik Q148V7 (1<-1) Kiaa1468 KIAA1468 Q9P260 (1<-1) KIAA1468
ENSRNOP00000022254 SLC22A1 Q63089 Slc22a1 Slc22a1 O08966 (1<-1) Slc22a1 SLC22A1 O15245 (1<-1) SLC22A1
ENSRNOP00000027212 NFKBIB Q5U342 Nfkbib Nfkbib Q60778 (1<-1) Nfkbib NFKBIB Q15653 (1<-1) NFKBIB
ENSRNOP00000026696 HSPA9 F1M953 Hspa9 Hspa9 P38647 (1<-1) Hspa9 HSPA9 P38646 (1<-1) HSPA9
ENSRNOP00000038254 HHIPL1 D4A9N1 Hhipl1 Hhipl1 Q14DK5 (1<-1) Hhipl1 HHIPL1 F1T0G3 (1<-1) HHIPL1
ENSRNOP00000017517 ALS2CR11 F7ENY6 Als2cr11 Als2cr11 E9Q152 (1<-1) Als2cr11 ALS2CR11 Q53TS8-3 (1<-1) ALS2CR11
ENSRNOP00000023873 RGD1306820 D3ZRW6 Edrf1 Edrf1 D3YZE7 (1<-1) Edrf1 EDRF1 Q3B7T1-5 (1<-1) EDRF1
ENSRNOP00000061436 CACNA1G A9YTJ9 Cacna1g Cacna1g Q5SUF6 (2<-1) Cacna1g CACNA1G O43497-11 (2<-1) CACNA1G
ENSRNOP00000002231 BRWD1 D4AAI9 Brwd1 Brwd1 Q921C3 (1<-1) Brwd1 BRWD1 Q9NSI6 (1<-1) BRWD1
ENSRNOP00000013768 CD180 D3ZIP2 Cd180 Cd180 Q62192 (1<-1) Cd180 CD180 Q99467 (1<-1) CD180
ENSRNOP00000000553 PFDN6 Q6MGC4 Pfdn6 Pfdn6 Q792E4 (1<-1) Pfdn6 PFDN6 Q5STK2 (1<-1) PFDN6
ENSRNOP00000061467 DCAF7 B2RZ68 Dcaf7 Dcaf7 P61963 (1<-1) Dcaf7 DCAF7 P61962 (1<-1) DCAF7
ENSRNOP00000017746 IL13RA1 Q561K3 LOC100360218 Il13ra1 O09030 (1<-1) Il13ra1 IL13RA1 Q96BB4 (1<-1) IL13RA1
ENSRNOP00000054787 SPG20 E9PT90 Spg20 Spg20 Q3TVW1 (1<-1) Spg20 SPG20 A0A024RDV9 (1<-1) SPG20
ENSRNOP00000015297 MAK16 Q5EB56 Mak16 Mak16 Q8BGS0-2 (1<-1) Mak16 MAK16 Q9BXY0 (1<-1) MAK16
ENSRNOP00000033392 NCAPG2 D4AAL2 Ncapg2 Ncapg2 Q6DFV1 (1<-1) Ncapg2 NCAPG2 Q86XI2 (1<-1) NCAPG2
ENSRNOP00000034166 DLGAP4 G3V927 Dlgap4 Dlgap4 B1AZP2 (1<-1) Dlgap4 DLGAP4 Q9Y2H0 (1<-1) DLGAP4
ENSRNOP00000037996 ELMOD2 D3ZNV6 Elmod2 Elmod2 Q8BGF6 (1<-1) Elmod2 ELMOD2 Q8IZ81 (1<-1) ELMOD2
ENSRNOP00000022726 EEF2K P70531 Eef2k Eef2k O08796 (1<-1) Eef2k EEF2K O00418 (1<-1) EEF2K
ENSRNOP00000003777 SPAG9 E9PSJ4 Spag9 Spag9 B8X349 (1<-1) Spag9 SPAG9 O60271-4 (1<-1) SPAG9
ENSRNOP00000044473 TPM2 P58775-2 Tpm2 Tpm2 Q6PJ18 (1<-1) Tpm2 TPM2 V9HW25 (1<-1) HEL-S-273
ENSRNOP00000051587 RGD1564887 D3ZZE3 RGD1564887 9130011E15Rik Q6PD19 (1<-1) C10orf76 Q5T2E6 (1<-1) C10orf76
ENSRNOP00000005863 LPIN1 Q5XIM8 Lpin1 Lpin1 Q91ZP3 (1<-1) Lpin1 LPIN1 Q14693-5 (2<-1) LPIN1
ENSRNOP00000026327 DAG1 F1M8K0 Dag1 Dag1 Q544G5 (1<-1) Dag1 DAG1 A0A024R2W4 (1<-1) DAG1
ENSRNOP00000017712 NUDT2 Q6PEC0 Nudt2 Nudt2 P56380 (2<-1) Nudt2 NUDT2 P50583 (2<-1) NUDT2
ENSRNOP00000024631 ONECUT2 P55280 Cdh6 Q3ZAT5 (3<-2) Onecut2
ENSRNOP00000036495 LEMD2 Q4KM57 Lemd2 Lemd2 Q6DVA0 (1<-1) Lemd2 LEMD2 A0A024RCZ1 (1<-1) LEMD2
ENSRNOP00000023550 TMEM131 F1M5G8 Tmem131 Tmem131 O70472 (1<-1) Tmem131 TMEM131 Q92545 (1<-1) TMEM131
ENSRNOP00000016783 AAMDC D3ZZQ4 Aamdc Aamdc D3YZD8 (1<-1) Aamdc AAMDC E9PNP3 (1<-1) AAMDC
ENSRNOP00000006335 CYP4F6 P51871 Cyp4f6 Cyp4f13 Q99KY6 (1<-1) Cyp4f13
ENSRNOP00000001831 MBLAC1 Q6AYD1 Mblac1 Mblac1 Q8BWY4 (1<-1) Mblac1 MBLAC1 A4D2B0 (1<-1) MBLAC1
ENSRNOP00000027320 IL4I1 D3ZN20 Il4i1 Il4i1 D3Z4E0 (1<-1) Il4i1 IL4I1 Q96RQ9-2 (1<-1) IL4I1
ENSRNOP00000018882 SGPP2 F1LZ44 Sgpp2 Sgpp2 Q810K3 (1<-1) Sgpp2 SGPP2 Q8IWX5 (1<-1) SGPP2
ENSRNOP00000031615 PTK2B P70600 Ptk2b Ptk2b K7QD41 (1<-1) Ptk2b PTK2B Q14289 (1<-1) PTK2B
ENSRNOP00000061050 VTI1A Q9JI51-2 Vti1a Vti1a O89116 (1<-1) Vti1a VTI1A Q96AJ9-1 (1<-1) VTI1A
ENSRNOP00000005901 FAM210B B2RYM8 Fam210b Fam210b Q9D8B6 (1<-1) Fam210b FAM210B Q96KR6 (1<-1) FAM210B
ENSRNOP00000048981 ANKS1A D4AC12 Anks1a Anks1 P59672 (2<-1) Anks1a ANKS1A Q92625 (1<-1) ANKS1A
ENSRNOP00000027960 ATP5SL Q5I0I4 Atp5sl Atp5sl Q9D7K5 (1<-1) Atp5sl ATP5SL A0A024R0K4 (1<-1) FLJ10241
ENSRNOP00000051781 DOCK1 D3ZZW1 Dock1 Dock1 Q8BUR4 (1<-1) Dock1 DOCK1 Q14185 (1<-1) DOCK1
ENSRNOP00000003895 CLCN5 P51796 Clcn5 Clcn5 Q9WVD4 (1<-1) Clcn5 CLCN5 P51795 (1<-1) CLCN5
ENSRNOP00000004365 WDR81 D4A929 Wdr81 Wdr81 Q5ND34 (1<-1) Wdr81 WDR81 Q562E7 (1<-1) WDR81
ENSRNOP00000001595 ANKRD13A Q5U313 Ankrd13a Ankrd13a Q80UP5 (1<-1) Ankrd13a ANKRD13A Q3ZTS7 (1<-1) ANKRD13
ENSRNOP00000035891 ENSRNOG00000026991 F1M2N4
ENSRNOP00000061494 SEPT6 B5DFG5 Sept6 Sept6 Q9R1T4-2 (1<-1) Sept6 SEPT6 Q541S4 (1<-1) SEPT6
ENSRNOP00000063739 TMEM245 D3ZR79 Tmem245 Tmem245 D3YWD3 (1<-1) Tmem245 TMEM245 Q9H330-2 (2<-1) TMEM245
ENSRNOP00000061773 OSBPL7 D4A0G0 Osbpl7 Osbpl7 A2A716 (2<-1) Osbpl7 OSBPL7 Q9BZF2 (2<-1) OSBPL7
ENSRNOP00000020720 SLC32A1 O35458 Slc32a1 Slc32a1 Q49S98 (1<-1) Slc32a1 SLC32A1 Q9H598 (1<-1) SLC32A1
ENSRNOP00000014629 EXOSC10 D4A1X2 Exosc10 Exosc10 Q3UNK6 (1<-1) Exosc10 EXOSC10 Q01780 (1<-1) EXOSC10
ENSRNOP00000058580 SULT1C2A F1LZI5 LOC100910057
ENSRNOP00000020374 TPD52L2 Q6PCT3 Tpd52l2 Tpd52l2 Q9CYZ2 (1<-1) Tpd52l2 TPD52L2 O43399-5 (1<-1) TPD52L2
ENSRNOP00000035517 WDFY3 A0A0G2K9M4 Wdfy3 Wdfy3 Q6VNB8 (2<-1) Wdfy3 WDFY3 Q8IZQ1-2 (2<-1) WDFY3
ENSRNOP00000039858 TMCC1 D3ZH14 Tmcc1 Tmcc1 Q69ZZ6 (1<-1) Tmcc1 TMCC1 O94876 (1<-1) TMCC1
ENSRNOP00000056888 PXDC1 Q4KLK8 Pxdc1 Pxdc1 Q8JZU6 (1<-1) Pxdc1 PXDC1 Q5TGL8 (1<-1) PXDC1
ENSRNOP00000004912 MED28 P68943 Med28 Med28 Q920D3 (1<-1) Med28 MED28 Q9H204 (1<-1) MED28
ENSRNOP00000018202 MANBA Q4FZV0 Manba Manba Q8K2I4 (2<-1) Manba MANBA O00462 (2<-1) MANBA
ENSRNOP00000009402 DHCR24 Q5BQE6 Dhcr24 Dhcr24 Q8VCH6 (1<-1) Dhcr24 DHCR24 Q15392 (1<-1) DHCR24
ENSRNOP00000037902 C4B Q6MG90 C4b C4b P01029 (2<-1) C4b C4A P0C0L4 (2<-1) C4A
ENSRNOP00000018449 MSH3 F1LQM8 Msh3 Msh3 E9QPY6 (1<-1) Msh3 MSH3 A8K1E1 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000064161 DCXR Q920P0 Dcxr Dcxr Q91X52 (1<-1) Dcxr DCXR Q7Z4W1 (1<-1) DCXR
ENSRNOP00000025979 RBX1 Q498D8 Rbx1 Rbx1 P62878 (1<-1) Rbx1 RBX1 P62877 (1<-1) RBX1
ENSRNOP00000010218 PTGS1 Q66HK3 Ptgs1 Ptgs1 Q543T1 (1<-1) Ptgs1 PTGS1 P23219 (1<-1) PTGS1
ENSRNOP00000023737 TXNL4A D3ZSW5 Txnl4a Txnl4a P83877 (1<-1) Txnl4a TXNL4A P83876 (1<-1) TXNL4A
ENSRNOP00000037353 PARVG D3ZWK2 Parvg Parvg Q8C2K9 (1<-1) Parvg PARVG A0A024R4U4 (1<-1) PARVG
ENSRNOP00000032999 DIAP2 A0A0G2JTM1 Diap2 Diap2 E9Q4U7 (3<-1) Diap2 DIAPH2 Q17R91 (3<-1) DIAPH2
ENSRNOP00000004176 ROGDI Q4V7D2 Rogdi Rogdi Q3TDK6 (1<-1) Rogdi ROGDI Q9GZN7 (1<-1) ROGDI
ENSRNOP00000004290 TIMP2 P30121 Timp2 Timp2 Q6PI17 (1<-1) Timp2 TIMP2 P16035 (1<-1) TIMP2
ENSRNOP00000020770 LONP2 Q3MIB4 Lonp2 Lonp2 Q9DBN5 (1<-1) Lonp2 LONP2 Q86WA8 (1<-1) LONP2
ENSRNOP00000003638 MTMR1 D3ZKK5 Mtmr1 Mtmr1 Q9Z2C4 (1<-1) Mtmr1 MTMR1 Q13613 (1<-1) MTMR1
ENSRNOP00000064308 NLRC5 M0R4M1 Nlrc5 Nlrc5 C3VPR6 (1<-1) Nlrc5 NLRC5 Q86WI3 (1<-1) NLRC5
ENSRNOP00000016912 MGAM D3ZTX4 Mgam Mgam B5THE2 (1<-1) Mgam MGAM O43451 (1<-1) MGAM
ENSRNOP00000025767 RNASEK D3ZIM6 Rnasek Gm21988 Q8K3C0 (1<-1) Rnasek RNASEK Q6P5S7 (1<-1) RNASEK
ENSRNOP00000036139 RBBP6 Q5EB85 Rbbp6 Rbbp6 P97868 (1<-1) Rbbp6 RBBP6 Q7Z6E9 (1<-1) RBBP6
ENSRNOP00000034048 ANKRD46 Q76K24 Ankrd46 Ankrd46 Q8BTZ5 (1<-1) Ankrd46 ANKRD46 A0A024R9E1 (1<-1) ANKRD46
ENSRNOP00000016164 PCSK5 P41413-2 Pcsk5 Pcsk5 Q91VK0 (1<-1) Pcsk5 PCSK5 Q92824-2 (1<-1) PCSK5
ENSRNOP00000002554 LZTR1 B5DFI4 Lztr1 Lztr1 Q9CQ33 (1<-1) Lztr1 LZTR1 Q8N653 (1<-1) LZTR1
ENSRNOP00000063072 DCC Q63155 Dcc Dcc P70211 (1<-1) Dcc DCC E7EQM8 (1<-1) DCC
ENSRNOP00000024085 RPS19BP1 D3ZCX3 Rps19bp1 Rps19bp1 Q8C6B9 (1<-1) Rps19bp1 RPS19BP1 A0A024R1T1 (1<-1) RPS19BP1
ENSRNOP00000067606 ENSRNOG00000046055 D3ZM03 LOC100912478 Vma21 Q78T54-2 (1<-1) Vma21 VMA21 Q3ZAQ7 (3<-1) VMA21
ENSRNOP00000010260 ACOX2 F1LNW3 Acox2 Acox2 Q9QXD1 (1<-1) Acox2 ACOX2 Q99424 (1<-1) ACOX2
ENSRNOP00000026653 CUL4A B2RYJ3 Cul4a Cul4a Q3TCH7 (1<-1) Cul4a CUL4A Q13619 (1<-1) CUL4A
ENSRNOP00000001933 ABCA16 D3ZQI3 Abca16 Abca16 E9PWJ7 (1<-1) Abca16
ENSRNOP00000015609 RAB3D Q63942 Rab3d Rab3d Q543Q4 (1<-1) Rab3d RAB3D A0A024R7G2 (1<-1) RAB3D
ENSRNOP00000062656 RWDD1 Q99ND9 Rwdd1 Rwdd1 Q9CQK7 (1<-1) Rwdd1 RWDD1 Q9H446 (1<-1) RWDD1
ENSRNOP00000017779 CCDC127 Q6PEB9 Ccdc127 Ccdc127 Q3TC33 (1<-1) Ccdc127 CCDC127 Q96BQ5 (1<-1) CCDC127
ENSRNOP00000024287 RAB8B P70550 Rab8b Rab8b Q0PD49 (1<-1) Rab8b RAB8B Q92930 (1<-1) RAB8B
ENSRNOP00000004269 MAT2B Q5U2R0 Mat2b Mat2b Q99LB6 (1<-1) Mat2b MAT2B Q9NZL9 (1<-1) MAT2B
ENSRNOP00000043210 RAMP2 Q9JHJ1 Ramp2 Ramp2 Q9WUP0 (1<-1) Ramp2 RAMP2 O60895-2 (2<-1) RAMP2
ENSRNOP00000025756 PURA F1LPS8 Pura Pura P42669 (1<-1) Pura PURA Q00577 (1<-1) PURA
ENSRNOP00000005872 RPS27A P62982 Rps27a Rps27a Q642L7 (1<-1) Rps27a RPS27A B2RDW1 (1<-1) RPS27A
ENSRNOP00000000064 GAK F1LMD9 Gak Gak Q99KY4 (1<-1) Gak GAK O14976 (1<-1) GAK
ENSRNOP00000019551 SACS D4A1D3 Sacs Sacs E9QNY8 (1<-1) Sacs SACS Q9NZJ4 (1<-1) SACS
ENSRNOP00000012577 SERPINA1 A0A0G2JY31 Serpina1 Serpina1a Q00896 (1<-1) Serpina1c SERPINA1 A0A024R6I7 (1<-1) SERPINA1
ENSRNOP00000023526 NDUFS8 B0BNE6 Ndufs8 Ndufs8 Q8VC72 (1<-1) Ndufs8 NDUFS8 O00217 (1<-1) NDUFS8
ENSRNOP00000009047 WWP1 Q4V8H7 Wwp1 Wwp1 Q8BZZ3 (1<-1) Wwp1 WWP1 Q9H0M0 (1<-1) WWP1
ENSRNOP00000018738 SLPIL3 P06882 Tg Slpi Q548X8 (3<-1) Slpi WFDC5 Q6LDI0 (1<-2) SLPI
ENSRNOP00000012036 GNPNAT1 B1H249 Gnpnat1 Gnpnat1 Q9JK38 (1<-1) Gnpnat1 GNPNAT1 A0A024R649 (1<-1) GNPNAT1
ENSRNOP00000026953 GDAP2 Q66H63 Gdap2 Gdap2 Q9DBL2 (1<-1) Gdap2 GDAP2 Q9NXN4 (1<-1) GDAP2
ENSRNOP00000012960 SERPINA12 G3V782 Serpina12 Serpina12 Q6P6M3 (1<-1) Serpina12 SERPINA12 Q8IW75 (1<-1) SERPINA12
ENSRNOP00000013496 LDLR G3V7A5 Ldlr Ldlr Q8VCT0 (1<-1) Ldlr LDLR A0A024R7D5 (1<-1) LDLR
ENSRNOP00000060020 CAB39 A0A0G2JZH0 Cab39 Q8K312 (2<-2) Cab39
ENSRNOP00000017190 GUCY1A3 Q5U330 Gucy1a3 Gucy1a3 Q9ERL9 (1<-1) Gucy1a3 GUCY1A3 Q02108 (1<-1) GUCY1A3
ENSRNOP00000043166 ENSRNOG00000016400 D3ZEN2
ENSRNOP00000025179 EXOSC6 D3ZW38 Exosc6 Exosc4 Q8BTW3 (1<-1) Exosc6 EXOSC6 Q5RKV6 (1<-1) EXOSC6
ENSRNOP00000015624 PRKRA G3V7J2 Prkra Prkra Q9WTX2 (1<-1) Prkra PRKRA O75569 (1<-1) PRKRA
ENSRNOP00000065225 ENSRNOG00000050341 Q4VBH1 Ighg
ENSRNOP00000009691 ZFP691 B2GV80 Zfp691 Zfp691 Q3TDE8 (1<-1) Znf691 ZNF691 Q5VV52-3 (1<-1) ZNF691
ENSRNOP00000052876 FBN1 G3V9M6 Fbn1 Fbn1 A2AQ53 (1<-1) Fbn1 FBN1 P35555 (1<-1) FBN1
ENSRNOP00000022126 ACSL5 F1LPB3 Acsl5 Acsl5 Q3UC67 (1<-1) Acsl5 ACSL5 Q9ULC5 (1<-1) ACSL5
ENSRNOP00000001640 FAM207A Q5XII4 Fam207a Fam207a P58468 (1<-1) Fam207a FAM207A Q9NSI2-2 (1<-1) FAM207A
ENSRNOP00000007414 BZW2 Q9WTT7 Bzw2 Bzw2 Q91VK1 (1<-1) Bzw2 BZW2 A0A024RA42 (1<-1) BZW2
ENSRNOP00000003192 MOSPD1 Q5RJS6 Mospd1 Mospd1 Q8VEL0 (1<-1) Mospd1 MOSPD1 Q9UJG1 (1<-1) MOSPD1
ENSRNOP00000043001 MX1 Q499S4 Mx1 Mx2 Q4FJJ9 (1<-1) Mx1 MX1 P20591 (2<-1) MX1
ENSRNOP00000046991 CPSF4 Q5FVR7 Cpsf4 Cpsf4 B2LVG5 (1<-1) Cpsf4 CPSF4 O95639-3 (1<-1) CPSF4
ENSRNOP00000022557 DGAT2 Q5FVP8 Dgat2 Dgat2 Q9DCV3 (1<-1) Dgat2 DGAT2 Q96PD7 (1<-1) DGAT2
ENSRNOP00000018691 GPX4 F8WFK6 Gpx4 Gpx4 Q76LV0 (1<-1) Gpx4 GPX4 A0A087WT12 (1<-1) GPX4
ENSRNOP00000061141 ST5 D4A9H6 St5 St5 Q924W7 (1<-1) St5 ST5 P78524 (1<-1) ST5
ENSRNOP00000024280 DGKZ O08560 Dgkz Dgkz Q80UP3 (1<-1) Dgkz DGKZ Q13574-4 (1<-1) DGKZ
ENSRNOP00000013869 POLR2K F1LZN9 Polr2k Polr2k Q8BFX0 (1<-1) Polr2k POLR2K A0A024R9G0 (1<-1) POLR2K
ENSRNOP00000030667 UBA6 D4A8H3 Uba6 Uba6 Q8C7R4 (1<-1) Uba6 UBA6 A0A024RDB0 (1<-1) UBE1L2
ENSRNOP00000009020 DTD2 B0K034 Dtd2 Dtd2 Q8BHA3 (1<-1) Dtd2 DTD2 Q96FN9 (1<-1) DTD2
ENSRNOP00000019224 SMIM12 D4ACP2 Smim12 Smim12 Q78RX3 (1<-1) Smim12 SMIM12 L0R6D7 (1<-1) C1orf212
ENSRNOP00000000438 DNA2 A0A0H2UH92 Slc25a16 Dna2 Q6ZQJ5 (1<-1) Dna2 DNA2 P51530-4 (1<-1) DNA2
ENSRNOP00000015223 GPR116 Q9WVT0 Adgrf5 Adgrf5 G5E8Q8 (1<-1) Adgrf5 ADGRF5 Q8IZF2 (1<-1) ADGRF5
ENSRNOP00000006484 ZDHHC9 Q2TGJ9 Zdhhc9 Zdhhc9 P59268 (1<-1) Zdhhc9 ZDHHC9 Q9Y397 (1<-1) ZDHHC9
ENSRNOP00000016749 CPNE4 F1M0Z3 Cpne4 Cpne4 Q8BLR2 (1<-1) Cpne4 CPNE4 Q96A23-2 (1<-1) CPNE4
ENSRNOP00000012436 SRP68 B2RYI2 Srp68 Srp68 Q8BMA6 (1<-1) Srp68 SRP68 Q9UHB9 (1<-1) SRP68
ENSRNOP00000019237 KLKB1 Q5FVS2 Klkb1 Klkb1 P26262 (1<-1) Klkb1 KLKB1 P03952 (1<-1) KLKB1
ENSRNOP00000043843 APEH G3V9E4 Apeh Apeh Q8R146 (1<-1) Apeh APEH A0A024R2U9 (1<-1) APEH
ENSRNOP00000014038 COMMD7 Q499V0 Commd7 Commd7 Q56A13 (1<-1) Commd7 COMMD7 Q86VX2 (1<-1) COMMD7
ENSRNOP00000066817 ANKRD27 A0A0G2JVS9 Ankrd27 Ankrd27 C4TGC3 (3<-1) Ankrd27 ANKRD27 Q96NW4 (3<-1) ANKRD27
ENSRNOP00000060637 RGD1559909 D3ZK76 RGD1559909 1110065P20Rik B1ARW8 (1<-1) C1orf122 Q6ZSJ8 (1<-1) C1orf122
ENSRNOP00000045958 CCDC177 D4A8V2 Ccdc177 Ccdc177 Q3UHB8 (1<-1) Ccdc177 CCDC177 Q9NQR7 (1<-1) CCDC177
ENSRNOP00000057570 SAMD4A F1M7M7 Samd4a Samd4 Q8CBY1-2 (2<-1) Samd4a SAMD4A Q9UPU9-2 (2<-1) SAMD4A
ENSRNOP00000039940 BCAR1 D3ZE30 Bcar1 Bcar1 Q61140-2 (1<-1) Bcar1 BCAR1 P56945-2 (1<-1) BCAR1
ENSRNOP00000061329 TARBP2 Q3SWU0 Tarbp2 Tarbp2 P97473 (1<-1) Tarbp2 TARBP2 Q15633 (1<-1) TARBP2
ENSRNOP00000043053 PHACTR1 F1LNB2 Phactr1 Phactr1 Q2M3X8 (1<-1) Phactr1 PHACTR1 Q9C0D0 (1<-1) PHACTR1
ENSRNOP00000011427 MRPL53 B2RYW4 Mrpl53 Mrpl53 Q9D1H8 (1<-1) Mrpl53 MRPL53 Q96EL3 (1<-1) MRPL53
ENSRNOP00000051993 PIK3C2A D3ZTF6 Pik3c2a Pik3c2a Q61194 (1<-1) Pik3c2a PIK3C2A L7RRS0 (1<-1) PIK3C2A
ENSRNOP00000011115 CROCC F1M6Q2 Crocc Crocc Q8CJ40 (1<-1) Crocc CROCC Q5TZA2 (1<-1) CROCC
ENSRNOP00000050817 ENSRNOG00000031321 D4A0T0 Ndufb10 Ndufb10 Q9DCS9 (2<-1) Ndufb10 NDUFB10 A8K761 (2<-1) NDUFB10
ENSRNOP00000065393 APOO M0R7G4 Apoo Apoo Q9DCZ4 (2<-1) Apoo APOO Q9BUR5 (2<-1) APOO
ENSRNOP00000035540 GCLC P19468 Gclc Gclc Q3TEF1 (1<-1) Gclc GCLC Q14TF0 (1<-1) GCLC
ENSRNOP00000049139 HERPUD2 Q66HH4 Herpud2 Herpud2 Q9JJC9 (1<-1) Herpud2 HERPUD2 A0A024RA77 (1<-1) FLJ22313
ENSRNOP00000004042 RAD23A Q5XFX7 Rad23a Rad23a Q8CAP3 (2<-1) Rad23a RAD23A P54725-3 (2<-1) RAD23A
ENSRNOP00000019795 SIGMAR1 Q9R0C9 Sigmar1 Sigmar1 O55242 (1<-1) Sigmar1 SIGMAR1 Q99720 (1<-1) SIGMAR1
ENSRNOP00000022584 DSG3 D3ZL74 Dsg3 Dsg3 Q3UFC6 (2<-1) Dsg3 DSG3 A0A024RC30 (1<-1) DSG3
ENSRNOP00000016965 NDUFV2 P19234 Ndufv2 Ndufv2 Q9D6J6 (1<-1) Ndufv2 NDUFV2 Q6IPW4 (1<-1) NDUFV2
ENSRNOP00000015316 INMT D3ZNJ5 Inmt Inmt P40936 (1<-1) Inmt INMT Q3MIB5 (1<-1) INMT
ENSRNOP00000021716 COQ9 Q68FT1 Coq9 Coq9 Q8K1Z0 (1<-1) Coq9 COQ9 A0A024R6U3 (1<-1) hCG_2025883
ENSRNOP00000041821 EEF2 P05197 Eef2 Eef2 P58252 (1<-1) Eef2 EEF2 P13639 (1<-1) EEF2
ENSRNOP00000005574 NDEL1 Q78PB6 Ndel1 Ndel1 Q9ERR1 (1<-1) Ndel1 NDEL1 Q9GZM8 (1<-1) NDEL1
ENSRNOP00000042422 RGD1564184 F1M3Y4 LOC100361052
ENSRNOP00000015568 SPPL2A D3ZNG3 Sppl2a Sppl2a Q9JJF9 (1<-1) Sppl2a SPPL2A Q8TCT8 (1<-1) SPPL2A
ENSRNOP00000065941 LIN7C Q792I0 Lin7c Lin7c O88952 (1<-1) Lin7c LIN7C Q9NUP9 (1<-1) LIN7C
ENSRNOP00000039946 LSS A0A096MJH3 Lss Lss Q8BLN5 (2<-1) Lss LSS B2R694 (2<-1)
ENSRNOP00000005942 CASKIN2 D4A9T0 Caskin2 Caskin2 Q8VHK1 (1<-1) Caskin2 CASKIN2 Q8WXE0 (1<-1) CASKIN2
ENSRNOP00000024253 MFGE8 P70490 Mfge8 Mfge8 Q3TDU5 (1<-1) Mfge8 MFGE8 B3KTQ2 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000022022 ECI2 Q5XIC0 Eci2 Eci2 Q9WUR2 (1<-1) Eci2 ECI2 O75521 (1<-1) ECI2
ENSRNOP00000022317 PDE6C D3ZLC7 Pde6c Pde6c Q91ZQ1 (1<-1) Pde6c PDE6C P51160 (1<-1) PDE6C
ENSRNOP00000004891 DDX49 E9PTF0 Ddx49 Ddx49 Q4FZF3 (1<-1) Ddx49 DDX49 Q9Y6V7 (1<-1) DDX49
ENSRNOP00000024272 APBB1IP D3ZDZ1 Apbb1ip Apbb1ip B1AYC9 (1<-1) Apbb1ip APBB1IP B4E100 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000058370 ITGA7 Q63258 Itga7 Itga7 G3X9Q1 (1<-1) Itga7 ITGA7 Q13683-7 (1<-1) ITGA7
ENSRNOP00000049600 DNAJB12 Q5FVC4 Dnajb12 Dnajb12 Q8C4C9 (1<-1) Dnajb12 DNAJB12 Q9NXW2-2 (1<-1) DNAJB12
ENSRNOP00000007821 FKBP9 Q66H94 Fkbp9 Fkbp9 Q9Z247 (1<-1) Fkbp9 FKBP9 A0A090N8P3 (1<-1) FKBP9
ENSRNOP00000007870 HSD11B1 P16232 Hsd11b1 Hsd11b1 Q4JHD9 (1<-1) Hsd11b1 HSD11B1 X5D2L1 (1<-1) HSD11B1
ENSRNOP00000046627 FPGT E9PSM4 Fpgt Fpgt Q2TB53 (2<-1) Fpgt FPGT A0A0A0MRP2 (2<-1) FPGT
ENSRNOP00000014248 FGL1 Q8K583 Fgl1 Fgl1 Q71KU9 (1<-1) Fgl1 FGL1 Q08830 (1<-1) FGL1
ENSRNOP00000045832 PAK1 P35465 Pak1 Pak1 G5E884 (1<-1) Pak1 PAK1 A0A024R5P0 (1<-1) PAK1
ENSRNOP00000066494 RGD1561963 M0RAE8 Dock10 Dock10 E9QM99 (1<-1) Dock10 DOCK10 Q96BY6 (1<-1) DOCK10
ENSRNOP00000029909 CEP89 B1WBZ3 Cep89 Cep89 E9Q9S2 (1<-1) Cep89 CEP89 Q96ST8 (2<-1) CEP89
ENSRNOP00000036588 RGD1559971 F1LTM4 RGD1559971 AA474331 J3QNS5 (1<-1) AA474331 KIAA1919 Q5TF39 (1<-1) NAGLT1
ENSRNOP00000062555 TLK2 F1LPP2 Tlk2 Tlk2 B1ASU9 (1<-1) Tlk2 TLK2 Q86UE8-2 (1<-1) TLK2
ENSRNOP00000001696 SNX8 D3ZUJ9 Snx8 Snx8 Q8CFD4 (1<-1) Snx8 SNX8 Q9Y5X2 (1<-1) SNX8
ENSRNOP00000013481 RAPGEF6 D3ZTL8 Rapgef6 Rapgef6 Q5NCJ0 (1<-1) Rapgef6 RAPGEF6 Q8TEU7 (1<-1) RAPGEF6
ENSRNOP00000036228 TMEM106A Q5BK83 Tmem106a Tmem106a Q8VC04 (1<-1) Tmem106a TMEM106A Q96A25 (1<-1) TMEM106A
ENSRNOP00000028137 SIPA1 E9PSX8 Sipa1 Sipa1 Q7TMS2 (1<-1) Sipa1 SIPA1 Q96FS4 (1<-1) SIPA1
ENSRNOP00000023935 RPS3 P62909 Rps3 Rps3 Q5YLW3 (1<-1) Rps3 RPS3 P23396 (1<-1) RPS3
ENSRNOP00000025007 MRPS11 D4A040 Mrps11 Mrps11 Q3TLY7 (1<-1) Mrps11 MRPS11 P82912-2 (1<-1) MRPS11
ENSRNOP00000022281 SPHKAP F1LNS0 Sphkap Sphkap Q6NSW3-3 (1<-1) Sphkap SPHKAP Q2M3C7 (1<-1) SPHKAP
ENSRNOP00000001938 ORAI2 B2ZDP9 Orai2 Orai2 A5CVE1 (1<-1) Orai2 ORAI2 A0A024QYV6 (1<-1) C7orf19
ENSRNOP00000039342 PI4KB O08561 Pi4kb Pi4kb E9Q8A3 (2<-1) Pi4kb PI4KB Q9UBF8 (2<-1) PI4KB
ENSRNOP00000046751 UNC13B F1LXM4 Unc13b Unc13b Q9Z1N9 (1<-1) Unc13b UNC13B B1AM27 (1<-1) UNC13B
ENSRNOP00000001532 MSI1 F1LRH1 Msi1 Msi1 Q61474 (1<-1) Msi1 MSI1 O43347 (1<-1) MSI1
ENSRNOP00000031303 MORN5 Q6TXF8 Morn5 Morn5 Q9DAI9 (1<-1) Morn5 MORN5 Q5VZ52-2 (1<-1) MORN5
ENSRNOP00000027815 SCAMP3 E9PTW1 Scamp3 Scamp3 Q3UXS0 (1<-1) Scamp3 SCAMP3 O14828 (1<-1) SCAMP3
ENSRNOP00000064735 GDE1 Q9JL55 Gde1 Gde1 Q9JL56 (1<-1) Gde1 GDE1 Q9NZC3 (1<-1) GDE1
ENSRNOP00000062192 RGD1566099 B2RYR4 RGD1566099 2310009B15Rik D3Z1T2 (1<-1) 2310009B15Rik C1orf53 Q5VUE5 (1<-1) C1orf53
ENSRNOP00000024710 HPX P20059 Hpx Hpx Q91X72 (1<-1) Hpx HPX P02790 (1<-1) HPX
ENSRNOP00000030895 RGD1565819 D3ZT27 RGD1565819 Zfp831 A2ADM8 (2<-1) Zfp831 ZNF831 Q5JPB2 (2<-1) ZNF831
ENSRNOP00000002797 GTPBP8 Q5BK22 Gtpbp8 Gtpbp8 Q9CY28 (1<-1) Gtpbp8 GTPBP8 Q8N3Z3 (1<-1) GTPBP8
ENSRNOP00000027995 BCKDHA P11960 Bckdha Bckdha Q3U3J1 (1<-1) Bckdha BCKDHA A0A024R0K3 (1<-1) BCKDHA
ENSRNOP00000019350 AP1M1 Q32Q06 Ap1m1 Ap1m1 Q3UG16 (1<-1) Ap1m1 AP1M1 A0A024R7K8 (1<-1) AP1M1
ENSRNOP00000058212 NDUFA1 G3V9S6 Ndufa1 Ndufa1 Q545K0 (1<-1) Ndufa1 NDUFA1 Q6IBB5 (1<-1) ZNF183
ENSRNOP00000036731 LYVE1 D3ZD19 Lyve1 Lyve1 Q8BHC0 (1<-1) Lyve1 LYVE1 B2R672 (1<-1) XLKD1
ENSRNOP00000055287 CCDC33 Q5XIR4 Ccdc33 Ccdc33 Q3ULW6-3 (1<-1) Ccdc33 CCDC33 Q8N5R6-2 (1<-1) CCDC33
ENSRNOP00000037412 PRKDC D3ZTN0 Prkdc Prkdc P97313 (1<-1) Prkdc PRKDC P78527 (1<-1) PRKDC
ENSRNOP00000065357 LARP7 M0R7D1 Larp7 Larp7 Q05CL8 (1<-1) Larp7 LARP7 Q4G0J3 (1<-1) LARP7
ENSRNOP00000060468 OSBP2 D3ZHG4 Osbp2 Osbp2 Q5QNQ6 (1<-1) Osbp2 OSBP2 Q969R2-2 (1<-1) OSBP2
ENSRNOP00000051488 PIK3C2B D3ZVF3 Pik3c2b Pik3c2b E9QAN8 (1<-1) Pik3c2b PIK3C2B Q4LE65 (1<-1) PIK3C2B variant protein
ENSRNOP00000023667 GFRA1 Q62997 Gfra1 Gfra1 P97785 (1<-1) Gfra1 GFRA1 P56159 (1<-1) GFRA1
ENSRNOP00000005168 LGI2 F7ESR8 Lgi2 Lgi2 Q50DZ7 (1<-1) Lgi2 LGI2 Q8N0V4 (1<-1) LGI2
ENSRNOP00000010593 SDHB P21913 Sdhb Sdhb Q9CQA3 (1<-1) Sdhb SDHB P21912 (1<-1) SDHB
ENSRNOP00000065690 PGAM1 P25113 Pgam1 Pgam1 Q3U7Z6 (1<-1) Pgam1 PGAM1 Q6FHU2 (1<-1) PGAM1
ENSRNOP00000036286 CCDC170 F1LT05 Ccdc170 Ccdc170 F6ST92 (1<-1) Ccdc170 CCDC170 Q8IYT3 (1<-1) CCDC170
ENSRNOP00000031360 LBR A0A0G2JU83 Lbr Lbr Q3U9G9 (2<-1) Lbr LBR Q14739 (2<-1) LBR
ENSRNOP00000066961 EARS2L1 M0RAI4 Ears2 Ears2 Q9CXJ1 (2<-1) Ears2 EARS2 Q5JPH6 (2<-1) EARS2
ENSRNOP00000017227 STX12 G3V7P1 Stx12 Stx12 Q3TIL5 (1<-1) Stx12 STX12 Q86Y82 (1<-1) STX12
ENSRNOP00000061853 SPTA1 D4A678 Spta1 Spta1 P08032 (1<-1) Spta1 SPTA1 P02549-2 (1<-1) SPTA1
ENSRNOP00000007398 MYH9 G3V6P7 Myh9 Myh9 Q8VDD5 (1<-1) Myh9 MYH9 A0A024R1N1 (1<-1) MYH9
ENSRNOP00000006412 NDUFAF5 B2GV71 Ndufaf5 Ndufaf5 A2APY7 (1<-1) Ndufaf5 NDUFAF5 Q5TEU4 (1<-1) NDUFAF5
ENSRNOP00000016044 COL2A1 Q78ZD3 Col2a1 Col2a1 P28481-7 (1<-1) Col2a1 COL2A1 P02458-1 (1<-1) COL2A1
ENSRNOP00000018170 MAT2A F1LRB8 LOC100363915 Mat2a Q99J57 (1<-1) Mat2a MAT2A P31153 (1<-1) MAT2A
ENSRNOP00000059304 ERH B2RYQ5 Erh Erh G3UW85 (1<-1) Erh ERH A0A024R6D4 (1<-1) ERH
ENSRNOP00000033197 PEX11G D4AEJ6 Pex11g Pex11g Q6P6M5 (1<-1) Pex11g PEX11G Q96HA9 (1<-1) PEX11G
ENSRNOP00000007957 GRIN3A Q9R1M7 Grin3a Grin3a Q69Z52 (1<-1) Grin3a GRIN3A Q8TCU5 (1<-1) GRIN3A
ENSRNOP00000002310 CBR3 B2GV72 Cbr3 Cbr3 Q8K354 (1<-1) Cbr3 CBR3 V9HW40 (1<-1) HEL-S-25
ENSRNOP00000066955 ENSRNOG00000047202 P63039 Hspd1 Hspd1 P63038 (3<-1) Hspd1 HSPD1 A0A024R3X4 (3<-1) HSPD1
ENSRNOP00000059602 RAB12 D4A376 Rab12 Rab12 P35283 (1<-1) Rab12 RAB12 Q6IQ22 (1<-1) RAB12
ENSRNOP00000014118 FLOT2 Q9Z2S9-2 Flot2 Flot2 Q5SS83 (1<-1) Flot2 FLOT2 J3QLD9 (1<-1) FLOT2
ENSRNOP00000029373 IQGAP2 F1LW74 Iqgap2 Iqgap2 Q3UQ44 (1<-1) Iqgap2 IQGAP2 A0A024RAJ8 (1<-1) IQGAP2
ENSRNOP00000023646 HERC1 A0A0G2JTT6 Herc1 Herc1 E9PZP8 (2<-1) Herc1 HERC1 A0A024R5W0 (2<-1) HERC1
ENSRNOP00000022432 USP10 Q3KR59 Usp10 Usp10 P52479 (1<-1) Usp10 USP10 Q14694 (1<-1) USP10
ENSRNOP00000022693 CASP7 O88550 Casp7 Casp7 Q4FJQ4 (2<-1) Casp7 CASP7 P55210 (2<-1) CASP7
ENSRNOP00000017265 RPRD1B B5DEK0 Rprd1b Rprd1b Q9CSU0 (1<-1) Rprd1b RPRD1B Q9NQG5 (1<-1) RPRD1B
ENSRNOP00000024918 APOA5 Q9QUH3 Apoa5 Apoa5 Q8C7G5 (1<-1) Apoa5 APOA5 A8K9M4 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000043385 CBR1 A0A0G2JSV2 Cbr1 Cbr1 B2RXY7 (3<-1) Cbr1 CBR1 P16152 (2<-1) CBR1
ENSRNOP00000006741 SH3KBP1 Q925Q9-4 Sh3kbp1 Sh3kbp1 Q8R550 (1<-1) Sh3kbp1 SH3KBP1 Q5JPT6 (2<-1)
ENSRNOP00000065600 AHSA1 B0BN63 Ahsa1 Ahsa1 Q8BK64 (1<-1) Ahsa1 AHSA1 O95433 (1<-1) AHSA1
ENSRNOP00000045029 CYP2C7 D4ABM1 Cyp2c7 Cyp2c29 Q64458 (1<-1) Cyp2c29 CYP2C19 P33261 (3<-1) CYP2C19
ENSRNOP00000023259 TMEM129 B1WBR6 Tmem129 Tmem129 Q8K304 (1<-1) Tmem129 TMEM129 A0AVI4 (1<-1) TMEM129
ENSRNOP00000028511 SNX15 Q4V896 Snx15 Snx15 Q91WE1 (1<-1) Snx15 SNX15 B3KU31 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000026870 SH3GL3 O35180 Sh3gl3 Sh3gl3 Q62421 (2<-1) Sh3gl3 SH3GL3 Q99963 (2<-1) SH3GL3
ENSRNOP00000026947 PCDHGA12 D4A498 Pcdhgc3 Pcdhga12 Q91XY7 (1<-1) Pcdhga12 PCDHGA12 O60330 (1<-1) PCDHGA12
ENSRNOP00000001539 SRSF9 Q5PPI1 Srsf9 Srsf9 Q9D0B0 (1<-1) Srsf9 SRSF9 Q13242 (1<-1) SRSF9
ENSRNOP00000027782 COA3 D3Z9I1 Coa3 Coa3 Q9D2R6 (1<-1) Coa3 COA3 A0A024R1X4 (1<-1) hCG_16955
ENSRNOP00000059145 AHCYL1 B5DFN2 Ahcyl1 Ahcyl1 Q80SW1 (3<-1) Ahcyl1 AHCYL1 A0A024R0A8 (3<-1) AHCYL1
ENSRNOP00000007641 STX17 Q9Z158 Stx17 Stx17 Q9D0I4 (1<-1) Stx17 STX17 B3KTA5 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000030374 UGT1A2 Q6IUU3 Qsox1 Ugt1a6a Q6NSR5 (1<-1) Ugt1a6a UGT1A6 Q5DSZ8 (1<-1) UGT1A6
ENSRNOP00000025847 ADRBK1 F1LMA4 Adrbk1 Adrbk1 Q3U1V3 (1<-1) Adrbk1 ADRBK1 P25098 (1<-1) ADRBK1
ENSRNOP00000016482 MYO1E Q63356 Myo1e Myo1e E9Q634 (1<-1) Myo1e MYO1E Q4KMR3 (1<-1) MYO1E
ENSRNOP00000053080 LIX1L Q5PQQ7 Lix1l Lix1l G3X9C8 (1<-1) Lix1l LIX1L Q8IVB5 (1<-1) LIX1L
ENSRNOP00000031068 NIPAL1 D3Z8L4 Nipal1 Nipal1 Q8BMW7 (2<-1) Nipal1 NIPAL1 Q6NVV3 (2<-1) NIPAL1
ENSRNOP00000033034 ARHGAP22 D4ABZ7 Arhgap22 Arhgap22 D3Z1Y5 (1<-1) Arhgap22 ARHGAP22 A6NJ38 (1<-1) ARHGAP22
ENSRNOP00000006752 TSPAN13 Q5FVL6 Tspan13 Tspan13 Q9D8C2 (1<-1) Tspan13 TSPAN13 Q6FGK0 (1<-1) TM4SF13
ENSRNOP00000023843 SMCR7L Q5XIS8 Mief1 Mief1 B2RPW2 (1<-1) Mief1 MIEF1 A0A024R1L3 (1<-1) RP5-1104E15.5
ENSRNOP00000028343 FGF3 Q8R5L9 Fgf3 Fgf3 Q0VG15 (1<-1) Fgf3 FGF3 P11487 (1<-1) FGF3
ENSRNOP00000016495 ATP6V1E1 G3V7L8 Atp6v1e1 Atp6v1e1 P50518 (1<-1) Atp6v1e1 ATP6V1E1 Q53Y06 (1<-1) ATP6V1E1
ENSRNOP00000061111 IVNS1ABP_PREDICTED D4A0T2 Ivns1abp Ivns1abp Q920Q8-2 (1<-1) Ivns1abp
ENSRNOP00000024801 RAD17 E9PTL1 Rad17 Rad17 Q3UYY2 (1<-1) Rad17 RAD17 A0A0G2JPT5 (1<-1) RAD17
ENSRNOP00000006319 GALNT5 O88422 Galnt5 Galnt5 Q8C102 (1<-1) Galnt5 GALNT5 Q7Z7M9 (1<-1) GALNT5
ENSRNOP00000007954 TUBGCP6 D4A709 Tubgcp6 Tubgcp6 G5E8P0 (1<-1) Tubgcp6 TUBGCP6 Q96RT7 (1<-1) TUBGCP6
ENSRNOP00000025656 SEMA3G F1LNH0 Sema3g Sema3g Q4LFA9 (1<-1) Sema3g SEMA3G Q9NS98 (1<-1) SEMA3G
ENSRNOP00000061458 PVR Q5U334 PVR Pvr Q60977 (1<-1) Pvr PVR A0A0A0MSA9 (3<-3) PVR
ENSRNOP00000021176 PPP6C Q64620 Ppp6c Ppp6c Q9CQR6 (1<-1) Ppp6c PPP6C A0A024R861 (1<-1) PPP6C
ENSRNOP00000025282 PPP1CA P62138 Ppp1ca Ppp1ca P62137 (1<-1) Ppp1ca PPP1CA P62136 (1<-1) PPP1CA
ENSRNOP00000044767 GM5607 D3ZV62 LOC102553495 Q6NZL2 (1<-1) Gm5607 Q6ZPC8 (1<-3)
ENSRNOP00000067740 ENSRNOG00000033859 P38983 Rpsa RPSA C9J9K3 (3<-2) RPSA
ENSRNOP00000036196 GPR39 A6QR73 Gpr39 Gpr39 A6QR71 (1<-1) Gpr39 GPR39 A6QR72 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000046415 VTN Q3KR94 Vtn Vtn P29788 (1<-1) Vtn VTN D9ZGG2 (1<-1) VTN
ENSRNOP00000053011 MAP4 Q5M7W5 Map4 Map4 P27546-3 (1<-1) Map4 MAP4 P27816 (1<-1) MAP4
ENSRNOP00000017239 WDR61 Q4V7A0 Wdr61 Wdr61 A0MNP4 (1<-1) Wdr61 WDR61 Q9GZS3 (1<-1) WDR61
ENSRNOP00000014383 TRAPPC3 Q5U1Z2 Trappc3 Trappc3 Q3U9K9 (1<-1) Trappc3 TRAPPC3 O43617 (1<-1) TRAPPC3
ENSRNOP00000018982 ACIN1 E9PST5 Acin1 Acin1 Q9JIX8 (1<-1) Acin1 ACIN1 Q9UKV3 (1<-1) ACIN1
ENSRNOP00000026428 STARD10 Q5BJN1 Stard10 Stard10 Q66JR2 (2<-1) Stard10 STARD10 A0A087WXR2 (2<-1) STARD10
ENSRNOP00000003437 PDS5A A4L9P7 Pds5a Pds5a E9QPI5 (1<-1) Pds5a PDS5A G1UI16 (1<-1) PDS5A
ENSRNOP00000002520 MRPS35 D4A9Z6 Mrps35 Mrps35 Q8BJZ4 (1<-1) Mrps35 MRPS35 P82673 (1<-1) MRPS35
ENSRNOP00000053181 ARHGAP4 Q8K4G7 Arhgap4 Arhgap4 B1AUY3 (1<-1) Arhgap4 ARHGAP4 P98171 (2<-1) ARHGAP4
ENSRNOP00000018734 CMAS Q5M963 Cmas Cmas Q99KK2 (1<-1) Cmas CMAS Q8NFW8 (1<-1) CMAS
ENSRNOP00000062735 NOS1 D3ZEW7 Nos1 Nos1 Q9Z0J4-5 (1<-1) Nos1 NOS1 P29475-5 (1<-1) NOS1
ENSRNOP00000054206 IARS2 D4A8P9 Iars2 Iars2 E9PWN3 (2<-1) Iars2 IARS2 Q9NSE4 (3<-1) IARS2
ENSRNOP00000062921 RIN3 A0A0G2K0G9 Rin3 Rin3 Q3U332 (1<-1) Rin3 RIN3 Q8TB24 (3<-1) RIN3
ENSRNOP00000029635 HIP1R F1LML7 Hip1r Hip1r Q9JKY5 (1<-1) Hip1r HIP1R O75146 (1<-1) HIP1R
ENSRNOP00000063431 KNTC1 D3ZVJ3 Kntc1 Kntc1 Q8C3Y4 (1<-1) Kntc1 KNTC1 P50748 (1<-1) KNTC1
ENSRNOP00000008948 LANCL2 Q68FQ9 Lancl2 Lancl2 Q9JJK2 (1<-1) Lancl2 LANCL2 B3KTN5 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000013431 RGD1307704 D3ZU57 No66 2410016O06Rik Q9JJF3 (1<-1) No66 C14orf169 A0A0A8K8C0 (1<-1) URLC2
ENSRNOP00000007994 GDAP1 D4A5X7 Gdap1 Gdap1 Q3UEX4 (1<-1) Gdap1 GDAP1 Q8TB36 (1<-1) GDAP1
ENSRNOP00000016872 HS2ST1 G3V7N0 Hs2st1 Hs2st1 Q8R3H7 (1<-1) Hs2st1 HS2ST1 Q7LGA3 (1<-1) HS2ST1
ENSRNOP00000006098 CACNB1 G3V6K8 Cacnb1 Cacnb1 A2A543 (1<-1) Cacnb1 CACNB1 Q02641 (1<-1) CACNB1
ENSRNOP00000051846 SLC25A10 O89035 Slc25a10 Slc25a10 Q9QZD8 (1<-1) Slc25a10 SLC25A10 Q9UBX3 (1<-1) SLC25A10
ENSRNOP00000002896 LRRC8C Q498T9 Lrrc8c Lrrc8c Q8R502 (1<-1) Lrrc8c LRRC8C Q8TDW0 (1<-1) LRRC8C
ENSRNOP00000039795 COL12A1 A0A0G2KAJ7 Col12a1 Col12a1 Q60847-5 (3<-1) Col12a1 COL12A1 D6RGG3 (2<-1) COL12A1
ENSRNOP00000029533 AGAP2 Q8CGU4 Agap2 Agap2 Q3UHD9 (1<-1) Agap2 AGAP2 F8VVT9 (1<-1) AGAP2
ENSRNOP00000033710 HMCN1 F1M4Q3 Hmcn1 Hmcn1 D3YXG0 (1<-1) Hmcn1 HMCN1 Q96RW7 (1<-1) HMCN1
ENSRNOP00000064795 MVK M0R5W4 Mvk Mvk Q9R008 (1<-1) Mvk MVK Q59ET9 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000002499 ST6GAL1 G3V680 St6gal1 St6gal1 Q64685 (1<-1) St6gal1 ST6GAL1 P15907 (1<-1) ST6GAL1
ENSRNOP00000067404 CATSPERD A0A0H2UI41 Catsperd Catsperd E9Q9F6 (1<-1) Catsperd CATSPERD Q86XM0 (1<-1) CATSPERD
ENSRNOP00000067214 ZFPL1 M0RCA3 Zfpl1 Zfpl1 Q9DB43 (1<-1) Zfpl1 ZFPL1 A0A024R576 (1<-1) ZFPL1
ENSRNOP00000061242 PPP1R42 B1WBU1 Ppp1r42 Ppp1r42 Q8R1Z4 (1<-1) Ppp1r42 PPP1R42 Q7Z4L9 (1<-1) PPP1R42
ENSRNOP00000026550 COLQ F1M6X2 Colq Colq O35348 (1<-1) Colq COLQ Q9Y215 (1<-1) COLQ
ENSRNOP00000048510 RAVER1 Q5XI28 Raver1 Raver1 Q9CW46 (1<-1) Raver1 RAVER1 E9PAU2 (1<-1) RAVER1
ENSRNOP00000022747 UQCR11 A9UMV7 Uqcr11 Uqcr11 Q9CPX8 (1<-1) Uqcr11 UQCR11 O14957 (1<-1) UQCR11
ENSRNOP00000032048 FITM2 D3ZWT2 Fitm2 Fitm2 P59266 (1<-1) Fitm2 FITM2 Q8N6M3 (1<-1) FITM2
ENSRNOP00000014135 KANK2 D4ACC2 Kank2 Kank2 Q8BX02 (1<-1) Kank2 KANK2 Q63ZY3-2 (1<-1) KANK2
ENSRNOP00000059725 EFNA3 A0A0G2JV56 Efna3 Efna3 O08545 (1<-1) Efna3 EFNA3 P52797 (2<-1) EFNA3
ENSRNOP00000051984 BCAS1 Q3ZB98-3 Bcas1 Bcas1 E9Q8Q5 (1<-1) Bcas1 BCAS1 A0AVG7 (1<-1) BCAS1
ENSRNOP00000010100 C8B P55314 C8b C8b Q8BH35 (1<-1) C8b C8B A8K9M5 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000027381 COPE G3V8Q1 Cope Cope O89079 (1<-1) Cope COPE O14579 (1<-1) COPE
ENSRNOP00000003009 CCDC158 D3ZHH5 Ccdc158 Ccdc158 B2RQL1 (1<-1) Ccdc158 CCDC158 Q5M9N0 (1<-1) CCDC158
ENSRNOP00000024619 TTC23L A0A0G2JYJ8 Ttc23l Ttc23l A6H6E9 (1<-1) Ttc23l TTC23L Q6PF05 (2<-1) TTC23L
ENSRNOP00000025193 ADSL D3ZW08 Adsl Adsl P54822 (1<-1) Adsl ADSL X5D8S6 (1<-1) ADSL
ENSRNOP00000010923 TMEM30B D3Z9E9 Tmem30b Tmem30b Q0VEI2 (1<-1) Tmem30b TMEM30B Q3MIR4 (1<-1) TMEM30B
ENSRNOP00000066485 RGD1565363 D4A9P7 RGD1565363 Bola2 Q8BGS2 (1<-1) Bola2 BOLA2B Q9H3K6 (1<-1) BOLA2
ENSRNOP00000041322 ZFP446 D3ZQW0 Zfp446 Zfp446 Q8C9M8 (2<-1) Zfp446 ZNF446 Q9NWS9 (3<-2) ZNF446
ENSRNOP00000015452 MTMR9 Q5XIN4 Mtmr9 Mtmr9 Q9Z2D0 (1<-1) Mtmr9 MTMR9 Q96QG7 (1<-1) MTMR9
ENSRNOP00000018685 ANKRD34C D3ZI64 Ankrd34c Ankrd34c B2RPW9 (1<-1) Ankrd34c ANKRD34C P0C6C1 (1<-1) ANKRD34C
ENSRNOP00000006185 MTERFD1 Q6P6Q6 Mterf3 Mterf3 Q8R3J4 (1<-1) Mterf3 MTERF3 Q96E29 (1<-1) MTERF3
ENSRNOP00000066986 ENSRNOG00000000345 D3ZSC8 Dnajc17 Dnajc17 Q91WT4 (2<-1) Dnajc17 DNAJC17 Q9NVM6 (2<-1) DNAJC17
ENSRNOP00000062065 ENSRNOG00000043499 P63039 Hspd1 Hspd1 P63038 (2<-1) Hspd1 HSPD1 A0A024R3X4 (2<-1) HSPD1
ENSRNOP00000062977 ENSRNOG00000015533 Q794E4 Hnrnpf Hnrnpf Q9Z2X1 (2<-1) Hnrnpf HNRNPF A0A024R7T3 (2<-1) HNRPF
ENSRNOP00000011941 MIOX Q9QXN4 Miox Miox Q9QXN5 (1<-1) Miox MIOX Q9UGB7 (1<-1) MIOX
ENSRNOP00000008932 APMAP Q7TP48 Apmap Apmap Q9D7N9 (2<-1) Apmap APMAP Q9HDC9 (2<-1) APMAP
ENSRNOP00000059010 ANO6 F1M5Z5 Ano6 Ano6 Q6P9J9 (2<-1) Ano6 ANO6 Q4KMQ2-2 (2<-1) ANO6
ENSRNOP00000027677 GSK3A P18265 Gsk3a Gsk3a Q2NL51 (1<-1) Gsk3a GSK3A A0A024R0L5 (1<-1) GSK3A
ENSRNOP00000046866 GABPB1L Q4KM28 Gabpb1 Gabpb1 Q00420 (1<-1) Gabpb1 GABPB1 A0A024R5X6 (1<-1) GABPB2
ENSRNOP00000033416 DAGLA Q5YLM1 Dagla Dagla Q6WQJ1 (1<-1) Dagla DAGLA A0A024R517 (1<-1) C11orf11
ENSRNOP00000038369 AKT1 P47196 Akt1 Akt1 P31750 (1<-1) Akt1 AKT1 B0LPE5 (1<-1) AKT1
ENSRNOP00000053910 ATG5 D3ZJZ1 Atg5 Atg5 Q99J83 (2<-1) Atg5 ATG5 A9UGY9 (2<-1) ATG5
ENSRNOP00000008503 AIFM1 Q9JM53 Aifm1 Aifm1 Q9Z0X1 (1<-1) Aifm1 AIFM1 O95831 (1<-1) AIFM1
ENSRNOP00000007255 SDC2 P34900 Sdc2 Sdc2 P43407 (1<-1) Sdc2 SDC2 A0A024R9D1 (1<-1) SDC2
ENSRNOP00000019560 SMC3 D4A1B9 Smc3 Smc3 Q1HL32 (1<-1) Smc3 SMC3 Q9UQE7 (1<-1) SMC3
ENSRNOP00000017052 RPL37 P61928 Rpl37 Rpl37 Q9D823 (1<-1) Rpl37 RPL37 P61927 (1<-1) RPL37
ENSRNOP00000004938 UFC1 Q6BBI8 Ufc1 Ufc1 Q9CR09 (1<-1) Ufc1 UFC1 Q9Y3C8 (1<-1) UFC1
ENSRNOP00000036958 ILVBL D4ACG2 Ilvbl Ilvbl Q8BU33 (1<-1) Ilvbl ILVBL A1L0T0 (1<-1) ILVBL
ENSRNOP00000024447 SPCS1 D3ZFK5 Spcs1 Spcs1 Q9D958 (1<-1) Spcs1 SPCS1 X6R2S6 (1<-1) SPCS1
ENSRNOP00000022788 NHLRC2 D3ZLM5 Nhlrc2 Nhlrc2 B2RR26 (1<-1) Nhlrc2 NHLRC2 Q8NBF2 (1<-1) NHLRC2
ENSRNOP00000013608 EEF1A1 P62630 Eef1a1 Eef1a1 Q58E64 (1<-1) Eef1a1 EEF1A1 Q6IPS9 (1<-1) EEF1A1
ENSRNOP00000005881 STON2 D4AB66 Ston2 Ston2 Q8BZ60 (1<-1) Ston2 STON2 Q6NT53 (1<-1) STON2
ENSRNOP00000031372 KIF16B D3ZFN9 Kif16b Kif16b B1AVY7 (1<-1) Kif16b KIF16B Q96L93 (1<-1) KIF16B
ENSRNOP00000012363 NUDT4 Q99MY2 Nudt4 Nudt4 Q4FJR0 (1<-1) Nudt4 NUDT4 A0A024RBD0 (1<-1) NUDT4
ENSRNOP00000009359 SOS1 D4A3T0 Sos1 Sos1 Q62245 (1<-1) Sos1 SOS1 G5E9C8 (1<-1) SOS1
ENSRNOP00000004494 MOSPD2 D4A4X7 Mospd2 Mospd2 Q9CWP6-2 (1<-1) Mospd2 MOSPD2 Q8NHP6 (2<-1) MOSPD2
ENSRNOP00000038617 SLC35D2 D4A1T9 Slc35d2 Slc35d2 Q762D5 (1<-1) Slc35d2 SLC35D2 A0A024R9N5 (1<-1) SLC35D2
ENSRNOP00000003247 MORF4L2 Q6QI89 Morf4l2 Morf4l2 Q9R0Q4 (1<-1) Morf4l2 MORF4L2 Q15014 (1<-1) MORF4L2
ENSRNOP00000002140 HOXD1 D4ACE4 Hoxd1 Hoxd1 Q01822 (1<-1) Hoxd1 HOXD1 Q96CA4 (1<-1) HOXD1
ENSRNOP00000031535 TMEM209 Q68FR5 Tmem209 Tmem209 Q8BRG8 (1<-1) Tmem209 TMEM209 Q96SK2 (1<-1) TMEM209
ENSRNOP00000056380 ST18 D3ZTP6 St18 St18 Q148A0 (2<-1) St18 ST18 O60284 (2<-1) ST18
ENSRNOP00000006180 SRGAP1 F1M287 Srgap1 Srgap1 D3YZW1 (1<-1) Srgap1 SRGAP1 Q7Z6B7 (1<-1) SRGAP1
ENSRNOP00000015757 PSMC3 Q63569 Psmc3 Psmc3 O88685 (1<-1) Psmc3 PSMC3 P17980 (1<-1) PSMC3
ENSRNOP00000024207 ENSRNOG00000050648 P15390 Scn4a Aph1b Q8C7N7 (1<-1) Aph1b APH1B Q8WW43 (1<-1) APH1B
ENSRNOP00000003645 HGD G3V6C2 Hgd Hgd O09173 (1<-1) Hgd HGD Q93099 (1<-1) HGD
ENSRNOP00000032389 GFAP P47819 Gfap Gfap P03995 (1<-1) Gfap GFAP P14136 (1<-1) GFAP
ENSRNOP00000064773 ADCY9 M0R5U4 Adcy9 Adcy9 P51830 (2<-1) Adcy9 ADCY9 O60503 (2<-1) ADCY9
ENSRNOP00000026839 SAMD4B D4A769 Samd4b Pak4 G5E8A7 (1<-1) Samd4b SAMD4B A0A024R0N7 (1<-1) SAMD4B
ENSRNOP00000011948 SOCS2 A0A0H2UHH1 Socs2 Socs2 Q548Q7 (1<-1) Socs2 SOCS2 A0A024RBD2 (1<-1) SOCS2
ENSRNOP00000056769 LMBRD2 D3ZUP8 Lmbrd2 Lmbrd2 Q8C561 (1<-1) Lmbrd2 LMBRD2 Q68DH5 (1<-1) LMBRD2
ENSRNOP00000055207 ENSRNOG00000042832 Q9Z2L0 Vdac1 B4DEI3 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000020380 HDHD3 B2RYT7 Hdhd3 Hdhd3 Q9CYW4 (1<-1) Hdhd3 HDHD3 A0A024R837 (1<-1) HDHD3
ENSRNOP00000057176 DIAP1 F1M775 Diaph1 Diap1 Q5DTQ4 (1<-1) Diap1 DIAPH1 O60610 (1<-1) DIAPH1
ENSRNOP00000014837 GYG1 O08730 Gyg1 Gyg Q9R062 (1<-1) Gyg1 GYG1 P46976-2 (1<-1) GYG1
ENSRNOP00000057480 ENSRNOG00000039627 D4ADC2 Helz2 Rfc4 Q99J62 (2<-1) Rfc4 RFC4 P35249 (2<-1) RFC4
ENSRNOP00000038943 RGD1563307 D4A466 RGD1563307 Set Q9EQU5-2 (1<-1) Set SET A0A024R895 (1<-1) SET
ENSRNOP00000014752 MRPL45 D4A104 Mrpl45 Mrpl45 Q9D0Q7 (1<-1) Mrpl45 MRPL45 B4DEF8 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000000169 MEGF6 D4AA94 Megf6 Megf6 A0A0A0MQ83 (2<-1) Megf6 MEGF6 O75095 (2<-1) MEGF6
ENSRNOP00000038038 SEC31B D4ADQ9 Sec31b Sec31b Q3TZ89 (1<-1) Sec31b SEC31B Q9NQW1 (1<-1) SEC31B
ENSRNOP00000010601 CKAP4 D3ZH41 Ckap4 Ckap4 Q8BMK4 (1<-1) Ckap4 CKAP4 Q8TB01 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000023506 ABHD2 D4A7W1 Abhd2 Abhd2 Q9QXM0 (2<-1) Abhd2 ABHD2 A0A024RC89 (2<-1) ABHD2
ENSRNOP00000016286 IFNGR1 Q6P6T3 Ifngr1 Ifngr1 P15261 (1<-1) Ifngr1 IFNGR1 B2R6Q9 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000030928 CDC42 Q8CFN2 Cdc42 Cdc42 P60766 (1<-1) Cdc42 CDC42 A0A024RAE4 (1<-1) CDC42
ENSRNOP00000048964 PARD3 Q9Z340 Pard3 Pard3 A5D6P2 (1<-1) Pard3 PARD3 Q8TEW0 (1<-1) PARD3
ENSRNOP00000023068 IGFBP2 P12843 Igfbp2 Igfbp2 P47877 (1<-1) Igfbp2 IGFBP2 P18065 (1<-1) IGFBP2
ENSRNOP00000015986 VWA5A Q75WE7 Vwa5a Vwa5a Q99KC8 (1<-1) Vwa5a VWA5A A0A024R3H3 (1<-1) LOH11CR2A
ENSRNOP00000026739 DPH2 Q568Y2 Dph2 Dph2 Q9CR25 (1<-1) Dph2 DPH2 Q9BQC3 (1<-1) DPH2
ENSRNOP00000002712 UGT2B35 Q68G19 Ugt2b35 Ugt2b36 B9EIY3 (1<-1) Ugt2b36 UGT2B17 O75795 (3<-1) UGT2B17
ENSRNOP00000030043 MYSM1 D4A7T9 Mysm1 Mysm1 Q69Z66 (1<-1) Mysm1 MYSM1 Q5VVJ2 (1<-1) MYSM1
ENSRNOP00000003378 RGD1309586 A0A0G2K719 Ddx3x D1Pas1 B9EIA2 (1<-1) D1Pas1 DDX3X A0A0D9SFB3 (2<-1) DDX3X
ENSRNOP00000016652 MYBPC3 P56741 Mybpc3 Mybpc3 A9JR55 (1<-1) Mybpc3 MYBPC3 Q14896-2 (1<-1) MYBPC3
ENSRNOP00000065039 FMN2 A0A0G2JZ27 Fmn2 Fmn2 Q9JL04 (3<-1) Fmn2 FMN2 Q9NZ56 (1<-1) FMN2
ENSRNOP00000057786 MAPKAPK2 Q80ZF4 Mapkapk2 Mapkapk2 Q3U2P8 (1<-1) Mapkapk2 MAPKAPK2 P49137 (1<-1) MAPKAPK2
ENSRNOP00000014257 PLEKHH1 D4AA54 Plekhh1 Plekhh1 Q80TI1 (1<-1) Plekhh1 PLEKHH1 Q9ULM0 (1<-1) PLEKHH1
ENSRNOP00000015579 CNN3 P37397 Cnn3 Cnn3 Q9DAW9 (1<-1) Cnn3 CNN3 Q15417 (1<-1) CNN3
ENSRNOP00000060585 TTBK2 D3ZN60 Ttbk2 Ttbk2 Q3UVR3 (2<-1) Ttbk2 TTBK2 Q6IQ55 (2<-1) TTBK2
ENSRNOP00000050794 ENSRNOG00000018960 Q8VHJ9 Syne1 Q6ZWR6-4 (1<-1) Syne1 SYNE1 A0A0C4DG40 (1<-1) SYNE1
ENSRNOP00000060786 AGFG2 D3ZNK4 Agfg2 Agfg2 Q3U2K8 (2<-1) Agfg2 AGFG2 A4D2D6 (2<-1) HRBL
ENSRNOP00000056912 PLS3 F1LPK7 Pls3 Pls3 Q3UJG9 (1<-1) Pls3 PLS3 P13797 (1<-1) PLS3
ENSRNOP00000018038 ATPIF1 Q03344 Atpif1 Atpif1 O35143 (1<-1) Atpif1 ATPIF1 Q9UII2 (1<-1) ATPIF1
ENSRNOP00000026748 ITGAM G3V8L7 Itgam Itgam G5E8F1 (1<-1) Itgam ITGAM P11215 (1<-1) ITGAM
ENSRNOP00000063907 ZFP142 D3ZU19 Zfp142 Zfp142 Q8CHH6 (2<-1) Zfp142
ENSRNOP00000011950 AQR A3KNA0 Aqr Aqr Q8CFQ3 (1<-1) Aqr AQR A0A024R9L1 (1<-1) AQR
ENSRNOP00000053432 PABPC4 G3V9N0 Pabpc4 Pabpc4 A3KFU8 (1<-1) Pabpc4 PABPC4 Q13310 (1<-1) PABPC4
ENSRNOP00000059786 RGD1309779 D3ZSK9 RGD1309779 2300009A05Rik Q0VG49 (1<-1) C15orf61 A6NNL5 (1<-1) C15orf61
ENSRNOP00000013058 NOS3 F1LQC7 Nos3 Nos3 P70313 (1<-1) Nos3 NOS3 A0A090N8H8 (1<-1) NOS3
ENSRNOP00000004252 ARMCX5 D4A548 LOC102552920 Armcx5 Q3UZB0 (1<-1) Armcx5 ARMCX5 Q6P1M9 (1<-1) ARMCX5
ENSRNOP00000017396 RAB33B F1LW77 Rab33b Rab33b Q3TQ93 (1<-1) Rab33b RAB33B Q9H082 (1<-1) RAB33B
ENSRNOP00000028288 ELP6 B2RYG8 Elp6 Elp6 Q8BK75 (1<-1) Elp6 ELP6 Q0PNE2 (1<-1) ELP6
ENSRNOP00000020749 SPR P18297 Spr Spr Q91XH5 (1<-1) Spr SPR P35270 (1<-1) SPR
ENSRNOP00000001081 SMPDL3A Q641Z7 Smpdl3a Smpdl3a P70158 (1<-1) Smpdl3a SMPDL3A Q92484 (1<-1) SMPDL3A
ENSRNOP00000031832 ZFP454 F1MAM2 Znf454 Zfp454 Q80Y34 (1<-1) Zfp454 ZNF454 Q8N9F8 (1<-1) ZNF454
ENSRNOP00000046845 ENSRNOG00000031368 Q5XIM5 Cdv3 Cdv3 A0A087WS49 (2<-1) Cdv3 CDV3 D3DND1 (3<-1) CDV3
ENSRNOP00000064556 ENSRNOG00000045991 P09656 Spink3 Spink1 P09036 (2<-1) Spink3 SPINK1 P00995 (3<-1) SPINK1
ENSRNOP00000015963 MYO9A F1LMQ1 Myo9a Myo9a D3Z3A8 (1<-1) Myo9a MYO9A B2RTY4-4 (2<-1) MYO9A
ENSRNOP00000001905 TFR2 B2GUY2 Tfr2 Tfr2 Q9JKX3 (1<-1) Tfr2 TFR2 Q9UP52 (1<-1) TFR2
ENSRNOP00000037915 ESF1 Q76MT4 Esf1 Esf1 B2RXU2 (1<-1) Esf1 ESF1 Q9H501 (1<-1) ESF1
ENSRNOP00000045817 ENSRNOG00000046127 R9PY08 Pdia5 Pdia5 Q921X9 (3<-1) Pdia5 PDIA5 Q14554 (3<-1) PDIA5
ENSRNOP00000011344 TNFRSF11B O08727 Tnfrsf11b Tnfrsf11b Q6PI12 (1<-1) Tnfrsf11b TNFRSF11B O00300 (1<-1) TNFRSF11B
ENSRNOP00000026514 SMG5 E9PU03 Smg5 Smg5 Q6ZPY2 (1<-1) Smg5 SMG5 Q9UPR3 (1<-1) SMG5
ENSRNOP00000064220 RGD1303271 Q6AY88 Kdf1 Kdf1 A2A9F4 (1<-1) Kdf1 KDF1 Q8NAX2 (1<-1) KDF1
ENSRNOP00000020932 TUBA1C Q6AYZ1 Tuba1c Tuba1c Q52L87 (1<-1) Tuba1c TUBA1C Q9BQE3 (1<-1) TUBA1C
ENSRNOP00000019363 TMA16 D4AAG0 Tma16 Tma16 Q9CR02 (1<-1) Tma16 TMA16 Q96EY4 (1<-1) TMA16
ENSRNOP00000007015 EBP Q9JJ46 Ebp Ebp P70245 (1<-1) Ebp EBP A0A024QYX0 (1<-1) EBP
ENSRNOP00000020811 GINM1 D3ZJB2 Ginm1 Ginm1 Q3UN36 (1<-1) Ginm1 GINM1 Q9NU53 (1<-1) GINM1
ENSRNOP00000027992 ALDH16A1 Q3T1L0 Aldh16a1 Aldh16a1 Q571I9 (1<-1) Aldh16a1 ALDH16A1 Q8IZ83 (1<-1) ALDH16A1
ENSRNOP00000020271 D14ABB1E M0RAP6 Fam208a Fam208a Q69ZR9 (1<-1) Fam208a FAM208A Q9UK61 (1<-1) FAM208A
ENSRNOP00000066273 ENSRNOG00000050708 M0R9U2 Q9QXE9 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000050954 RGD1560207 D3ZFX9 RGD1560207 Gm7173 B1AY26 (1<-1) Gm7173 CFAP47 Q6ZTR5-1 (1<-1) CFAP47
ENSRNOP00000051827 ASPSCR1 F1LR71 Aspscr1 Aspscr1 Q8VBT9 (1<-1) Aspscr1 ASPSCR1 Q9BZE9 (1<-1) ASPSCR1
ENSRNOP00000043988 RPS4X P62703 Rps4x Rps4x Q545X8 (1<-1) Rps4x RPS4X B2R491 (1<-1) RPS4X
ENSRNOP00000027802 KHNYN D3Z8M3 Khnyn Khnyn Q80U38 (1<-1) Khnyn KHNYN O15037 (1<-1) KHNYN
ENSRNOP00000022594 PLTP E9PSP1 Pltp Pltp Q4FJT5 (1<-1) Pltp PLTP P55058 (1<-1) PLTP
ENSRNOP00000027425 HNRNPL F1LQ48 Hnrnpl Hnrnpl G5E924 (1<-1) Hnrnpl HNRNPL P14866 (2<-1) HNRNPL
ENSRNOP00000008645 LOH12CR1 B1H257 Loh12cr1 Borcs5 Q9D920 (1<-1) Loh12cr1 BORCS5 Q969J3 (1<-1) LOH12CR1
ENSRNOP00000055409 TTC39B D3ZC96 Ttc39b Ttc39b Q8BYY4 (1<-1) Ttc39b TTC39B Q5VTQ0 (1<-1) TTC39B
ENSRNOP00000027482 TAF5 D3ZH66 Taf5 Taf5 F8VPY2 (1<-1) Taf5 TAF5 Q15542 (1<-1) TAF5
ENSRNOP00000013205 FKBP14 Q5XID8 Fkbp14 Fkbp14 Q542Q0 (1<-1) Fkbp14 FKBP14 A0A090N7V8 (1<-1) FKBP14
ENSRNOP00000045021 LRRFIP1 Q66HF9 Lrrfip1 Lrrfip1 Q3UZ39 (1<-1) Lrrfip1 LRRFIP1 A0A0F7NGI8 (1<-1) LRRFIP1
ENSRNOP00000019267 IGF1R P24062 Igf1r Igf1r E9QNX9 (1<-1) Igf1r IGF1R P08069 (1<-1) IGF1R
ENSRNOP00000062817 KA11 A0A0G2JW58 Q3ZAW8 (3<-1) Krt16
ENSRNOP00000063023 RGD1560884 D3ZQN7 Lamb1 Ccdc171 E9Q1U1 (1<-1) Ccdc171 CCDC171 Q6TFL3-4 (1<-1) CCDC171
ENSRNOP00000019288 POLD2 Q6AXY4 Pold2 Pold2 O35654 (1<-1) Pold2 POLD2 A0A087WWF6 (1<-1) POLD2
ENSRNOP00000019219 FOXA3 G3V7T9 Foxa3 Foxa3 P35584 (1<-1) Foxa3 FOXA3 A0A024R0R3 (1<-1) FOXA3
ENSRNOP00000032745 ENSRNOG00000026594 F1M1X3 LOC100909776 TMEM61 Q8N0U2 (1<-1) TMEM61
ENSRNOP00000001827 AP4M1 Q2PWT8 Ap4m1 Ap4m1 Q9JKC7 (1<-1) Ap4m1 AP4M1 O00189 (1<-1) AP4M1
ENSRNOP00000066574 SNX3 Q5U211 Snx3 Snx3 Q78ZM0 (3<-1) Snx3 SNX3 O60493 (3<-1) SNX3
ENSRNOP00000060335 SF3B2 D3ZMS1 Sf3b2 Sf3b2 Q3UJB0 (1<-1) Sf3b2 SF3B2 E9PPJ0 (1<-1) SF3B2
ENSRNOP00000020536 MOB4 Q9QYW3 Mob4 Mob4 Q6PEB6 (1<-1) Mob4 MOB4 A0A024R3X9 (1<-1) PREI3
ENSRNOP00000064962 PEA15 Q5U318 Pea15 Pea15a Q62048 (1<-1) Pea15 PEA15 B1AKZ4 (1<-1) PEA15
ENSRNOP00000051820 TACC2 D3ZXK3 Tacc2 Tacc2 E9Q8T1 (1<-1) Tacc2 TACC2 O95359 (1<-1) TACC2
ENSRNOP00000010926 DPF3 D3Z9E7 Dpf3 Dpf3 B5TZD5 (1<-1) Dpf3 DPF3 Q92784-2 (1<-1) DPF3
ENSRNOP00000013353 PUF60 Q9WV25-2 Puf60 Puf60 Q3UEB3-2 (1<-1) Puf60 PUF60 Q9UHX1-2 (1<-1) PUF60
ENSRNOP00000003832 RBM25 D3Z8R4 Rbm25l1 Rbm25 S4R2B0 (1<-1) Rbm25 RBM25 P49756-2 (1<-1) RBM25
ENSRNOP00000001336 BRI3 Q5PPK1 Bri3 Bri3 P28662 (1<-1) Bri3 BRI3 O95415 (1<-1) BRI3
ENSRNOP00000066613 CISD2 D4AAE9 Cisd2 Cisd2 Q9CQB5 (1<-1) Cisd2 CISD2 Q8N5K1 (1<-1) CISD2
ENSRNOP00000057203 POT1 Q5U2W8 Pot1 Pot1a Q91WC1-2 (2<-2) Pot1 POT1 B7Z7M5 (2<-1) POT1
ENSRNOP00000065658 ENSRNOG00000050998 D3ZNA5 LOC686860 HLA-B
ENSRNOP00000025528 PHF19 F1M1Y4 Phf19 Phf19 Q9CXG9 (1<-1) Phf19 PHF19 A0A087X169 (1<-1) PHF19
ENSRNOP00000000514 ENSRNOG00000000443 F1LNM4 LOC103689965
ENSRNOP00000036100 ACTR5 D3ZAQ1 Actr5 Actr5 A0A0A0MQ89 (1<-1) Actr5 ACTR5 Q9H9F9 (1<-1) ACTR5
ENSRNOP00000049175 NAA25 Q6QI44 Naa25 Naa25 B2RQV1 (2<-1) Naa25 NAA25 Q14CX7 (2<-1) NAA25
ENSRNOP00000047905 ITPR2 F1LQR8 Itpr2 Itpr2 Q9Z329 (1<-1) Itpr2 ITPR2 Q14571 (1<-1) ITPR2
ENSRNOP00000048450 ENSRNOG00000029794 Q9Z2L0 Vdac1
ENSRNOP00000012622 PTCD3 D3ZGM1 Ptcd3 Ptcd3 Q14C51 (1<-1) Ptcd3 PTCD3 Q96EY7 (1<-1) PTCD3
ENSRNOP00000025783 MPI Q68FX1 Mpi Mpi Q3V100 (1<-1) Mpi MPI P34949 (1<-1) MPI
ENSRNOP00000052803 HSPG2 F1LTJ5 Hspg2 Q05793 (1<-1) Hspg2 Q59EG0 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000066522 MLXIPL Q6QI81 Cnbd2 Mlxipl Q99MZ3-2 (1<-1) Mlxipl MLXIPL C5HU01 (1<-1) MLXIPL
ENSRNOP00000066322 TMEM41A M0R9Y7 Tmem41a Tmem41a Q9D8U2 (1<-1) Tmem41a TMEM41A Q96HV5 (1<-1) TMEM41A
ENSRNOP00000054174 HSPB11 B1WC57 Hspb11 Hspb11 Q9D6H2 (2<-1) Hspb11 HSPB11 Q9Y547 (2<-1) HSPB11
ENSRNOP00000001298 PNPLA6 D3ZRF6 Pnpla6 Pnpla6 Q3TRM4-2 (1<-1) Pnpla6 PNPLA6 Q8IY17-2 (1<-1) PNPLA6
ENSRNOP00000038207 ATP8B1 D4AA47 Atp8b1 Atp8b1 Q148W0 (1<-1) Atp8b1 ATP8B1 O43520 (1<-1) ATP8B1
ENSRNOP00000038869 COQ4 Q4FZU1 Coq4 Coq4 B9EID1 (1<-1) Coq4 COQ4 Q9Y3A0 (1<-1) COQ4
ENSRNOP00000061148 RAB22A B0BN19 Rab22a Rab22a Q0PD34 (1<-1) Rab22a RAB22A Q9UL26 (1<-1) RAB22A
ENSRNOP00000016324 SPTLC2 F1LSV4 Sptlc2 Sptlc2 Q542D6 (1<-1) Sptlc2 SPTLC2 A0A024R6H1 (1<-1) SPTLC2
ENSRNOP00000012854 HDAC1 Q4QQW4 Hdac1 Hdac1 Q58E49 (1<-1) Hdac1 HDAC1 Q6IT96 (1<-1) HDAC1
ENSRNOP00000064038 ZFP551 M0R3W5 Zfp551 Zfp551 B2RUI1 (1<-1) Znf551 ZNF551 Q7Z340 (1<-1) ZNF551
ENSRNOP00000063472 TMEM65 F1LQZ0 Tmem65 Tmem65 Q4VAE3 (1<-1) Tmem65 TMEM65 Q6PI78 (1<-1) TMEM65
ENSRNOP00000017556 GLTSCR2 Q6QLN3 Gltscr2 Gltscr2 Q8BTX4 (1<-1) Gltscr2 GLTSCR2 Q53YP0 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000015384 LRP3 O88204 Lrp3 Lrp3 E9Q711 (1<-1) Lrp3 LRP3 O75074 (1<-1) LRP3
ENSRNOP00000059005 FGFR2 F1LSG7 Fgfr2 Fgfr2 E9Q7E8 (1<-1) Fgfr2 FGFR2 P21802-3 (1<-1) FGFR2
ENSRNOP00000002992 GNPDA2 B5DEZ6 Gnpda2 Gnpda2 Q9CRC9 (1<-1) Gnpda2 GNPDA2 A0A024R9X5 (1<-1) GNPDA2
ENSRNOP00000043744 FANCI D3Z840 Fanci Fanci Q8K368 (1<-1) Fanci FANCI Q9NVI1 (1<-1) FANCI
ENSRNOP00000042566 ENSRNOG00000029840 D3ZPH0 LOC100364846
ENSRNOP00000038874 TAPBPL D4A6L1 Tapbpl Tapbpl Q8VD31 (1<-1) Tapbpl TAPBPL Q9BX59 (1<-1) TAPBPL
ENSRNOP00000023125 P33MONOX Q5U2R6 P33monox 4833439L19Rik Q9DBN4 (1<-1) P33monox KIAA1191 A0A024R7Q7 (1<-1) KIAA1191
ENSRNOP00000043687 ANK3 O70511-3 Ank3 Ank3 S4R2K9 (2<-1) Ank3 ANK3 Q12955 (1<-1) ANK3
ENSRNOP00000006200 THBD O35370 Thbd Thbd Q543W3 (1<-1) Thbd THBD P07204 (1<-1) THBD
ENSRNOP00000057879 TAF9 Q5EB68 Ak6 Ak6 Q8VCP8 (1<-1) Ak6 AK6 Q9Y3D8 (1<-1) AK6
ENSRNOP00000042496 TECTA D4A7Z6 Tecta Tecta O08523 (1<-1) Tecta TECTA O75443 (1<-1) TECTA
ENSRNOP00000014546 SPTLC1 P08025 Igf1 Sptlc1 Q8C295 (1<-1) Sptlc1 SPTLC1 A0A024R277 (1<-1) SPTLC1
ENSRNOP00000020744 AK3 Q6P2A5 Ak3 Ak3 Q9WTP7 (1<-1) Ak3 AK3 Q9UIJ7 (1<-1) AK3
ENSRNOP00000019340 RAP2B P61227 Rap2b Rap2b Q6ZWR0 (1<-1) Rap2b RAP2B P61225 (1<-1) RAP2B
ENSRNOP00000063492 ACCSL Q157S1 Crtc1 Accsl Q3UX83 (1<-1) Accsl ACCSL Q4AC99 (1<-1) ACCSL
ENSRNOP00000023143 OTUD3 D4A7M3 Otud3 Otud3 B1AZ99 (1<-1) Otud3 OTUD3 Q5T2D3 (1<-1) OTUD3
ENSRNOP00000042400 RGD1561667 F1M3Z2 LOC685793 Gm6811 E9Q3Y8 (1<-1) Gm6811
ENSRNOP00000008963 BRD4 D3ZGX8 Brd4 BRD4 O60885 (1<-1) BRD4
ENSRNOP00000022921 SEPN1 F1LTZ2 Sepn1 Sepn1 D3Z2R5 (1<-1) Sepn1 SEPN1 Q9NZV5-2 (1<-1) SEPN1
ENSRNOP00000026030 AP3B2 D4AE00 Ap3b2 Ap3b2 Q9JME5 (1<-1) Ap3b2 AP3B2 Q13367 (1<-1) AP3B2
ENSRNOP00000002284 DSCR3 D3ZKF5 Htra4 Dscr3 O35075 (1<-1) Dscr3 DSCR3 O14972 (1<-1) DSCR3
ENSRNOP00000067079 MIA3 A0A0G2JVM2 Mia3 Mia3 Q8BI84 (2<-1) Mia3 MIA3 Q5JRA6 (2<-1) MIA3
ENSRNOP00000055558 CERS6 F1LTP8 Cers6 Cers6 H3BL08 (1<-1) Cers6 CERS6 Q6ZMG9-2 (1<-1) CERS6
ENSRNOP00000021689 FAM129B B4F7E8 Fam129b Fam129b Q8R1F1 (1<-1) Fam129b FAM129B Q96TA1 (1<-1) FAM129B
ENSRNOP00000025317 RAD9A D3ZXM2 Rad9a Rad9a Q9Z0F6 (1<-1) Rad9a RAD9A Q99638 (1<-1) RAD9A
ENSRNOP00000012924 PRKCI F1M7Y5 Prkci Prkci Q62074 (1<-1) Prkci PRKCI P41743 (1<-1) PRKCI
ENSRNOP00000043299 ENSRNOG00000032462 F1LQS3 Rpl6-ps1
ENSRNOP00000016509 NDUFC2 Q5PQZ9 Ndufc2 Ndufc2 Q9CQ54 (1<-1) Ndufc2 NDUFC2 A0A024R5K6 (1<-1) NDUFC2
ENSRNOP00000055810 CTPS2 Q5U2N0 Ctps2 Ctps2 P70303 (1<-1) Ctps2 CTPS2 A0A024RC00 (1<-1) CTPS2
ENSRNOP00000021095 ABCC12 F1M7G9 Abcc12 Abcc12 Q80WJ6 (1<-1) Abcc12 ABCC12 Q96J65 (1<-1) ABCC12
ENSRNOP00000044037 IGH-1A P20761 Igh-1a Ighg2c
ENSRNOP00000014863 GPR179 D4A766 Gpr179 Q8BFV4 (1<-1) Gpr179
ENSRNOP00000009708 ZDHHC5 Q2THW7 Zdhhc5 Zdhhc5 Q8VDZ4 (1<-1) Zdhhc5 ZDHHC5 A0A024R546 (1<-1) ZDHHC5
ENSRNOP00000059170 SCN9A O08562 Scn9a Scn9a Q62205 (1<-1) Scn9a SCN9A Q15858 (1<-1) SCN9A
ENSRNOP00000061229 RANBP6 D4A634 Ranbp6 Ranbp6 A3KMD2 (1<-1) Ranbp6 RANBP6 O60518 (1<-1) RANBP6
ENSRNOP00000029403 RGD1312005 F7EQ04 RGD1312005 A730017C20Rik E9Q5J6 (1<-1) A730017C20Rik KIAA1024L P59773 (1<-1) KIAA1024L
ENSRNOP00000025831 KLK1B3 P00758 Ngfg Klk1b3 P00756 (1<-1) Klk1b3 KLK1 P06870 (1<-1) KLK1
ENSRNOP00000028030 FLAD1 D4A4P4 Flad1 Flad1 Q8R123 (1<-1) Flad1 FLAD1 Q8NFF5-2 (1<-1) FLAD1
ENSRNOP00000017374 CCDC146 F1LNS6 Ccdc146 Ccdc146 E9Q9F7 (1<-1) Ccdc146 CCDC146 Q8IYE0 (1<-1) CCDC146
ENSRNOP00000038767 USP54 Q6IE24 Usp54 Usp54 Q8BL06 (1<-1) Usp54 USP54 Q70EL1 (2<-1) USP54
ENSRNOP00000014319 GZMK F1M8K5 Gzmk Gzmk O35205 (1<-1) Gzmk GZMK P49863 (1<-1) GZMK
ENSRNOP00000018973 ERLIN2 B5DEH2 Erlin2 Erlin2 Q8BFZ9 (1<-1) Erlin2 ERLIN2 O94905 (1<-1) ERLIN2
ENSRNOP00000015547 CCDC22 P86182 Ccdc22 Ccdc22 Q9JIG7 (1<-1) Ccdc22 CCDC22 A0A024QZ03 (1<-1) CCDC22
ENSRNOP00000000720 ENSRNOG00000000589 D3ZDM4 RGD1310495
ENSRNOP00000021549 COL4A3BP D4ACN6 Col4a3bp Col4a3bp Q9EQG9 (1<-1) Col4a3bp COL4A3BP Q9Y5P4 (1<-1) COL4A3BP
ENSRNOP00000035970 RBM27 F1M1R4 Rbm27 Rbm27 Q5SFM8 (1<-1) Rbm27 RBM27 Q9P2N5 (1<-1) RBM27
ENSRNOP00000018368 C330018D20RIK G3V7R5 LOC100174910 C330018D20Rik Q9CWB7 (1<-1) C5orf63 A6NC05-2 (1<-1) C5orf63
ENSRNOP00000005834 MTIF2 Q68FQ5 Mtif2 Mtif2 Q91YJ5 (1<-1) Mtif2 MTIF2 P46199 (1<-1) MTIF2
ENSRNOP00000019059 IDH2 P56574 Idh2 Idh2 P54071 (1<-1) Idh2 IDH2 P48735 (1<-1) IDH2
ENSRNOP00000063367 TEX261 Q5BJW3 Tex261 Tex261 Q62302 (1<-1) Tex261 TEX261 Q6UWH6 (1<-1) TEX261
ENSRNOP00000004949 BROX Q4V8K5 Brox Brox Q8K2Q7 (1<-1) Brox BROX Q5VW32 (1<-1) BROX
ENSRNOP00000064520 DDC P14173 Ddc Ddc Q5SUV8 (1<-1) Ddc DDC Q53Y41 (1<-1) DDC
ENSRNOP00000021769 CIAPIN1 Q5XID1 Ciapin1 Ciapin1 Q8WTY4 (1<-1) Ciapin1 CIAPIN1 Q6FI81 (1<-1) CIAPIN1
ENSRNOP00000061257 TACO1 D4A601 Taco1 Taco1 Q8K0Z7 (1<-1) Taco1 TACO1 Q9BSH4 (1<-1) TACO1
ENSRNOP00000030323 PRDX6 O35244 Prdx6 Prdx6 Q6A0D0 (1<-1) Prdx6 PRDX6 V9HWC7 (1<-1) HEL-S-128m
ENSRNOP00000054563 MGC112715 G3V9P3 MGC112715 4632428N05Rik E9PUF5 (1<-1) 4632428N05Rik C10orf54 Q9H7M9 (1<-1) C10orf54
ENSRNOP00000050296 KLRA17 F7EVP3 LOC690045
ENSRNOP00000010476 PPP3CB P20651 Ppp3cb Ppp3cb P48453 (2<-1) Ppp3cb PPP3CB P16298-4 (1<-1) PPP3CB
ENSRNOP00000062246 PGM3 D3ZFX4 Pgm3 Pgm3 Q8BME1 (1<-1) Pgm3 PGM3 O95394-3 (2<-1) PGM3
ENSRNOP00000018221 CPN1 Q9EQV8 Cpn1 Cpn1 Q9JJN5 (1<-1) Cpn1 CPN1 P15169 (1<-1) CPN1
ENSRNOP00000018336 SDHA Q920L2 Sdha Sdha Q8K2B3 (1<-1) Sdha SDHA A0A024QZ30 (1<-1) SDHA
ENSRNOP00000030902 RPL38 P63174 Rpl38 Rpl38 Q52KP0 (1<-1) Rpl38 RPL38 A0A024R8P8 (1<-1) RPL38
ENSRNOP00000053641 HSCB D3ZME7 Hscb Hscb Q8K3A0 (1<-1) Hscb HSCB Q8IWL3 (1<-1) HSCB
ENSRNOP00000001054 GJA1 P08050 Gja1 Gja1 Q7TMQ1 (1<-1) Gja1 GJA1 P17302 (1<-1) GJA1
ENSRNOP00000008008 RHOB P62747 Rhob Rhob Q4FJM5 (1<-1) Rhob RHOB P62745 (1<-1) RHOB
ENSRNOP00000038138 AOAH A0A0G2K753 Aoah Aoah O35298 (2<-1) Aoah AOAH P28039 (2<-1) AOAH
ENSRNOP00000014128 HMBS Q5M893 Hmbs Hmbs P22907 (1<-1) Hmbs HMBS P08397 (1<-1) HMBS
ENSRNOP00000013176 APEX1 P43138 Apex1 Apex1 Q544Z7 (1<-1) Apex1 APEX1 Q5TZP7 (1<-1) APEX1
ENSRNOP00000010720 CAND1 P97536 Cand1 Cand1 Q6ZQ38 (1<-1) Cand1 CAND1 Q86VP6 (1<-1) CAND1
ENSRNOP00000028363 DPF2 G3V8U3 Dpf2 Dpf2 Q61103 (1<-1) Dpf2 DPF2 A0A024R582 (1<-1) DPF2
ENSRNOP00000027837 MAP4K1 D3Z8I4 Map4k1 Map4k1 P70218 (1<-1) Map4k1 MAP4K1 Q92918-2 (1<-1) MAP4K1
ENSRNOP00000053720 PACS2 D3ZJG4 Pacs2 Pacs2 E9Q7E9 (1<-1) Pacs2 PACS2 Q86VP3 (1<-1) PACS2
ENSRNOP00000027704 WDR11 D3Z9L5 Wdr11 Wdr11 G5E8J3 (1<-1) Wdr11 WDR11 Q9BZH6 (1<-1) WDR11
ENSRNOP00000015620 FAM21C F1LPG9 Fam21c Fam21 Q6PGL7 (1<-1) Fam21 FAM21C A0A096LPC5 (1<-1) FAM21C
ENSRNOP00000063269 ENSRNOG00000042264 D3ZUH3 Pcdhgb1 Pcdhgb1 Q4KMS2 (1<-1) Pcdhgb1
ENSRNOP00000065108 TUBA8 Q6AY56 Tuba8 Tuba8 Q9JJZ2 (1<-1) Tuba8 TUBA8 Q7Z3M3 (1<-1) DKFZp686L04275
ENSRNOP00000066937 ACSBG2 A1L1K7 Acsbg2 Acsbg2 Q2XU92 (1<-1) Acsbg2 ACSBG2 Q5FVE4 (1<-1) ACSBG2
ENSRNOP00000053103 ENSRNOG00000034298 A0A0G2JY25 Sptbn5 Sptbn5 A2AP58 (1<-1) Sptbn5 SPTBN5 Q9NRC6 (1<-1) SPTBN5
ENSRNOP00000063039 OLR204 D3ZRY8 Olr204 Olfr698 Q7TRN4 (2<-1) Olfr698
ENSRNOP00000041706 GSDMD A0A096MJ11 Gsdmd Gsdmd Q9D8T2 (2<-1) Gsdmdc1 GSDMD G3V1A6 (2<-1) GSDMD
ENSRNOP00000011983 SLC18A2 A0A0G2JSJ6 Slc18a2 Slc18a2 Q8BRU6 (1<-1) Slc18a2 SLC18A2 Q05940 (1<-1) SLC18A2
ENSRNOP00000063826 ASPDH Q5I0J9 Aspdh Aspdh Q9DCQ2 (2<-1) Aspdh ASPDH A6ND91 (2<-1) ASPDH
ENSRNOP00000017571 MIER3 D3ZE77 Mier3 Mier3 Q3UHF3 (2<-1) Mier3 MIER3 Q7Z3K6-2 (2<-1) MIER3
ENSRNOP00000056502 ENSRNOG00000006596 P62961 Ybx1 Ybx1 Q60951 (3<-1) Ybx1 YBX1 P67809 (3<-1) YBX1
ENSRNOP00000017076 ARHGAP29 Q5PQJ5-2 Arhgap29 Arhgap29 Q8CGF1 (1<-1) Arhgap29 ARHGAP29 Q52LW3 (1<-1) ARHGAP29
ENSRNOP00000022550 GNAI2 P04897 Gnai2 Gnai2 P08752 (1<-1) Gnai2 GNAI2 P04899 (1<-1) GNAI2
ENSRNOP00000007092 SHMT1 Q6TXG7 Shmt1 Shmt1 P50431 (1<-1) Shmt1 SHMT1 P34896 (1<-1) SHMT1
ENSRNOP00000034770 NDUFB2 B2RYU0 Ndufb2 Ndufb2 Q9CPU2 (1<-1) Ndufb2 NDUFB2 A4D1T5 (1<-1) NDUFB2
ENSRNOP00000028561 MARCH6 F1M1F1 March6 March6 Q6ZQ89 (1<-1) March6 MARCH6 O60337 (1<-1) MARCH6
ENSRNOP00000035954 HN1L Q5BK20 Hn1l Hn1l Q3TM10 (1<-1) Hn1l HN1L Q9H910 (1<-1) HN1L
ENSRNOP00000024355 BCCIP D3ZB65 Bccip Bccip Q9CWI3 (1<-1) Bccip BCCIP Q9P287 (1<-1) BCCIP
ENSRNOP00000049222 COX7C P80432 Cox7c Cox7c P17665 (1<-1) Cox7c COX7C Q71U45 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000047621 CLDN2 D4A386 Cldn2 Cldn2 O88552 (1<-1) Cldn2 CLDN2 P57739 (1<-1) CLDN2
ENSRNOP00000015320 STARD5 D3ZN38 Stard5 Stard5 Q9EPQ7 (1<-1) Stard5 STARD5 Q9NSY2 (1<-1) STARD5
ENSRNOP00000008201 RIF1 A0A0G2KB73 Rif1 Rif1 Q6PR54-3 (2<-1) Rif1 RIF1 Q5UIP0 (2<-1) RIF1
ENSRNOP00000035020 CORO1B G3V940 Coro1b Coro1b A2RS22 (1<-1) Coro1b CORO1B A0A024R5K1 (1<-1) CORO1B
ENSRNOP00000056038 FAM179B D3ZW60 Fam179b Fam179b B2RXW9 (1<-1) Fam179b FAM179B G3XAE9 (2<-1) FAM179B
ENSRNOP00000067623 DBI P11030 Dbi Dbi Q548W7 (1<-1) Dbi DBI Q71U42 (1<-1) BRL
ENSRNOP00000002111 AGPS F1M9Q8 Agps Agps Q8C0I1 (1<-1) Agps AGPS O00116 (1<-1) AGPS
ENSRNOP00000018225 RGD1308350 E9PT22 Inf2 Inf2 E9QLA5 (1<-1) Inf2 INF2 Q27J81 (1<-1) INF2
ENSRNOP00000018043 TM9SF3 D3ZUD8 Tm9sf3 Tm9sf3 Q9ET30 (1<-1) Tm9sf3 TM9SF3 A0A024QYS2 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000061162 ENSRNOG00000043176 D4A8Z2 RGD1565355
ENSRNOP00000051647 ENSRNOG00000036609 M0RB67 Ppidl1
ENSRNOP00000024197 GFOD2 B1WBV3 Gfod2 Gfod2 Q9CYH5 (1<-1) Gfod2 GFOD2 Q3B7J2 (1<-1) GFOD2
ENSRNOP00000014798 BNIP3L Q4G086 Bnip3l Bnip3l Q9Z2F7 (1<-1) Bnip3l BNIP3L Q6IBV1 (1<-1) BNIP3L
ENSRNOP00000015792 UCK1 B5DF24 Uck1 Uck1 A2AN37 (1<-1) Uck1 UCK1 Q9HA47 (1<-1) UCK1
ENSRNOP00000065481 PEX26 B2GUZ4 Pex26 Pex26 Q8BGI5 (1<-1) Pex26 PEX26 A0A024R100 (1<-1) PEX26
ENSRNOP00000023811 NDUFA2 D3ZS58 Ndufa2 Ndufa2 Q9CQ75 (1<-1) Ndufa2 NDUFA2 O43678 (1<-1) NDUFA2
ENSRNOP00000004772 ACBD6 Q5RJK8 Acbd6 Acbd6 Q14BV7 (1<-1) Acbd6 ACBD6 A0A024R915 (1<-1) ACBD6
ENSRNOP00000022171 ENSRNOG00000024836 D3ZGP6 Kcp
ENSRNOP00000011290 COLEC11 F1LSS7 Colec11 Colec11 Q3SXB8 (1<-1) Colec11 COLEC11 Q9BWP8 (1<-1) COLEC11
ENSRNOP00000005144 SLC25A11 G3V6H5 Slc25a11 Slc25a11 Q5SX53 (1<-1) Slc25a11 SLC25A11 Q6IBH0 (1<-1) SLC25A11
ENSRNOP00000015889 VSX2 G3V7K0 Vsx2 Vsx2 Q80WF9 (1<-1) Vsx2 VSX2 P58304 (1<-1) VSX2
ENSRNOP00000011315 NANP Q5M969 Nanp Gm6741 Q9CPT3 (1<-1) Nanp NANP Q8TBE9 (1<-1) NANP
ENSRNOP00000001307 BUD31 O70454 Bud31 Bud31 E0CX20 (1<-1) Bud31 BUD31 P41223 (1<-1) BUD31
ENSRNOP00000051808 OGFOD3 Q5M843 Ogfod3 Ogfod3 Q9D136 (1<-1) Ogfod3 OGFOD3 Q6PK18 (1<-1) OGFOD3
ENSRNOP00000041842 PTPN11 P41499 Ptpn11 Ptpn11 P35235 (1<-1) Ptpn11 PTPN11 Q06124 (1<-1) PTPN11
ENSRNOP00000064994 SAFB2 M0R6E6 Safb2 Safb2 Q80YR5 (1<-1) Safb2 A0PJ47 (3<-3) SAFB2
ENSRNOP00000059348 ALG1 D4A5S6 Alg1 Alg1 Q921Q3 (1<-1) Alg1 ALG1 Q9BT22 (1<-1) ALG1
ENSRNOP00000029215 SNAP47 Q6P6S0 Snap47 Snap47 Q8R570 (1<-1) Snap47 SNAP47 A0A087X0B7 (1<-1) SNAP47
ENSRNOP00000026518 NARFL Q5BK18 Narfl Narfl Q7TMW6 (1<-1) Narfl NARFL Q9H6Q4 (1<-1) NARFL
ENSRNOP00000026156 P2RX5 G3V8I0 P2rx5 P2rx5 Q3UYI1 (1<-1) P2rx5 P2RX5-TAX1BP3 Q93086-4 (1<-1) P2RX5
ENSRNOP00000039762 GRID2IP F1LU68 Grid2ip Grid2ip Q0QWG9-2 (1<-1) Grid2ip GRID2IP C9J5F6 (1<-1) GRID2IP
ENSRNOP00000000494 FKBPL Q6MG81 Fkbpl Fkbpl O35450 (1<-1) Fkbpl FKBPL A0A024RCQ6 (1<-1) FKBPL
ENSRNOP00000000689 SLC29A3 Q80WK7 Slc29a3 Slc29a3 Q99P65 (1<-1) Slc29a3 SLC29A3 Q9BZD2 (1<-1) SLC29A3
ENSRNOP00000010613 GALNT14 Q5PQS5 Cyyr1 Galnt14 Q08EC9 (1<-1) Galnt14 GALNT14 Q96FL9 (1<-1) GALNT14
ENSRNOP00000012759 PDK4 G3V778 Pdk4 Pdk4 Q544J2 (1<-1) Pdk4 PDK4 A4D1H4 (1<-1) PDK4
ENSRNOP00000052447 MESDC2 Q5U2R7 Mesdc2 Mesdc2 Q9ERE7 (1<-1) Mesdc2 MESDC2 Q14696 (1<-1) MESDC2
ENSRNOP00000064558 C5AR1 P97520 C5ar1 C5ar1 P30993 (1<-1) C5ar1 C5AR1 P21730 (1<-1) C5AR1
ENSRNOP00000014761 ARL15 F1M6C4 Arl15 Arl15 Q8BGR6 (1<-1) Arl15 ARL15 Q9NXU5 (1<-1) ARL15
ENSRNOP00000027842 FEN1 Q5XIP6 Fen1 Fen1 Q91Z50 (1<-1) Fen1 FEN1 Q6FHX6 (1<-1) FEN1
ENSRNOP00000023072 AKR1A1 P51635 Akr1a1 Akr1a1 Q540D7 (1<-1) Akr1a1 AKR1A1 V9HWI0 (1<-1) HEL-S-165mP
ENSRNOP00000005324 RGS18 G3V6I0 Rgs18 Rgs18 Q544K2 (1<-1) Rgs18 RGS18 Q9NS28 (1<-1) RGS18
ENSRNOP00000058050 RBM12B D3ZM54 Rbm12b Rbm12b1 Q80YR9 (1<-1) Rbm12b1 RBM12B B9ZVT1 (1<-1) RBM12B
ENSRNOP00000032091 SAMD10 F1M2I9 Samd10 Samd10 Q3TBN2 (1<-1) Samd10 SAMD10 Q9BYL1 (1<-1) SAMD10
ENSRNOP00000015077 PAPSS1 F1LX70 Papss1 Papss1 Q3U647 (2<-1) Papss1 PAPSS1 Q6IAX6 (2<-1) PAPSS1
ENSRNOP00000050313 1110038F14RIK D3ZDG0 LOC681282 1110038F14Rik Q3U6N9 (1<-1) C8orf33 Q9H7E9 (1<-1) C8orf33
ENSRNOP00000021405 MYO7B F1M885 Myo7b Myo7b Q99MZ6 (1<-1) Myo7b MYO7B Q6PIF6 (2<-1) MYO7B
ENSRNOP00000039289 HIST1H2AA Q00728
ENSRNOP00000065152 ENSRNOG00000049073 A0A0G2JY98
ENSRNOP00000064378 NLRP1B M0R4T2 Nlrp1b Nlrp1b Q2LKW6 (1<-1) Nlrp1b NLRP1 I3L2G5 (1<-1) NLRP1
ENSRNOP00000011599 FLVCR2 F1LSF8 Flvcr2 Mfsd7c Q91X85 (1<-1) Flvcr2 FLVCR2 Q9UPI3 (2<-1) FLVCR2
ENSRNOP00000005729 PFKFB2 Q9JJH5 Pfkfb2 Pfkfb2 A0A087WRM7 (1<-1) Pfkfb2 PFKFB2 O60825 (1<-1) PFKFB2
ENSRNOP00000059054 QRICH1 F1M4M7 Qrich1 Qrich1 G3X8R5 (3<-1) Qrich1 QRICH1 A1L3Z9 (3<-1) QRICH1
ENSRNOP00000037789 GLCE D3ZIK0 Glce Glce Q9EPS3 (1<-1) Glce GLCE O94923 (1<-1) GLCE
ENSRNOP00000059837 ZFYVE21 D3ZVP7 Zfyve21 Zfyve21 Q8VCM3 (2<-1) Zfyve21 ZFYVE21 Q9BQ24 (2<-1) ZFYVE21
ENSRNOP00000067167 DPY19L2 M0RC58 Dpy19l2 Dpy19l2 P0CW70 (1<-1) Dpy19l2 DPY19L2 Q6NUT2 (1<-1) DPY19L2
ENSRNOP00000066611 HK1 M0RAQ6 Hk1 Hk1 Q6GQU1 (1<-1) Hk1 HK1 P19367 (1<-1) HK1
ENSRNOP00000009977 DAB1 Q8CJH2 Dab1 Dab1 B2RRQ8 (1<-1) Dab1 DAB1 O75553-6 (1<-1) DAB1
ENSRNOP00000025633 TRIM33 D3ZUK4 Trim33 Trim33 E9QP19 (1<-1) Trim33 TRIM33 A0A024R0F6 (1<-1) TRIM33
ENSRNOP00000023691 GMDS Q3MHS7 Gmds Gmds Q8K0C9 (1<-1) Gmds GMDS O60547 (1<-1) GMDS
ENSRNOP00000053828 SP110 R9PXZ9 Sp110 Sp110 Q8BVK9 (1<-1) Sp110 AC009950.1 Q9HB58-7 (1<-1) SP110
ENSRNOP00000028779 HIST1H2BQ G3V8B3 Hist1h2bq Hist1h2bm B2RTK3 (2<-1) Hist1h2bm HIST1H2BN I6L9F7 (3<-1) HIST1H2BM
ENSRNOP00000041849 ENSRNOG00000033938 F1LWW1 Igkv10-96 A1A540 (2<-1) Igkv10-96
ENSRNOP00000008279 CABLES2 A0A0G2K716 Cables2 Cables2 Q8K3M5 (2<-1) Cables2 CABLES2 Q9BTV7 (2<-1) CABLES2
ENSRNOP00000058049 EPB41L2 D3ZM69 Epb41l2 Epb41l2 O70318 (1<-1) Epb41l2 EPB41L2 O43491 (1<-1) EPB41L2
ENSRNOP00000007677 CACFD1 D4A9I3 Cacfd1 Cacfd1 Q8BG21 (1<-1) Cacfd1 CACFD1 Q9UGQ2 (1<-1) CACFD1
ENSRNOP00000044552 RELA Q7TQN4 Rela Rela Q548Y4 (1<-1) Rela RELA Q04206 (1<-1) RELA
ENSRNOP00000009430 MAPKBP1 D3ZSY0 Mapkbp1 Mapkbp1 Q6NS57-2 (1<-1) Mapkbp1 MAPKBP1 O60336 (1<-1) MAPKBP1
ENSRNOP00000025443 DENND1A F1M241 Dennd1a Dennd1a Q8K382 (1<-1) Dennd1a DENND1A Q8TEH3 (1<-1) DENND1A
ENSRNOP00000008913 ALG2 G3V6U3 Alg2 Alg2 Q9DBE8 (1<-1) Alg2 ALG2 A0A024R184 (1<-1) ALG2
ENSRNOP00000066364 ACP5 P29288 Acp5 Acp5 Q05117 (2<-1) Acp5 ACP5 A0A024R7F8 (2<-1) ACP5
ENSRNOP00000024827 PGLS P85971 Pgls Pgls Q9CQ60 (1<-1) Pgls PGLS O95336 (1<-1) PGLS
ENSRNOP00000021715 SNTA1 B5DFL0 Snta1 Snta1 A2AKD7 (1<-1) Snta1 SNTA1 Q13424 (1<-1) SNTA1
ENSRNOP00000025335 ZFP318 F1M0H0 Zfp318 Zfp318 B0V2M3 (1<-1) Zfp318 ZNF318 Q5VUA4 (1<-1) ZNF318
ENSRNOP00000008355 SF3A1 D3ZQM0 Sf3a1 Sf3a1 Q8K4Z5 (1<-1) Sf3a1 SF3A1 A0A024R1K8 (1<-1) SF3A1
ENSRNOP00000024487 STK25 Q6V9V9 Stk25 Stk25 Q9Z2W1 (1<-1) Stk25 STK25 A0A024R4B2 (1<-1) STK25
ENSRNOP00000002293 ARL6 B1WC73 Arl6 Arl6 Q8VCV3 (1<-1) Arl6 ARL6 Q9H0F7 (1<-1) ARL6
ENSRNOP00000047699 ERAS D3ZTE4 Eras Eras Q0VEC9 (1<-1) Eras ERAS Q7Z444 (1<-1) ERAS
ENSRNOP00000025086 NUP93 Q66HC5 Nup93 Nup93 Q8BJ71 (1<-1) Nup93 NUP93 Q8N1F7 (1<-1) NUP93
ENSRNOP00000002776 NAA11 Q4V8K3 Naa11 Naa11 A8W660 (1<-1) Naa11 NAA11 Q9BSU3 (2<-1) NAA11
ENSRNOP00000056642 ACNAT2 Q5FVR5 Acnat2 Acnat2 Q8BGG9 (1<-1) Acnat2 BAAT Q14032 (3<-1) BAAT
ENSRNOP00000033209 PPFIA4 F1M863 Ppfia4 Ppfia4 A0A087WPM2 (1<-1) Ppfia4 PPFIA4 B1APN9 (1<-1) PPFIA4
ENSRNOP00000019627 PHAX Q63068 Phax Phax Q9JJT9 (1<-1) Phax PHAX Q9H814 (1<-1) PHAX
ENSRNOP00000035534 ARPP19 Q712U5 Arpp19 Arpp19 E9Q827 (1<-1) Arpp19 ARPP19 A0A024R5U3 (1<-1) ARPP-19
ENSRNOP00000037617 TMTC3 D3ZUJ8 Tmtc3 Tmtc3 G5E8C4 (1<-1) Tmtc3 TMTC3 Q6ZXV5-2 (1<-1) TMTC3
ENSRNOP00000011921 INO80B Q0D2L4 Ino80b Ino80b Q99PT3 (1<-1) Ino80b INO80B-WBP1 J3KQ70 (1<-1) INO80B-WBP1
ENSRNOP00000058593 HSPA8 P84588 Hspa8 P63017 (1<-1) Hspa8 HSPA8 V9HW22 (1<-1) HEL-S-72p
ENSRNOP00000017101 PGRMC1 A0A0H2UHK2 Pgrmc1 Pgrmc1 Q3TXU8 (1<-1) Pgrmc1 PGRMC1 Q6IB11 (1<-1) PGRMC1
ENSRNOP00000060017 SCO2 G3V985 Sco1 Sco2 Q8VCL2 (1<-1) Sco2 SCO2 O43819 (1<-1) SCO2
ENSRNOP00000017065 C1QC P31722 C1qc C1qc Q02105 (1<-1) C1qc C1QC A0A024RAA7 (1<-1) C1QC
ENSRNOP00000032143 MAGEB1 A0A0G2JYJ2 Q3UNA3 (3<-2) Mageb4 MAGEB4 O15481 (2<-1) MAGEB4
ENSRNOP00000035296 COA4 B0K013 Coa4 Coa4 Q8BT51 (1<-1) COA4 COA4 A0A024R5J6 (1<-1) CHCHD8
ENSRNOP00000014436 ZYG11B F1M8P2 Zyg11b Zyg11b Q3UFS0 (1<-1) Zyg11b ZYG11B Q9C0D3 (1<-1) ZYG11B
ENSRNOP00000020580 SHOC2 Q6AYI5 Shoc2 Shoc2 O88520 (1<-1) Shoc2 SHOC2 Q9UQ13 (1<-1) SHOC2
ENSRNOP00000067246 ATP2A1 Q64578 Atp2a1 Atp2a1 Q8R429 (1<-1) Atp2a1 ATP2A1 Q7Z6E5 (3<-2) DKFZp779G2251
ENSRNOP00000061134 SMIM7 B0BN70 Smim7 Smim7 Q5RKS2 (1<-1) Smim7 SMIM7 Q9BQ49 (1<-1) SMIM7
ENSRNOP00000043767 CALD1 G3V9E3 Cald1 Cald1 E9QA15 (1<-1) Cald1 CALD1 Q05682-6 (1<-1) CALD1
ENSRNOP00000036667 UBE2V1 D3ZFY8 LOC100912618 Ube2v1 Q569Y6 (1<-1) Ube2v1 UBE2V1 Q13404 (1<-1) UBE2V1
ENSRNOP00000006970 ARID2 D3ZJU0 Arid2 Arid2 E9Q7E2 (1<-1) Arid2 ARID2 Q68CP9 (1<-1) ARID2
ENSRNOP00000029182 SORBS2 P84109 Sorbs1 Sorbs2 B7ZWM6 (1<-1) Sorbs2 SORBS2 O94875-11 (1<-1) SORBS2
ENSRNOP00000031925 STPG2 A1A5R9 Stpg2 Stpg2 Q8C8J0 (1<-1) Stpg2 STPG2 Q8N412 (1<-1) STPG2
ENSRNOP00000006961 ITGAV F1LZX9 Itgav Itgav P43406 (1<-1) Itgav ITGAV L7RXH0 (1<-1) ITGAV
ENSRNOP00000019406 SYT10 O08625 Syt10 Syt10 Q059J3 (1<-1) Syt10 SYT10 Q6XYQ8 (1<-1) SYT10
ENSRNOP00000013904 ZFAND1 D3ZQI4 Zfand1 Zfand1 Q8BFR6 (1<-1) Zfand1 ZFAND1 Q8TCF1 (1<-1) ZFAND1
ENSRNOP00000003511 SOX9 F1LYL9 Sox9 Sox9 Q571J2 (1<-1) Sox9 SOX9 P48436 (1<-1) SOX9
ENSRNOP00000015723 MBL1 P19999 Mbl1 Mbl1 P39039 (1<-1) Mbl1 MBL2 P11226 (2<-1) MBL2
ENSRNOP00000055074 VPS8 D4A5F7 Vps8 Vps8 D3YUP0 (1<-1) Vps8 VPS8 Q8N3P4 (1<-1) VPS8
ENSRNOP00000052978 NBEAL2 D4A1L2 Nbeal2 Nbeal2 B2RXS1 (1<-1) Nbeal2 NBEAL2 Q6ZNJ1 (1<-1) NBEAL2
ENSRNOP00000026949 MATR3 A0A0G2JSR7 Matr3 Matr3 Q6ZQ61 (1<-1) Matr3 MATR3 P43243 (1<-1) MATR3
ENSRNOP00000050872 LMTK2 D3ZBH5 Lmtk2 Lmtk2 Q3TYD6 (1<-1) Lmtk2 LMTK2 Q8IWU2 (1<-1) LMTK2
ENSRNOP00000003449 C1GALT1C1 Q499P3 C1galt1c1 C1galt1c1 Q9JMG2 (1<-1) C1galt1c1 C1GALT1C1 Q96EU7 (1<-1) C1GALT1C1
ENSRNOP00000066409 IFT172 A0A096MKI5 Ift172 Ift172 Q6VH22 (1<-1) Ift172 IFT172 Q9UG01 (1<-1) IFT172
ENSRNOP00000025901 NRG2 O35569-5 Nrg2 Nrg2 P56974-2 (2<-1) Nrg2 NRG2 O14511-3 (1<-1) NRG2
ENSRNOP00000063977 VKORC1 Q6TEK4 Vkorc1 Vkorc1 G3CE70 (1<-1) VKORC1 Q9BQB6 (1<-1) VKORC1
ENSRNOP00000063313 TMEM2 D3ZZ19 Tmem2 Tmem2 Q5FWI3 (2<-1) Tmem2 TMEM2 A0A024R229 (2<-1) TMEM2
ENSRNOP00000017687 PTAFR P46002 Ptafr Ptafr Q62035 (1<-1) Ptafr PTAFR A8K7N8 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000017648 PUS3 B0BN58 Pus3 Pus3 Q9JI38 (1<-1) Pus3 PUS3 Q9BZE2 (1<-1) PUS3
ENSRNOP00000016942 SYK G3V7N4 Syk Syk Q3UPF7 (1<-1) Syk SYK A0A024R244 (1<-1) SYK
ENSRNOP00000024752 ST8SIA3 G3V8D0 St8sia3 St8sia3 Q64689 (1<-1) St8sia3 ST8SIA3 O43173 (1<-1) ST8SIA3
ENSRNOP00000059233 NCKAP1 F1LSM5 Nckap1 Nckap1 A2AS98 (1<-1) Nckap1 NCKAP1 Q9Y2A7 (1<-1) NCKAP1
ENSRNOP00000019184 PTGES2 D4AE56 Ptges2 Ptges2 Q8BWM0 (1<-1) Ptges2 PTGES2 Q9H7Z7 (1<-1) PTGES2
ENSRNOP00000033763 SPAST B2RYN7 Spast Spast Q9QYY8 (2<-1) Spast SPAST E5KRP6 (1<-1) SPAST
ENSRNOP00000009537 SPAM1 Q62803 Spam1 Spam1 P48794 (1<-1) Spam1 SPAM1 Q5D1J4 (2<-1) SPAM1
ENSRNOP00000031422 GPKOW G3V8Z3 Gpkow Gpkow Q56A08 (1<-1) Gpkow GPKOW Q92917 (1<-1) GPKOW
ENSRNOP00000011178 PLXNC1 D4A7M0 Plxnc1 Plxnc1 Q9QZC2 (1<-1) Plxnc1 PLXNC1 O60486 (1<-1) PLXNC1
ENSRNOP00000032681 TMEM126A Q5HZA9 Tmem126a Tmem126a Q9D8Y1 (1<-1) Tmem126a TMEM126A Q9H061 (1<-1) TMEM126A
ENSRNOP00000012739 SRC Q9WUD9 Src Src Q80XU2 (1<-1) Src SRC P12931 (1<-1) SRC
ENSRNOP00000050480 MANBAL Q5BJY8 Manbal Manbal Q9D8X0 (1<-1) Manbal MANBAL Q9NQG1 (1<-1) MANBAL
ENSRNOP00000004638 CCDC64B B1WBT3 Ccdc64b Ccdc64b Q8CHW5 (1<-1) Ccdc64b CCDC64B A1A5D9 (1<-1) CCDC64B
ENSRNOP00000013262 ETFDH Q66HF3 Etfdh Etfdh Q921G7 (1<-1) Etfdh ETFDH Q16134 (1<-1) ETFDH
ENSRNOP00000008612 CPSF2 D3Z9E6 Cpsf2 Cpsf2 O35218 (1<-1) Cpsf2 CPSF2 A0A024R6H0 (1<-1) CPSF2
ENSRNOP00000022108 BLOC1S5 B2GV52 Bloc1s5 Bloc1s5 Q8R015 (1<-1) Bloc1s5 BLOC1S5 Q8TDH9 (1<-1) BLOC1S5
ENSRNOP00000023960 PRLR Q8CIZ5 Dmbt1 Prlr G3UVW6 (2<-1) Prlr PRLR P16471 (3<-1) PRLR
ENSRNOP00000048250 HBB A0A0G2JSW3 Hbb Hbb-bt B1Q450 (1<-1) HBB1 HBB D9YZU5 (1<-1) HBB
ENSRNOP00000048172 P4HA2 D3ZGT6 P4ha2 P4ha2 Q5SX75 (1<-1) P4ha2 P4HA2 O15460 (1<-1) P4HA2
ENSRNOP00000049779 DPM3 D3ZIJ5 Dpm3 Dpm3 Q9D1Q4 (1<-1) Dpm3 DPM3 Q9P2X0-2 (1<-1) DPM3
ENSRNOP00000056011 RGD1307897 F7FA21 Fancm Fancm Q8BGE5-4 (2<-1) Fancm FANCM H0YJS3 (3<-1) FANCM
ENSRNOP00000061923 ERGIC2 Q5XIS4 Ergic2 Ergic2 B2KFC9 (1<-1) Ergic2 ERGIC2 F8VPA6 (2<-1) ERGIC2
ENSRNOP00000066957 FAM115C M0RBL7 Fam115c Tcaf2 Q921K8 (1<-1) Tcaf2 TCAF2 A6NFQ2 (1<-1) TCAF2
ENSRNOP00000060519 MGA D3ZP58 Mga Mga E9QLG3 (1<-1) Mga MGA Q8IWI9-4 (1<-1) MGA
ENSRNOP00000041613 APP P08592 App App Q3TVS1 (1<-1) App APP E9PG40 (1<-1) APP
ENSRNOP00000012948 GUCY1B2 A0A0G2QC51 Gucy1b2 Gucy1b2 Q8BXH3 (1<-1) Gucy1b2 GUCY1B3 O75343 (2<-1) GUCY1B2
ENSRNOP00000033253 GART G3V918 Gart Gart Q64737 (1<-1) Gart GART P22102 (1<-1) GART
ENSRNOP00000048546 ENSRNOG00000031230 P11517 Hbb-bt B1Q450 (2<-1) HBB1 HBB D9YZU5 (2<-1) HBB
ENSRNOP00000039361 SPG21 Q5XIC4 Spg21 Spg21 A2RT57 (2<-1) Spg21 SPG21 A0A024R5Y1 (2<-1) SPG21
ENSRNOP00000000576 BAK1 Q9JK59 Bak1 Bak1 O08734 (1<-1) Bak1 BAK1 Q16611 (1<-1) BAK1
ENSRNOP00000015181 TENM4 F1LZ38 Tenm4 Tenm4 Q3UHK6-4 (1<-1) Tenm4 TENM4 Q6N022 (1<-1) TENM4
ENSRNOP00000051209 POGK A0A0G2K3I8 Pogk Pogk E9Q3B2 (1<-1) Pogk POGK A0A024R8Y1 (2<-1) POGK
ENSRNOP00000004339 NUDCD2 Q5M823 Nudcd2 Nudcd2 Q9CQ48 (2<-1) Nudcd2 NUDCD2 Q8WVJ2 (2<-1) NUDCD2
ENSRNOP00000025863 ABCD1 D3ZHR2 Abcd1 Abcd1 P48410 (1<-1) Abcd1 ABCD1 P33897 (1<-1) ABCD1
ENSRNOP00000016410 ZMPSTE24 D4A5K6 Zmpste24 Zmpste24 B9EHY2 (1<-1) Zmpste24 ZMPSTE24 O75844 (1<-1) ZMPSTE24
ENSRNOP00000000525 RT1-BB Q6AYB1 RT1-Bb H2-Ab1 Q31135 (1<-1) H2-Ab1 HLA-DQB1 A0A0D5XQ77 (1<-1) HLA-DQB1
ENSRNOP00000047329 ENSRNOG00000039873 P10111 Ppia
ENSRNOP00000016399 SLC35E1 P0C6B1 Slc35e1 Slc35e1 Q8CD26 (1<-1) Slc35e1 SLC35E1 A0A024R7G7 (1<-1) SLC35E1
ENSRNOP00000024111 LPCAT1 Q1HAQ0 Lpcat1 Lpcat1 Q3TFD2 (1<-1) Lpcat1 LPCAT1 Q8NF37 (1<-1) LPCAT1
ENSRNOP00000033608 EDC4 Q3ZAV8 Edc4 Edc4 G5E896 (1<-1) Edc4 EDC4 Q6P2E9 (1<-1) EDC4
ENSRNOP00000021216 CACNA2D2 F1M9X7 Cacna2d2 Cacna2d2 Q6PHS9-6 (1<-1) Cacna2d2 CACNA2D2 C9JVC9 (1<-1) CACNA2D2
ENSRNOP00000060806 USP40 D3ZL95 Usp40 Usp40 Q8BWR4 (1<-1) Usp40 USP40 Q9NVE5 (1<-1) USP40
ENSRNOP00000009970 ZFP830 Q3MHS2 Znf830 Zfp830 Q8R1N0 (1<-1) Znf830 ZNF830 Q96NB3 (1<-1) ZNF830
ENSRNOP00000009086 ACYP1 D4A6X4 Acyp1 Acyp1 E9QJT5 (1<-1) Acyp1 ACYP1 G3V2U7 (1<-1) ACYP1
ENSRNOP00000023392 MARK4 D4A6T9 Mark4 Mark4 Q8CIP4 (1<-1) Mark4 MARK4 Q96L34 (1<-1) MARK4
ENSRNOP00000063345 LIMCH1 F1M392 Limch1 Limch1 Q3UH68 (1<-1) Limch1 LIMCH1 Q9UPQ0 (1<-1) LIMCH1
ENSRNOP00000026051 AMPD2 Q02356 Ampd2 Ampd2 A2AE27 (1<-1) Ampd2 AMPD2 A0A024R098 (1<-1) AMPD2
ENSRNOP00000001469 AP5Z1 D3ZU53 Ap5z1 Ap5z1 Q4KL57 (1<-1) Ap5z1 AP5Z1 O43299 (2<-1) AP5Z1
ENSRNOP00000012665 LRPAP1 Q99068 Lrpap1 Lrpap1 Q52KI7 (1<-1) Lrpap1 LRPAP1 P30533 (1<-1) LRPAP1
ENSRNOP00000003828 DARS2 Q3KRD0 Dars2 Dars2 Q8BIP0 (1<-1) Dars2 DARS2 A0A024R8Z9 (1<-1) DARS2
ENSRNOP00000015352 SERGEF D3ZN16 Sergef Sergef Q80YD6 (1<-1) Sergef SERGEF Q9UGK8 (1<-1) SERGEF
ENSRNOP00000026462 PSMB10 Q4KM35 Psmb10 Psmb10 Q4FJX8 (1<-1) Psmb10 PSMB10 P40306 (1<-1) PSMB10
ENSRNOP00000005039 RILP Q62728 Ptpn21 Rilp Q14AQ2 (1<-1) Rilp RILP Q96NA2 (1<-1) RILP
ENSRNOP00000024122 NOL7 D3ZAQ6 Nol7 Nol7 A1L3B6 (1<-1) Nol7 NOL7 A0A024QZW2 (1<-1) NOL7
ENSRNOP00000047195 ENSRNOG00000042193 F1MAE7 Iglv2 P01729 (2<-1) IGLV7-46 A0A075B6I9 (2<-1) IGLV7-46
ENSRNOP00000003309 ZC3H7A D3ZP12 Zc3h7a Zc3h7a ZC3H7A Q8IWR0 (2<-1) ZC3H7A
ENSRNOP00000010895 TMEM43 Q5XIP9 Tmem43 Tmem43 Q9DBS1 (1<-1) Tmem43 TMEM43 A0A024R2F9 (1<-1) TMEM43
ENSRNOP00000020149 RTCD1 Q68FS8 Rtcd1 Rtca Q91YL8 (1<-1) Rtca RTCA O00442 (1<-1) RTCA
ENSRNOP00000061975 RNF2 Q4KLY4 Rnf2 Rnf2 Q9CQJ4 (2<-1) Rnf2 RNF2 Q99496 (2<-1) RNF2
ENSRNOP00000017472 PHB2 Q5XIH7 Phb2 Phb2 Q3V235 (1<-1) Phb2 PHB2 Q99623 (1<-1) PHB2
ENSRNOP00000016479 SLIRP D4A4W6 Slirp Slirp Q14AR0 (1<-1) Slirp SLIRP Q9GZT3 (1<-1) SLIRP
ENSRNOP00000012812 MSL1 D3ZBD0 Msl1 Msl1 Q6PDM1-2 (1<-1) Msl1 MSL1 J3KSZ8 (1<-1) MSL1
ENSRNOP00000063046 ESRP1 B2RYD2-2 Esrp1 Esrp1 Z4YJI3 (1<-1) Esrp1 ESRP1 Q6NXG1-5 (1<-1) ESRP1
ENSRNOP00000026669 SMG9 Q5PQS6 Smg9 Smg9 Q9DB90 (1<-1) Smg9 SMG9 A0A024R0Q0 (1<-1) FLJ12886
ENSRNOP00000004400 EPN3 Q4V882 Epn3 Epn3 Q3TZ84 (1<-1) Epn3 EPN3 Q9H201 (1<-1) EPN3
ENSRNOP00000013754 ACOT4 D3ZIQ1 Acot4 Acot4 Q14DI6 (1<-1) Acot4 ACOT4 Q8N9L9 (1<-1) ACOT4
ENSRNOP00000064781 PPM1L M0R5V1 Ppm1l Ppm1l Q8BHN0 (1<-1) Ppm1l PPM1L Q5SGD2 (1<-1) PPM1L
ENSRNOP00000060440 NEK9 A0A0G2K8N9 Nek9 Nek9 Q8K1R7 (2<-1) Nek9 NEK9 A0A024R6D1 (2<-1) NEK9
ENSRNOP00000011539 VSIG8 D4A7V8 Vsig8 Vsig8 Q6P3A4 (1<-1) Vsig8 VSIG8 Q5VU13 (1<-1) VSIG8
ENSRNOP00000017468 LDHA P04642 Ldha Ldha G5E8N5 (1<-1) Ldha LDHA V9HWB9 (1<-1) HEL-S-133P
ENSRNOP00000034074 MND1 F1LWN6 Mnd1 Mnd1 Q8K396 (1<-1) Mnd1 MND1 Q9BWT6 (1<-1) MND1
ENSRNOP00000012607 TTPAL D3ZGM8 Ttpal Ttpal Q9D3D0 (1<-1) Ttpal TTPAL Q9BTX7 (1<-1) TTPAL
ENSRNOP00000056763 NR2C2AP Q4KM83 Nr2c2ap Nr2c2ap Q3TV70 (1<-1) Nr2c2ap NR2C2AP U3KQ53 (1<-1) NR2C2AP
ENSRNOP00000065552 ENSRNOG00000047648 Q63042 Gfer Gfer P56213 (3<-1) Gfer GFER P55789 (3<-1) GFER
ENSRNOP00000054530 NHSL2 A0A0G2JZL4 Nhsl1 Nhsl2 E9Q0V6 (1<-1) Nhsl2 NHSL2 A0A0J9YY34 (1<-1) NHSL2
ENSRNOP00000015017 MINPP1 G3V7H2 Minpp1 Minpp1 Q9Z2L6 (1<-1) Minpp1 MINPP1 Q9UNW1 (1<-1) MINPP1
ENSRNOP00000027093 ARL3 F8WG91 Arl3 Arl3 Q543P7 (1<-1) Arl3 ARL3 P36405 (1<-1) ARL3
ENSRNOP00000021400 CNDP2 Q6Q0N1 Cndp2 Cndp2 Q9D1A2 (1<-1) Cndp2 CNDP2 V9HWE5 (1<-1) HEL-S-13
ENSRNOP00000044914 OS9 Q5RKH6 Os9 Os9 Q8K2C7 (1<-1) Os9 OS9 Q13438 (1<-1) OS9
ENSRNOP00000013510 LEO1 Q641X2 Leo1 Leo1 Q5XJE5 (1<-1) Leo1 LEO1 Q8WVC0 (1<-1) LEO1
ENSRNOP00000010632 OSBPL2 Q5BK47 Osbpl2 Osbpl2 Q3TDA1 (1<-1) Osbpl2 OSBPL2 Q9H1P3 (1<-1) OSBPL2
ENSRNOP00000020476 LPIN2 A0A0G2JY62 Lpin2 Lpin2 E9PWN0 (2<-1) Lpin2 LPIN2 Q92539 (2<-1) LPIN2
ENSRNOP00000010512 TMED10 Q63584 Tmed10 Tmed10 Q9D1D4 (1<-1) Tmed10 TMED10 A0A024R6I3 (1<-1) TMED10
ENSRNOP00000029921 RGD1309148 Q6F6B3 Tanc1 Tmem261 Q9CQ00 (1<-1) Tmem261 TMEM261 Q96GE9-2 (1<-1) TMEM261
ENSRNOP00000009454 IKZF3 D3ZSW3 Ikzf3 Ikzf3 O08900 (1<-1) Ikzf3 IKZF3 Q9UKT9 (1<-1) IKZF3
ENSRNOP00000026279 PSME2 Q63798 Psme2 Psme2b Q5SVP3 (1<-1) PSME2b PSME2 Q2TNB3 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000003268 MFAP4 Q497C9 Mfap4 Mfap4 Q9D1H9 (1<-1) Mfap4 MFAP4 A0A024QZ34 (1<-1) MFAP4
ENSRNOP00000049160 STRADB D3ZVH0 Stradb Stradb Q8K4T3 (1<-1) Stradb STRADB A0A024R420 (1<-1) ALS2CR2
ENSRNOP00000000696 PSAP F7EPE0 Psap Psap J3QPG5 (1<-1) Psap PSAP C9JIZ6 (1<-1) PSAP
ENSRNOP00000032595 IGSF5 Q5VJ70 Igsf5 Igsf5 A0A0B4J1E1 (1<-1) Igsf5 IGSF5 Q9NSI5 (1<-1) IGSF5
ENSRNOP00000013354 CAR2 P27139 Ca2 Car2 P00920 (1<-1) Ca2 CA2 V9HW21 (1<-1) HEL-76
ENSRNOP00000006525 SLC4A1AP D3ZTF1 Slc4a1ap Slc4a1ap E9Q585 (1<-1) Slc4a1ap SLC4A1AP Q9BWU0 (1<-1) SLC4A1AP
ENSRNOP00000022540 LETM1 Q5XIN6 Letm1 Letm1 Q9Z2I0 (1<-1) Letm1 LETM1 O95202 (1<-1) LETM1
ENSRNOP00000029035 FASTKD1 D3ZFR0 Fastkd1 Fastkd1 Q6DI86 (1<-1) Fastkd1 FASTKD1 Q53R41 (1<-1) FASTKD1
ENSRNOP00000004026 PPL D4A5T8 Ppl Ppl G5E898 (1<-1) Ppl PPL O60437 (1<-1) PPL
ENSRNOP00000015217 NDUFS4 Q5XIF3 Ndufs4 Ndufs4 E9QPX3 (1<-1) Ndufs4 NDUFS4 O43181 (1<-1) NDUFS4
ENSRNOP00000063717 HIVEP3 D3ZRB5 Hivep3 Hivep3 A2A884 (1<-1) Hivep3 HIVEP3 Q5T1R4-2 (1<-1) HIVEP3
ENSRNOP00000009985 CYP51A1 Q64654 Cyp51a1 Cyp51 Q8K0C4 (1<-1) Cyp51a1 CYP51A1 Q16850 (1<-1) CYP51A1
ENSRNOP00000022952 CMTR2 D3Z980 Cmtr2 Cmtr2 Q8BWQ4 (1<-1) Cmtr2 CMTR2 Q8IYT2 (1<-1) CMTR2
ENSRNOP00000002576 PRODH F1MAR6 Prodh Prodh Q9WU79 (1<-1) Prodh AC007325.2 X5D7N2 (1<-1) PRODH
ENSRNOP00000058286 NDUFAF6 D3ZN43 Ndufaf6 Ndufaf6 A2AIL4 (1<-1) Ndufaf6 NDUFAF6 Q330K2 (1<-1) NDUFAF6
ENSRNOP00000023221 TMEM50A B1WBU7 Tmem50a Tmem50a Q52KP1 (1<-1) Tmem50a TMEM50A B2R6I5 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000036469 CCDC141 D3ZEY0 Ccdc141 Ccdc141 E9Q8Q6 (1<-1) Ccdc141 CCDC141 Q6ZP82-2 (1<-1) CCDC141
ENSRNOP00000043492 ENSRNOG00000047948 F1LU03
ENSRNOP00000066971 ARHGEF10L M0RBM9 Arhgef10l Arhgef10l A2AWP8 (1<-1) Arhgef10l ARHGEF10L Q9HCE6 (1<-1) ARHGEF10L
ENSRNOP00000061028 ACYP2 P35745 Acyp2 Acyp2 P56375 (1<-1) Acyp2 ACYP2 P14621 (1<-1) ACYP2
ENSRNOP00000047954 CYTB P00159 Mt-Cyb mt-Cytb Q9TDS6 (1<-1) cytb MT-CYB C7SK69 (1<-1) CYTB
ENSRNOP00000018128 VAX2 G3V7R0 Vax2 Vax2 Q14B19 (1<-1) Vax2 VAX2 F1T0K5 (1<-1) VAX2
ENSRNOP00000011402 LPO D4A400 Lpo Lpo Q91WA0 (1<-1) Lpo LPO P22079 (1<-1) LPO
ENSRNOP00000060245 FRMD3 D3ZR47 Frmd3 Frmd3 Q8BHD4-2 (1<-1) Frmd3 FRMD3 A2A2Y4-2 (1<-1) FRMD3
ENSRNOP00000006824 CEBPZ D3ZNU1 Cebpz Cebpz P53569 (1<-1) Cebpz CEBPZ Q03701 (1<-1) CEBPZ
ENSRNOP00000005125 BLMH P70645 Blmh Blmh Q8R016 (1<-1) Blmh BLMH Q13867 (1<-1) BLMH
ENSRNOP00000027607 VPS4A Q793F9 Vps4a Vps4a Q8VEJ9 (2<-1) Vps4a VPS4A A0A024R705 (2<-1) VPS4A
ENSRNOP00000056294 STAB2 F1LZZ6 Stab2 Stab2 E5RKF9 (1<-1) Stab2 STAB2 Q8WWQ8 (1<-1) STAB2
ENSRNOP00000024912 PRAP1 Q9ES75 Prap1 Prap1 Q80XD8 (1<-1) Prap1 PRAP1 A6XND8 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000036677 MTMR12 Q5FVM6 Mtmr12 Mtmr12 Q80TA6 (1<-1) Mtmr12 MTMR12 Q9C0I1 (1<-1) MTMR12
ENSRNOP00000010885 ENSRNOG00000049397 F1LP71 Inpp5b Q8K337-3 (1<-1) Inpp5b INPP5B P32019-3 (2<-1) INPP5B
ENSRNOP00000014888 CTNNAL1 D4A739 Ctnnal1 Ctnnal1 O88327 (1<-1) Ctnnal1 CTNNAL1 Q9UBT7 (1<-1) CTNNAL1
ENSRNOP00000059953 KRT71 D3ZXB7 Krt71 Krt71 Q9R0H5 (1<-1) Krt71 KRT71 Q3SY84 (1<-1) KRT71
ENSRNOP00000017675 AKR1D1 F1LML3 Akr1d1 Akr1d1 Q8VCX1 (1<-1) Akr1d1 AKR1D1 P51857 (1<-1) AKR1D1
ENSRNOP00000013852 TMOD3 Q6AXW2 Tmod3 Tmod3 Q9JHJ0 (1<-1) Tmod3 TMOD3 Q9NYL9 (1<-1) TMOD3
ENSRNOP00000010869 APAF1 Q9EPV5 Apaf1 Apaf1 O88879 (1<-1) Apaf1 APAF1 O14727 (1<-1) APAF1
ENSRNOP00000059045 DLG4 P31016 Dlg4 Dlg4 Q62108 (1<-1) Dlg4 DLG4 P78352 (1<-1) DLG4
ENSRNOP00000037011 BMPR2 F1LQC5 Bmpr2 Bmpr2 O35607 (1<-1) Bmpr2 BMPR2 Q13873 (1<-1) BMPR2
ENSRNOP00000042772 GALNT13 Q6UE39 Galnt13 Galnt13 A2RRI8 (1<-1) Galnt13 GALNT13 Q8IUC8 (1<-1) GALNT13
ENSRNOP00000038503 TRAPPC9 E9PU02 Trappc9 Trappc9 Q3U0M1-2 (1<-1) Trappc9 TRAPPC9 Q96Q05-3 (1<-1) TRAPPC9
ENSRNOP00000022861 CHD6 D3ZA12 Chd6 Chd6 A3KFM7 (2<-1) Chd6 CHD6 Q8TD26 (2<-1) CHD6
ENSRNOP00000015100 WDHD1 D3ZN63 Wdhd1 Wdhd1 E9QPB3 (1<-1) Wdhd1 WDHD1 O75717 (1<-1) WDHD1
ENSRNOP00000015322 NAPEPLD Q769K2 Napepld Napepld Q8BH82 (1<-1) Napepld NAPEPLD B4E3B0 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000003177 RGD1310587 Q3ZCQ0 C130074G19Rik Q8BGN9 (1<-1) C1orf115 Q9H7X2 (1<-1) C1orf115
ENSRNOP00000061187 MSL3 Q5RJQ2 Msl3 Msl3 Q9WVG9-2 (1<-1) Msl3 MSL3 Q8N5Y2-2 (1<-1) MSL3
ENSRNOP00000033816 CEP170B D4A1G8 Cep170b Cep170b Q80U49 (1<-1) Cep170b CEP170B Q9Y4F5 (1<-1) CEP170B
ENSRNOP00000015152 HNRNPA2B1 A7VJC2-2 Hnrnpa2b1 Hnrnpa2b1 O88569 (1<-1) Hnrnpa2b1 HNRNPA2B1 A0A024RA61 (1<-1) HNRPA2B1
ENSRNOP00000011269 CDC42EP1 A1A5P0 Cdc42ep1 Cdc42ep1 Q91W92 (1<-1) Cdc42ep1 CDC42EP1 A0A024R1J3 (1<-1) CDC42EP1
ENSRNOP00000014807 IGFBP6 P35572 Igfbp6 Igfbp6 P47880 (1<-1) Igfbp6 IGFBP6 F8VYK9 (1<-1) IGFBP6
ENSRNOP00000024160 AKR7A3 P38918 Akr7a3 Akr7a5 Q8CG76 (3<-1) Akr7a2 AKR7A3 O95154 (1<-1) AKR7A3
ENSRNOP00000026439 DVL1 Q9WVB9 Dvl1 Dvl1 P51141 (1<-1) Dvl1 DVL1 O14640 (1<-1) DVL1
ENSRNOP00000018385 COG6 Q68FP9 Cog6 Cog6 Q8R3I3 (1<-1) Cog6 COG6 A0A024RDW5 (1<-1) COG6
ENSRNOP00000054584 ENSRNOG00000031519 F1M3U4 Gm15294
ENSRNOP00000011670 CC2D1B Q5FVK6 Cc2d1b Cc2d1b Q8BRN9 (1<-1) Cc2d1b CC2D1B Q5T0F9-2 (1<-1) CC2D1B
ENSRNOP00000010627 ACE3 A0A0A0MXV4 Ace3 Ace Q3TU20 (1<-1) Ace ACE P12821 (1<-1) ACE
ENSRNOP00000008047 ZFP120 F1LXV7 LOC102554315 Zfp120 A2ANU5 (1<-1) Zfp120
ENSRNOP00000061907 STAG1 D4A3Q2 Stag1
ENSRNOP00000003558 IVNS1ABP A0A0G2QC03 Ivns1abp Ivns1abp Q920Q8-4 (1<-1) Ivns1abp IVNS1ABP Q9Y6Y0 (2<-1) IVNS1ABP
ENSRNOP00000067224 ENSRNOG00000034093 P84588 Hspa8 HSPA8
ENSRNOP00000011049 SLC9A1 P26431 Slc9a1 Slc9a1 Q80X31 (1<-1) Slc9a1 SLC9A1 P19634 (1<-1) SLC9A1
ENSRNOP00000055573 WWOX D3ZG54 Wwox Wwox Q91WL8 (1<-1) Wwox WWOX A8K5I5 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000036574 ACAD11 B3DMA2 Acad11 Acad11 Q80XL6 (1<-1) Acad11 ACAD11 Q709F0 (1<-1) ACAD11
ENSRNOP00000004206 MPC2 P38718 Mpc2 Mpc2 Q9D023 (1<-1) Mpc2 MPC2 A0A024R8Z5 (1<-1) BRP44
ENSRNOP00000064363 MUT P15823 Adra1b Mut P16332 (1<-1) Mut MUT A0A024RD82 (1<-1) MUT
ENSRNOP00000043202 SRSF11 Q01728-6 Slc8a1 Srsf11 E9Q6E5 (1<-1) Srsf11 SRSF11 Q6PJB9 (1<-1) SFRS11
ENSRNOP00000053662 SNX14 D3ZLX0 Snx14 Snx14 Q8BHY8 (1<-1) Snx14 SNX14 D6RJG9 (1<-1) SNX14
ENSRNOP00000048925 CHD1L D4ACG6 Chd1l Chd1l Q9CXF7 (1<-1) Chd1l CHD1L Q86WJ1 (1<-1) CHD1L
ENSRNOP00000062255 ARHGEF18 F1LT94 Arhgef18 Arhgef18 Q6P9R4 (1<-1) Arhgef18 M0R150 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000012608 FKBP1A Q62658 Fkbp1a Fkbp1a P26883 (1<-1) Fkbp1a FKBP1A Q0VDC6 (1<-1) FKBP1A
ENSRNOP00000059948 FBXW11 D3ZXC6 Fbxw11
ENSRNOP00000018956 ZFP536 D3ZJS6 Zfp536 Zfp536 Q8K083 (1<-1) Znf536 ZNF536 O15090 (1<-1) ZNF536
ENSRNOP00000023739 AKR1C3 P51652 Akr1c18 Akr1c18 Q3U538 (1<-1) Akr1c18 AKR1C3 A0A0A0MSS8 (2<-1) AKR1C3
ENSRNOP00000055946 GIMAP8 Q4KLG2 Gimap8 Gimap8 Q75N62 (1<-1) Gimap8 GIMAP8 A0A090N8H2 (1<-1) hIAN6
ENSRNOP00000065896 ENSRNOG00000048363 M0R8U1 Dnah5 Dnah5 Q8VHE6 (1<-1) Dnah5 DNAH5 Q8TE73 (1<-1) DNAH5
ENSRNOP00000012826 RGD1305508 D3ZBC7 Dhrs13 Dhrs13 Q5SS80 (1<-1) Dhrs13 DHRS13 Q6UX07 (1<-1) DHRS13
ENSRNOP00000026597 PGPEP1 Q76IC5 Pgpep1 Pgpep1 Q9ESW8 (1<-1) Pgpep1 PGPEP1 Q9NXJ5 (1<-1) PGPEP1
ENSRNOP00000022201 COMMD3 Q6P9U3 Commd3 Commd3 Q63829 (1<-1) Commd3 COMMD3 Q9UBI1 (1<-1) COMMD3
ENSRNOP00000039386 EPN2 Q505I9 Epn2 Epn2 Q5NCM5 (1<-1) Epn2 EPN2 O95208 (1<-1) EPN2
ENSRNOP00000052583 ENSRNOG00000017105 F1M891 Dpyd Dpyd Q80XT4 (2<-1) Dpyd DPYD Q12882 (2<-1) DPYD
ENSRNOP00000030772 DDX46 Q62780 Ddx46 Ddx46 Q569Z5 (1<-1) Ddx46 DDX46 A0A0C4DG89 (1<-1) DDX46
ENSRNOP00000051870 SLC26A11 F1M067 Slc26a11 Slc26a11 Q80ZD3 (1<-1) Slc26a11 SLC26A11 Q86WA9 (1<-1) SLC26A11
ENSRNOP00000067699 ENSRNOG00000013848 P04797 Gapdh
ENSRNOP00000053966 MTO1 F1LYH3 Mto1 Mto1 G5E889 (1<-1) Mto1 MTO1 Q9Y2Z2-4 (1<-1) MTO1
ENSRNOP00000011773 ACTC1 P68035 Actc1 Actc1 Q497E4 (1<-1) Actc1 ACTC1 P68032 (1<-1) ACTC1
ENSRNOP00000024033 COX4I1 P10888 Cox4i1 Cox4i1 A2RSV8 (1<-1) Cox4i1 COX4I1 P13073 (1<-1) COX4I1
ENSRNOP00000026065 PCDH12 F1MA46 Pcdh12 Pcdh12 O55134 (1<-1) Pcdh12 PCDH12 Q7Z738 (1<-1) PCDH12
ENSRNOP00000061342 DYNLL1 P63170 Dynll1 Dynll1 P63168 (1<-1) Dynll1 DYNLL1 Q6FGH9 (1<-1) DNCL1
ENSRNOP00000010397 TAMM41 D3ZKT0 Tamm41 Tamm41 G5E881 (1<-1) Tamm41 TAMM41 Q96BW9-3 (1<-1) TAMM41
ENSRNOP00000039429 RGD1562409 D3ZJH5 LOC100361311 Rpl7a-ps5 RPL7A Q5T8U2 (3<-2) RPL7A
ENSRNOP00000063181 PDZD8 D3ZXY2 Pdzd8 Pdzd8 B9EJ80 (1<-1) Pdzd8 PDZD8 Q8NEN9 (1<-1) PDZD8
ENSRNOP00000035090 BLVRB B5DF65 Blvrb Blvrb Q3U6G1 (1<-1) Blvrb BLVRB V9HWI1 (1<-1) HEL-S-10
ENSRNOP00000017233 UACA D3ZGS5 Uaca Uaca Q8CGB3-3 (1<-1) Uaca UACA Q9BZF9 (1<-1) UACA
ENSRNOP00000036610 MED23 Q5EB59 Med23 Med23 F8WJB0 (1<-1) Med23 MED23 Q9ULK4 (1<-1) MED23
ENSRNOP00000022956 MAN1C1 D3Z979 Man1c1 Man1c1 Q6NXK9 (1<-1) Man1c1 MAN1C1 Q9NR34 (1<-1) MAN1C1
ENSRNOP00000058487 KCNT1 D3ZNI9 Kcnt1 Kcnt1 C0KTP6 (1<-1) Kcnt1 KCNT1 Q5JUK3-2 (1<-1) KCNT1
ENSRNOP00000022117 GALNT1 Q10473 Galnt1 Galnt1 O08912 (1<-1) Galnt1 GALNT1 A0A024RC48 (1<-1) GALNT1
ENSRNOP00000035454 HEATR2 G3V943 Dnaaf5 Dnaaf5 B9EJR8 (1<-1) Dnaaf5 DNAAF5 Q86Y56 (1<-1) DNAAF5
ENSRNOP00000049586 HEPHL1 A0A0G2K8Q3 Hephl1 Hephl1 Q3V1H3 (2<-1) Hephl1 HEPHL1 Q6MZM0 (2<-1) HEPHL1
ENSRNOP00000028066 ICAM1 Q00238 Icam1 Icam1 Q3U7Q9 (1<-1) Icam1 ICAM1 P05362 (1<-1) ICAM1
ENSRNOP00000020900 PPAPDC1B D3ZIJ1 Ppapdc1b Ppapdc1b Q3UMZ3 (1<-1) Ppapdc1b PLPP5 Q8NEB5 (1<-1) PPAPDC1B
ENSRNOP00000010409 ELOVL5 Q920L7 Elovl5 Elovl5 X2EXE4 (1<-1) ELOVL5 A0A024RD35 (1<-1) ELOVL5
ENSRNOP00000024247 ERCC2 D3ZEG9 Ercc2 Ercc2 O08811 (1<-1) Ercc2 ERCC2 P18074 (1<-1) ERCC2
ENSRNOP00000002775 TMEM50B Q5BJS6 Tmem50b Tmem50b Q9D1X9 (1<-1) Tmem50b TMEM50B P56557 (1<-1) TMEM50B
ENSRNOP00000013729 ACOT1 O88267 Acot1 Acot1 O55137 (1<-1) Acot1 ACOT1 E9KL42 (3<-1)
ENSRNOP00000027151 EPB41L1 D3ZMI4 Epb41l1 Epb41l1 E9PV14 (2<-1) Epb4.1l1
ENSRNOP00000009999 KIF3A F1LQZ3 Kif3a Kif3a P28741 (1<-1) Kif3a KIF3A J3KPF9 (1<-1) KIF3A
ENSRNOP00000016871 OSTF1 Q6P686 Ostf1 Ostf1 Q62422 (1<-1) Ostf1 OSTF1 Q92882 (1<-1) OSTF1
ENSRNOP00000023515 HIGD2A B2GV65 Higd2a Higd2a Q9CQJ1 (1<-1) Higd2a HIGD2A A0A024R7Q3 (1<-1) HIGD2A
ENSRNOP00000057210 ENSRNOG00000039455 D4ACU3 Pcdhgb6 Pcdhgb6 Q91XX4 (1<-1) Pcdhgb6 PCDHGB6 Q9Y5F9-2 (1<-1) PCDHGB6
ENSRNOP00000018821 SLC6A12 P48056 Slc6a12 Slc6a12 Q8VCS9 (1<-1) Slc6a12 SLC6A12 P48065 (2<-1) SLC6A12
ENSRNOP00000032448 POLRMT D3ZYB6 Polrmt Polrmt Q3U3J3 (1<-1) Polrmt POLRMT O00411 (1<-1) POLRMT
ENSRNOP00000041654 YIPF5 Q7TPI8 Yipf5 Yipf5 Q9EQQ2 (3<-1) Yipf5 YIPF5 B3KW34 (3<-1)
ENSRNOP00000019910 PRPF4 D4A7J8 Prpf4 Prpf4 Q059T9 (1<-1) Prpf4 PRPF4 O43172 (1<-1) PRPF4
ENSRNOP00000003077 PDGFRA G3V6A0 Pdgfra Pdgfra P26618 (1<-1) Pdgfra PDGFRA P16234 (1<-1) PDGFRA
ENSRNOP00000028508 ATP4A F1LRK1 Atp4a Atp4a Q64436 (1<-1) Atp4a ATP4A P20648 (1<-1) ATP4A
ENSRNOP00000028731 DNAJC4 Q5M867 Dnajc4 Dnajc4 Q6GTN1 (2<-1) Dnajc4 DNAJC4 Q6PIN0 (2<-1) DNAJC4
ENSRNOP00000020972 CTBS Q01460 Ctbs Ctbs Q102J0 (1<-1) Ctbs CTBS Q01459 (1<-1) CTBS
ENSRNOP00000016453 LRRC7 B8Q4G1 Lrrc7 E9Q6L9 (1<-1) Lrrc7 LRRC7 Q96NW7 (1<-1) LRRC7
ENSRNOP00000015566 SLC2A12 D3ZNG4 Slc2a12 Slc2a12 B2RRB2 (1<-1) Slc2a12 SLC2A12 Q8TD20 (1<-1) SLC2A12
ENSRNOP00000048534 TXNDC2 Q5XHX6 Txndc2 Txndc2 H7BX21 (1<-1) Txndc2 TXNDC2 Q86VQ3 (1<-1) TXNDC2
ENSRNOP00000003759 SELP F1LNV1 Selp Selp Q01102 (1<-1) Selp SELP Q5R345 (1<-1) SELP
ENSRNOP00000033432 HSPB8 Q9EPX0 Hspb8 Hspb8 Q9JK92 (1<-1) Hspb8 HSPB8 Q9UJY1 (1<-1) HSPB8
ENSRNOP00000021797 HARS2 F1M9C9 Hars2 Hars2 Q99KK9 (1<-1) Hars2 HARS2 P49590 (1<-1) HARS2
ENSRNOP00000058273 BTBD8 D3ZN57 Btbd8 Btbd8 D3YUB6 (1<-1) Btbd8 BTBD8 Q5XKL5 (1<-1) BTBD8
ENSRNOP00000009354 ILF3 Q9JIL3 Ilf3 Q9Z1X4-3 (1<-1) Ilf3
ENSRNOP00000001960 TMEM120A Q5HZE2 Tmem120a Tmem120a Q8C1E7 (1<-1) Tmem120a TMEM120A Q9BXJ8 (1<-1) TMEM120A
ENSRNOP00000001508 PRKAB1 P80386 Prkab1 Prkab1 Q542K0 (1<-1) Prkab1 PRKAB1 A0A024RBN1 (1<-1) PRKAB1
ENSRNOP00000013116 CYP7B1 G3V787 Cyp7b1 Cyp7b1 Q3USU4 (1<-1) Cyp7b1 CYP7B1 O75881 (1<-1) CYP7B1
ENSRNOP00000010375 C1GALT1 Q9JJ05 C1galt1 C1galt1 Q9JJ06 (2<-1) C1galt1 C1GALT1 A0A024RA32 (2<-1) C1GALT1
ENSRNOP00000029097 ZFHX2 D3ZF41 Zfhx2 Zfhx2 Q2MHN3 (1<-1) Zfhx2 ZFHX2 Q9C0A1 (1<-1) ZFHX2
ENSRNOP00000028835 LZTS3 G3V8V8 Lzts3 Lzts3 A2AHG0 (1<-1) Lzts3 RP5-1187M17.10 O60299 (1<-1) LZTS3
ENSRNOP00000066884 SAFB M0RBF0 Safb Safb D3YXK2 (1<-1) Safb SAFB Q15424 (3<-1) SAFB
ENSRNOP00000062880 BCAR3 D3ZAZ5 Bcar3 Bcar3 Q9QZK2 (1<-1) Bcar3 BCAR3 O75815 (1<-1) BCAR3
ENSRNOP00000005379 CHMP6 D3ZDR2 Chmp6 Chmp6 B1AZ39 (1<-1) Chmp6 CHMP6 Q96FZ7 (1<-1) CHMP6
ENSRNOP00000018808 AAAS D3ZNS8 Aaas Aaas Q8R3F7 (1<-1) Aaas AAAS Q9NRG9 (1<-1) AAAS
ENSRNOP00000054039 NUMBL A1L1I3 Numbl Numbl O08919 (1<-1) Numbl NUMBL A8K033 (1<-1) NUMBL
ENSRNOP00000037891 DCAKD Q6AY55 Dcakd Dcakd Q8BHC4 (1<-1) Dcakd DCAKD Q8WVC6 (1<-1) DCAKD
ENSRNOP00000006327 TSEN54 D3ZZT6 Tsen54 Tsen54 Q8C2A2 (1<-1) Tsen54 TSEN54 Q7Z6J9 (1<-1) TSEN54
ENSRNOP00000001368 GTF2H3 Q561R7 Gtf2h3 Gtf2h3 Q3UZB8 (1<-1) Gtf2h3 GTF2H3 Q13889 (1<-1) GTF2H3
ENSRNOP00000031479 TNNI3K F1LPM9 Tnni3k Tnni3k Q5GIG6 (1<-1) Tnni3k TNNI3K Q59H18 (1<-1) TNNI3K
ENSRNOP00000066358 ENSRNOG00000034285 P04797 Gapdh
ENSRNOP00000020267 DBT B2GV15 Dbt Dbt P53395 (1<-1) Dbt DBT P11182 (1<-1) DBT
ENSRNOP00000065528 TSTD1 M0R7U2 Tstd1 Tstd1 E9PY03 (1<-1) Tstd1 TSTD1 Q8NFU3 (1<-1) TSTD1
ENSRNOP00000061736 DAB2IP Q6P730 Dab2ip Dab2ip Q3UHC7-2 (2<-1) Dab2ip DAB2IP Q5VWQ8-2 (2<-1) DAB2IP
ENSRNOP00000028485 TM7SF2 Q5BK21 Tm7sf2 Tm7sf2 Q71KT5 (1<-1) Tm7sf2 TM7SF2 A0A024R577 (1<-1) TM7SF2
ENSRNOP00000010466 UNC13D G3V703 Unc13d Unc13d B2RUP2 (1<-1) Unc13d UNC13D Q70J99 (1<-1) UNC13D
ENSRNOP00000010149 REM1 Q4KLY1 Rem1 Rem1 O35929 (1<-1) Rem1 REM1 O75628 (1<-1) REM1
ENSRNOP00000065620 MEST M0R830 Mest Mest D3Z383 (1<-1) Mest MEST A0A024R768 (1<-1) MEST
ENSRNOP00000025873 DPP8 D3ZHQ1 Dpp8 Dpp8 Q80YA7 (1<-1) Dpp8 DPP8 A0A024R5Z6 (1<-1) DPP8
ENSRNOP00000067026 SNX27 M0RBS9 Snx27 Snx27 Q3UHD6 (1<-1) Snx27 SNX27 Q96L92 (1<-1) SNX27
ENSRNOP00000001872 PLBD2 Q4QQW8 Plbd2 Plbd2 Q3TCN2 (1<-1) Plbd2 PLBD2 Q8NHP8 (1<-1) PLBD2
ENSRNOP00000065264 FAM60A M0R746 Fam60a Fam60a Q8C8M1 (3<-1) Fam60a FAM60A B7Z287 (3<-1)
ENSRNOP00000064813 GSTM5 Q9Z1B2 Gstm5 Gstm5 P48774 (1<-1) Gstm5 GSTM3 Q6FGJ9 (1<-1) GSTM3
ENSRNOP00000015971 HNRNPR Q566E4 Hnrnpr Hnrnpr Q3U8W9 (1<-1) Hnrnpr HNRNPR O43390 (1<-1) HNRNPR
ENSRNOP00000019617 ZFP638 D4A0U3 Zfp638 Zfp638 E9QML5 (1<-1) Zfp638 ZNF638 Q14966 (1<-1) ZNF638
ENSRNOP00000032752 CYLC1 A0A0G2K3Y3 Cylc1 Cylc1 G3X9R0 (3<-1) Cylc1 CYLC1 P35663 (3<-1) CYLC1
ENSRNOP00000017201 MPDU1 D3Z865 Mpdu1 Mpdu1 Q8R0J2 (1<-1) Mpdu1 MPDU1 O75352 (1<-1) MPDU1
ENSRNOP00000044233 HBA1 P01946 Hba1 Hba-a1 Q9CWS5 (2<-1) HBA1 D1MGQ2 (3<-1) HBA2
ENSRNOP00000058846 USP47 F1MAA1 Usp47 Usp47 Q8BY87-2 (1<-1) Usp47 USP47 Q96K76-4 (1<-1) USP47
ENSRNOP00000009866 SRP14 B2RYW7 Srp14 Srp14 P16254 (1<-1) Srp14 SRP14 P37108 (1<-1) SRP14