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Rat Mouse Ortholog Human Ortholog
Protein ID Gene Protein ID Gene Gene Protein ID Gene Gene Protein ID Gene
ENSRNOP00000065625 0610009D07RIK M0R835 Sf3b6 Sf3b6 P59708 (1<-1) Sf3b6 SF3B6 Q9Y3B4 (1<-1) SF3B6
ENSRNOP00000017952 0610012H03RIK D4AEL0 LOC691083 Them7 Q9DCP4 (1<-1) Them7 NNAT Q16517 (3<-1) NNAT
ENSRNOP00000002982 0610040J01RIK Q6AYA8 0610040J01Rik Q99K99 (1<-1) C4orf19 A0A024R9R1 (1<-1) FLJ11017
ENSRNOP00000058736 1110001A16RIK D3ZL39 Cebpzos Cebpzos Q8BTE5 (1<-1) Cebpzos CEBPZOS A8MTT3 (1<-1) CEBPZOS
ENSRNOP00000050313 1110038F14RIK D3ZDG0 LOC681282 1110038F14Rik Q3U6N9 (1<-1) C8orf33 Q9H7E9 (1<-1) C8orf33
ENSRNOP00000020889 1600012H06RIK Q6AY64 1600012H06Rik Q6IQZ2 (1<-1) 1600012H06Rik C6orf120 Q7Z4R8 (1<-1) C6orf120
ENSRNOP00000020079 1600014C10RIK D3ZWS2 LOC690000 1600014C10Rik Q8WUR0 (1<-1) C19orf12 Q71RG1 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000055932 1700019D03RIK D3ZBW5 LOC685203 1700019D03Rik Q9CPS8 (1<-1) C2orf88 Q9BSF0 (1<-1) C2orf88
ENSRNOP00000065494 1700021F05RIK M0R7R2 LOC683897 1700021F05Rik Q9CQF4 (1<-1) C6orf203 A0A0D9SEI0 (1<-1) C6orf203
ENSRNOP00000005407 1700056E22RIK F1LWD5 LOC100912365 1700056E22Rik F7CNM6 (1<-1) 1700056E22Rik
ENSRNOP00000062370 1700112E06RIK D3ZLF6 Snrpa1 1700112E06Rik E0CZ28 (1<-1) 1700112E06Rik C10orf11 A0A087WZZ7 (1<-1) C10orf11
ENSRNOP00000040218 1810009A15RIK D4AAM1 Lbhd1 1810009A15Rik Q9D937 (1<-1) C11orf98 A0A0B4J220 (1<-1) C11orf98
ENSRNOP00000019647 1810037I17RIK Q498U0 1810037I17Rik Q99M08 (1<-1) C4orf3 Q8WVX3 (1<-1) C4orf3
ENSRNOP00000063253 1810043H04RIK D3ZUI9 LOC690871 1810043H04Rik A2AMZ4 (1<-1) C17orf89 A1L188 (1<-1) C17orf89
ENSRNOP00000053585 2200002J24RIK D3ZQ81 LOC688924 2200002J24Rik Q9D807 (1<-1) 2200002J24Rik
ENSRNOP00000066395 2210404O07RIK M0RA54 Smim24 Smim24 Q0VG18 (1<-1) Smim24 SMIM24 O75264 (1<-1) SMIM24
ENSRNOP00000030398 2310030G06RIK D4A446 LOC689959 2310030G06Rik Q9D8L0-2 (1<-1) C11orf52 Q96A22 (1<-1) C11orf52
ENSRNOP00000008507 2310047M10RIK Q66H43 Borcs6 Q9D6W8 (1<-1) BORCS6 Q96GS4 (1<-1) C17orf59
ENSRNOP00000035226 2310050C09RIK F1M6N0 LOC686143 2310050C09Rik G5E8Z3 (1<-1) 2310050C09Rik C1orf68 Q5T750 (1<-1) XP32
ENSRNOP00000066879 2510002D24RIK M0RBE6 LOC498122 2510002D24Rik Q3U595 (1<-1) C22orf39 Q6P5X5 (1<-1) C22orf39
ENSRNOP00000000444 2510003E04RIK G3V614 Kif1bp Kif1bp Q6ZPU9 (1<-1) Kif1bp KIF1BP Q96EK5 (1<-1) KIF1BP
ENSRNOP00000023592 2810459M11RIK D4A6R4 LOC100362216 2810459M11Rik B7ZMV2 (1<-1) 2810459M11Rik C2orf72 A6NCS6 (1<-1) C2orf72
ENSRNOP00000059389 3110057O12RIK D4A556 LOC499602 3110057O12Rik Q8C1A9 (1<-1) ABHD18 Q0P651 (1<-1) C4orf29
ENSRNOP00000058590 4921530D09RIK B1H281 Ccdc183 Ccdc183 A2AJB1 (1<-1) Ccdc183 CCDC183 Q5T5S1 (1<-1) CCDC183
ENSRNOP00000049226 4930415L06RIK D4A007 Smek3 4930415L06Rik B2RX57 (2<-1) 4930415L06Rik
ENSRNOP00000029954 4930432K21RIK F1M7E8 RGD1306072 4930432K21Rik E9QNR8 (1<-1) 4930432K21Rik C19orf57 Q0VDD7 (1<-1) C19orf57
ENSRNOP00000066566 4930523C07RIK D4AD22 Otol1 4930523C07Rik E9Q2T4 (1<-1) 4930523C07Rik KIAA0040 J3QR46 (1<-1) KIAA0040
ENSRNOP00000010743 4931429I11RIK F1LZA7 RGD1309108 4931429I11Rik E9Q793 (1<-1) 4931429I11Rik C11orf63 Q6NUN7 (1<-1) C11orf63
ENSRNOP00000066880 4932415D10RIK M0RBE7 LOC102556504 4932415D10Rik E9Q0G0 (1<-1) 4932415D10Rik C2orf16 Q68DN1 (1<-1) C2orf16
ENSRNOP00000014510 5730508B09RIK D4A9Y2 LOC691931 5730508B09Rik I3PQX0 (1<-1) 5730508B09Rik C4orf32 Q8N8J7 (1<-1) C4orf32
ENSRNOP00000051764 5830411N06RIK D3ZR76 LOC680907 5830411N06Rik B3F5L4 (1<-1) 5830411N06Rik
ENSRNOP00000029431 5830418K08RIK A4L9P8 Cep295 Cep295 Q8BQ48 (2<-1) Cep295 CEP295 Q9C0D2-3 (2<-1) CEP295
ENSRNOP00000057287 5830473C10RIK F7FAY5 LOC360919 5830473C10Rik F8VQ07 (1<-1) 5830473C10Rik AFP P02771 (3<-1) AFP
ENSRNOP00000066726 6030468B19RIK M0RB05 LOC688282 6030468B19Rik Q9CX63 (1<-1) C17orf99 B4DZX2 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000061292 6430531B16RIK D4A5G4 LOC103691261 6430531B16Rik Q3V2J1 (1<-1) 6430531B16Rik SPEF1 Q9Y4P9 (2<-1) SPEF1
ENSRNOP00000052282 6820408C15RIK A0A0G2QC30 LOC502684 6820408C15Rik B2RQ99 (1<-1) 6820408C15Rik C20orf96 Q9NUD7 (1<-1) C20orf96
ENSRNOP00000043528 9030624J02RIK Q5XI83 9030624J02Rik D3YW19 (1<-1) 9030624J02Rik C16orf62 E7EWW0 (2<-1) C16orf62
ENSRNOP00000066781 9130008F23RIK B2RZ52 LOC688459 9130008F23Rik Q9D2Z6 (1<-1) 9130008F23Rik C6orf141 Q5SZD1 (1<-1) C6orf141
ENSRNOP00000026979 9130023H24RIK D4A464 LOC103691238 9130023H24Rik Q8BG98 (1<-1) 9130023H24Rik
ENSRNOP00000062802 A1CF Q923K9-4 A1cf A1cf Q5YD48-2 (1<-1) A1cf A1CF A0A024QZJ5 (1<-1) ACF
ENSRNOP00000027949 A230050P20RIK Q5RJN4 A230050P20Rik Q8CAK3 (1<-1) C19orf66 Q9NUL5 (1<-1) C19orf66
ENSRNOP00000019346 A2M P06238 A2m A2m Q6GQT1 (1<-1) A2mp A2M P01023 (1<-1) A2M
ENSRNOP00000009264 A330021E22RIK D4A7D1 Cfap69 Cfap69 Q8BH53 (1<-1) Cfap69 CFAP69 A5D8W1 (1<-1) CFAP69
ENSRNOP00000046560 A430105I19RIK D3ZKN0 RGD1565536 A430105I19Rik A3KGF9 (1<-1) C15orf52 Q6ZUT6 (1<-1) C15orf52
ENSRNOP00000022886 A630007B06RIK A0A0G2K8K1 Ccdc186 Ccdc186 Q8C9S4 (2<-1) Ccdc186 CCDC186 Q496Y1 (2<-1) C10orf118
ENSRNOP00000038747 A830010M20RIK D4A0X3 Btbd8 A830010M20Rik Q80TK0 (1<-1) Kiaa1107 KIAA1107 Q9UPP5 (1<-1) KIAA1107
ENSRNOP00000018808 AAAS D3ZNS8 Aaas Aaas Q8R3F7 (1<-1) Aaas AAAS Q9NRG9 (1<-1) AAAS
ENSRNOP00000001292 AACS Q9JMI1 Aacs Aacs Q9D2R0 (1<-1) Aacs AACS A0A024RBV2 (1<-1) AACS
ENSRNOP00000064056 AADAC Q5I0N0 Aadac AADAC C9K0E9 (1<-1) AADAC
ENSRNOP00000015974 AADAT Q64602 Aadat Aadat Q9WVM8 (1<-1) Aadat AADAT Q4W5N8 (1<-1) AADAT
ENSRNOP00000062637 AAED1 D3ZAK1 Aaed1 Aaed1 Q3UKU2 (1<-1) Aaed1 AAED1 Q7RTV5 (1<-1) AAED1
ENSRNOP00000044665 AAK1 F1LRI7 Aak1 Aak1 Q3UHJ0 (1<-1) Aak1 AAK1 Q2M2I8 (1<-1) AAK1
ENSRNOP00000016783 AAMDC D3ZZQ4 Aamdc Aamdc D3YZD8 (1<-1) Aamdc AAMDC E9PNP3 (1<-1) AAMDC
ENSRNOP00000019497 AAMP G3V7V2 Aamp Aamp Q3TJ22 (1<-1) Aamp AAMP A0A024R410 (1<-1) AAMP
ENSRNOP00000027369 AAR2 B1WC03 Aar2 Aar2 Q9D2V5 (1<-1) Aar2 AAR2 Q9Y312 (1<-1) AAR2
ENSRNOP00000025051 AARS P50475 Aars Aars Q8BGQ7 (1<-1) Aars AARS P49588 (1<-1) AARS
ENSRNOP00000037568 AARS2 A0A0H2UHV7 Aars2 Aars2 Q14CH7 (1<-1) Aars2 AARS2 Q5JTZ9 (1<-1) AARS2
ENSRNOP00000028047 AARSD1 Q5XI97 Aarsd1 Aarsd1 Q3THG9 (1<-1) Aarsd1 AARSD1 Q9BTE6 (1<-1) AARSD1
ENSRNOP00000008062 AASDHPPT B2RYJ4 Aasdhppt Aasdhppt Q9CQF6 (1<-1) Aasdhppt AASDHPPT Q9NRN7 (1<-1) AASDHPPT
ENSRNOP00000057271 AASS D4ACE9 Aass Aass Q3UEQ9 (1<-1) Aass AASS A4D0W4 (1<-1) AASS
ENSRNOP00000003633 ABAT P50554 Abat Abat P61922 (1<-1) Abat ABAT X5D8S1 (1<-1) ABAT
ENSRNOP00000024564 ABCA1 F1LNL3 Abca1 Abca1 P41233 (1<-1) Abca1 ABCA1 O95477 (1<-1) ABCA1
ENSRNOP00000054481 ABCA12 D4A7J3 Abca12 Abca12 B2RY21 (1<-1) Abca12 ABCA12 Q86UK0 (1<-1) ABCA12
ENSRNOP00000030281 ABCA13 D4A885 Abca13 Abca13 Q5SSE9 (1<-1) Abca13 ABCA13 A0A0A0MT16 (1<-1) ABCA13
ENSRNOP00000051939 ABCA14 F1M2Q5 Abca14 Abca14 E9Q8F8 (1<-1) Abca14
ENSRNOP00000033528 ABCA15 D4ACN5 Abca15 Abca15 Q6XBG2 (1<-1) Abca15 ABCA3 Q99758 (3<-1) ABCA3
ENSRNOP00000001933 ABCA16 D3ZQI3 Abca16 Abca16 E9PWJ7 (1<-1) Abca16
ENSRNOP00000057544 ABCA17 E9PU17 Abca17 Abca17 E9PX95 (1<-1) Abca17 ABCA3 Q99758 (2<-1) ABCA3
ENSRNOP00000020339 ABCA2 G3V7X4 Abca2 Abca2 A2AJ26 (1<-1) Abca2 ABCA2 J3QSS3 (1<-1) ABCA2
ENSRNOP00000064755 ABCA3 Q5M866 Abca3 ABCA3
ENSRNOP00000005848 ABCA5 Q8CF82 Abca5 Abca5 Q8K448 (1<-1) Abca5 ABCA5 Q8WWZ7 (1<-1) ABCA5
ENSRNOP00000065682 ABCA6 M0R890 Abca6 Abca6 Q8K441 (1<-1) Abca6 ABCA6 Q8N139 (1<-1) ABCA6
ENSRNOP00000059943 ABCA8A D3ZCF8 Abca8a Abca8a F8WGE3 (3<-1) Abca8a
ENSRNOP00000005489 ABCA8B D3ZAE9 Abca8 Abca8b A2AM56 (1<-1) Abca8b ABCA8 O94911-3 (1<-1) ABCA8
ENSRNOP00000024232 ABCB10 Q5FVL8 Abcb10 Abcb10 Q9JI39 (1<-1) Abcb10 ABCB10 Q9NRK6 (1<-1) ABCB10
ENSRNOP00000064279 ABCB11 M0R4J2 Abcb11 Abcb11 Q9QY30 (1<-1) Abcb11 ABCB11 O95342 (1<-1) ABCB11
ENSRNOP00000011166 ABCB1A Q9JK64 Abcb1a Abcb1a P21447 (1<-1) Abcb1a ABCB1 A4D1D2 (1<-1) ABCB1
ENSRNOP00000049952 ABCB1B G3V9J6 Abcb1b Abcb1b B2RUR3 (1<-1) Abcb1b ABCB1 A1L471 (3<-1) ABCB1
ENSRNOP00000042556 ABCB4 G3V9C8 Abcb4 Abcb4 P21440 (1<-1) Abcb4 ABCB4 P21439-2 (1<-1) ABCB4
ENSRNOP00000045152 ABCB5 D4AEL4 Abcb5 Abcb5 B5X0E4 (1<-1) Abcb5 ABCB5 Q2M3G0 (1<-1) ABCB5
ENSRNOP00000025627 ABCB6 O70595 Abcb6 Abcb6 Q9DC29 (1<-1) Abcb6 ABCB6 Q9NP58 (1<-1) ABCB6
ENSRNOP00000003739 ABCB7 Q700K0 Sspo Abcb7 Q61102 (1<-1) Abcb7 ABCB7 O75027 (1<-1) ABCB7
ENSRNOP00000012222 ABCB8 A0A0H2UHH3 Abcb8 Abcb8 Q9CXJ4 (1<-1) Abcb8 ABCB8 Q9NUT2-2 (1<-1) ABCB8
ENSRNOP00000041695 ABCC1 E9PT28 LOC688708 Abcc1 A5D6P3 (1<-1) Abcc1 ABCC1 P33527 (2<-1) ABCC1
ENSRNOP00000025598 ABCC10 D3ZX04 Abcc10 Abcc10 B9EKB9 (1<-1) Abcc10 ABCC10 A0A024RD21 (1<-1) ABCC10
ENSRNOP00000021095 ABCC12 F1M7G9 Abcc12 Abcc12 Q80WJ6 (1<-1) Abcc12 ABCC12 Q96J65 (1<-1) ABCC12
ENSRNOP00000064799 ABCC2 Q63120 Abcc2 Abcc2 Q8VI47 (1<-1) Abcc2 ABCC2 Q92887 (1<-1) ABCC2
ENSRNOP00000041502 ABCC3 F1LMJ7 Abcc3 Abcc3 B2RX12 (2<-1) Abcc3 ABCC3 O15438 (2<-1) ABCC3
ENSRNOP00000033826 ABCC4 F1M3J4 Abcc4 Abcc4 B9EKC2 (1<-1) Abcc4 ABCC4 O15439 (1<-1) ABCC4
ENSRNOP00000051412 ABCC6 O88269 Abcc6 Abcc6 Q9R1S7 (1<-1) Abcc6 ABCC6 O95255 (1<-1) ABCC6
ENSRNOP00000028696 ABCC8 Q09429 Abcc8 Abcc8 B2RUS7 (1<-1) Abcc8 ABCC8 Q09428-2 (1<-1) ABCC8
ENSRNOP00000052402 ABCC9 F1M9Q2 Abcc9 Abcc9 P70170-2 (1<-1) Abcc9 ABCC9 O60706-2 (1<-1) ABCC9
ENSRNOP00000025863 ABCD1 D3ZHR2 Abcd1 Abcd1 P48410 (1<-1) Abcd1 ABCD1 P33897 (1<-1) ABCD1
ENSRNOP00000016739 ABCD3 P16970 Abcd3 Abcd3 P55096 (1<-1) Abcd3 ABCD3 P28288 (1<-1) ABCD3
ENSRNOP00000016040 ABCD4 D4A576 Abcd4 Abcd4 O89016 (1<-1) Abcd4 ABCD4 A0A024R6B9 (1<-1) ABCD4
ENSRNOP00000024753 ABCE1 D3ZD23 Abce1 Abce1 Q3UHY8 (1<-1) Abce1 ABCE1 P61221 (1<-1) ABCE1
ENSRNOP00000001049 ABCF1 Q6MG08 Abcf1 Abcf1 Q5RL55 (1<-1) Abcf1 ABCF1 Q8NE71 (1<-1) ABCF1
ENSRNOP00000014718 ABCF2 F1M8H5 Abcf2
ENSRNOP00000002327 ABCF3 Q66H39 Abcf3 Abcf3 Q8K268 (1<-1) Abcf3 ABCF3 Q9NUQ8 (1<-1) ABCF3
ENSRNOP00000001533 ABCG1 G3V642 Abcg1 Abcg1 Q0VDW9 (1<-1) Abcg1 ABCG1 P45844-4 (1<-1) ABCG1
ENSRNOP00000009546 ABCG2 Q80W57 Abcg2 Abcg2 Q7TMS5 (1<-1) Abcg2 ABCG2 A0A024RDD4 (1<-1) ABCG2
ENSRNOP00000046549 ABCG3L1 Q4KM08 Abcg3l1 Abcg3 Q99P81 (1<-1) Abcg3 ABCG2 A0A024RDD4 (2<-1) ABCG2
ENSRNOP00000057979 ABCG3L3 D4A896 Abcg3l3 Abcg3 Q99P81 (2<-1) Abcg3 ABCG2 A0A024RDD4 (3<-1) ABCG2
ENSRNOP00000012534 ABCG4 D3ZCM3 Abcg4 Abcg4 Q91WA9 (1<-1) Abcg4 ABCG4 Q9H172 (1<-1) ABCG4
ENSRNOP00000007174 ABCG5 Q99PE7 Abcg5 Abcg5 Q540E8 (1<-1) Abcg5 ABCG5 Q9H222 (1<-1) ABCG5
ENSRNOP00000058587 ABCG8 P58428 Abcg8 Abcg8 Q7TSR7 (2<-1) Abcg8 ABCG8 Q9H221 (2<-1) ABCG8
ENSRNOP00000009339 ABHD1 Q5RK23 Abhd1 Abhd3 Q9QZC8 (1<-1) Abhd1 ABHD1 Q96SE0 (1<-1) ABHD1
ENSRNOP00000043990 ABHD10 Q5I0K5 Abhd10 Abhd10 Q6PE15 (1<-1) Abhd10 ABHD10 Q9NUJ1 (1<-1) ABHD10
ENSRNOP00000025560 ABHD11 D3ZXK4 Abhd11 Abhd11 Q8K4F5 (1<-1) Abhd11 ABHD11 Q8NFV4 (1<-1) ABHD11
ENSRNOP00000010640 ABHD12 Q6AYT7 Abhd12 Abhd12 Q99LR1 (1<-1) Abhd12 ABHD12 Q8N2K0 (1<-1) ABHD12
ENSRNOP00000019563 ABHD13 D4A1B6 Abhd13 Abhd13 Q80UX8 (1<-1) Abhd13 ABHD13 A0A024RDX1 (1<-1) ABHD13
ENSRNOP00000016056 ABHD14A Q5I0C4 Abhd14a Abhd14a E9Q136 (1<-1) Abhd14a ABHD14A Q9BUJ0 (1<-1) ABHD14A
ENSRNOP00000016504 ABHD14B Q6DGG1 Abhd14b Abhd14b Q8VCR7 (1<-1) Abhd14b ABHD14B V9HW87 (1<-1) HEL-S-299
ENSRNOP00000036157 ABHD15 D3Z8B6 Abhd15 Abhd15 B6DQM2 (1<-1) Abhd15 ABHD15 Q6UXT9 (1<-1) ABHD15
ENSRNOP00000001121 ABHD16A Q6MG55 Abhd16a Abhd16a Q9Z1Q2 (1<-1) Abhd16a ABHD16A A0A0G2JJD3 (1<-1) ABHD16A
ENSRNOP00000024576 ABHD17A Q5XIJ5 Abhd17a Abhd17a Q99JW1 (1<-1) Abhd17a ABHD17A Q96GS6 (1<-1) ABHD17A
ENSRNOP00000047508 ABHD17B Q6AY17 Abhd17b Abhd17b Q7M759 (1<-1) Abhd17b ABHD17B Q5VST6 (1<-1) ABHD17B
ENSRNOP00000017362 ABHD17C B5DFK7 Abhd17c Abhd17c Q8VCV1 (1<-1) Abhd17c ABHD17C Q6PCB6 (1<-1) ABHD17C
ENSRNOP00000023506 ABHD2 D4A7W1 Abhd2 Abhd2 Q9QXM0 (2<-1) Abhd2 ABHD2 A0A024RC89 (2<-1) ABHD2
ENSRNOP00000047416 ABHD3 D4A3D4 Abhd3 Abhd3 Q91ZH7 (1<-1) Abhd3 ABHD3 Q8WU67 (1<-1) ABHD3
ENSRNOP00000012837 ABHD4 D3ZAW4 Abhd4 Abhd4 Q3U7M5 (1<-1) Abhd4 ABHD4 Q8TB40 (1<-1) ABHD4
ENSRNOP00000000239 ABHD5 Q6QA69 Abhd5 Abhd5 Q9DBL9 (1<-1) Abhd5 ABHD5 Q8WTS1 (1<-1) ABHD5
ENSRNOP00000012271 ABHD6 Q5XI64 Abhd6 Abhd6 Q8R2Y0 (1<-1) Abhd6 ABHD6 A0A024R323 (1<-1) ABHD6
ENSRNOP00000054381 ABI1 A2VD09 Abi1 Abi1 Q8CBW3 (1<-1) Abi1 ABI1 Q8IZP0-9 (1<-1) ABI1
ENSRNOP00000007897 ABI3 Q6AYC6 Abi3 Abi3 Q8BZP5 (1<-1) ABI3 Q9P2A4 (1<-1) ABI3
ENSRNOP00000018694 ABLIM1 F1LWK7 Ablim1 Ablim1 E9QK41 (1<-1) Ablim1 ABLIM1 O14639 (1<-1) ABLIM1
ENSRNOP00000026227 ABLIM3 F1M8U2 Ablim3 Ablim3 Q69ZX8 (1<-1) Ablim3 ABLIM3 O94929 (1<-1) ABLIM3
ENSRNOP00000038889 ABR A0A0G2JTR4 Abr Abr Q5SSL4 (1<-1) Abr ABR Q12979 (1<-1) ABR
ENSRNOP00000016618 ABRACL D3ZSL2 Abracl Abracl C6EQJ5 (1<-1) ABRACL Q9P1F3 (1<-1) ABRACL
ENSRNOP00000023648 ABT1 Q4KLM5 Abt1 Abt1 Q9QYL7 (1<-1) Abt1 ABT1 A0A024R029 (1<-1) ABT1
ENSRNOP00000021445 ABTB1 Q5XIU1 Abtb1 Abtb1 Q99LJ2 (1<-1) Abtb1 ABTB1 Q969K4 (1<-1) ABTB1
ENSRNOP00000038218 ABTB2 F1M979 Abtb2 Abtb2 Q3T9J9 (2<-1) Abtb2 ABTB2 Q8N961 (2<-1) ABTB2
ENSRNOP00000050691 ACAA1A F1LPD6 Acaa1b Acaa1a Q921H8 (1<-1) Acaa1a ACAA1 A0A024R2M6 (1<-1) ACAA1
ENSRNOP00000060140 ACAA2 G3V9U2 Acaa2 Acaa2 Q8BWT1 (1<-1) Acaa2 ACAA2 P42765 (1<-1) ACAA2
ENSRNOP00000049438 ACACA D3ZRA3 Acaca Acaca Q5SWU9-2 (2<-1) Acaca ACACA Q13085-4 (2<-1) ACACA
ENSRNOP00000060736 ACACB E9PSQ0 Acacb Acacb E9Q4Z2 (3<-1) Acacb ACACB O00763 (3<-1) ACACB
ENSRNOP00000054244 ACAD10 F1LSP2 Acad10 Acad10 Q8K370 (1<-1) Acad10 ACAD10 Q6JQN1 (1<-1) ACAD10
ENSRNOP00000036574 ACAD11 B3DMA2 Acad11 Acad11 Q80XL6 (1<-1) Acad11 ACAD11 Q709F0 (1<-1) ACAD11
ENSRNOP00000067711 ACAD8 M0RDK9 Acad8 Acad8 Q9D7B6 (1<-1) Acad8 ACAD8 Q9UKU7 (1<-1) ACAD8
ENSRNOP00000019108 ACAD9 B1WC61 Acad9 Acad9 Q8JZN5 (1<-1) Acad9 ACAD9 Q9H845 (1<-1) ACAD9
ENSRNOP00000017686 ACADL P15650 Acadl Acadl P51174 (1<-1) Acadl ACADL P28330 (1<-1) ACADL
ENSRNOP00000013238 ACADM G3V796 Acadm Acadm P45952 (1<-1) Acadm ACADM P11310 (1<-1) ACADM
ENSRNOP00000001556 ACADS P15651 Acads Acads Q07417 (1<-1) Acads ACADS E5KSD5 (1<-1) ACADS
ENSRNOP00000027999 ACADSB A0A0A0MY00 Acadsb Acadsb Q7TMY2 (1<-1) Acadsb ACADSB P45954 (1<-1) ACADSB
ENSRNOP00000024973 ACADVL Q5M9H2 Acadvl Acadvl P50544 (1<-1) Acadvl ACADVL P49748 (1<-1) ACADVL
ENSRNOP00000042691 ACAN D4A7Y1 Acan Acan Q61282 (2<-1) Acan
ENSRNOP00000030250 ACAP2 Q5FVC7 Acap2 Acap2 Q6ZQK5 (1<-1) Acap2 ACAP2 Q15057 (1<-1) ACAP2
ENSRNOP00000010573 ACAT1 P17764 Acat1 Acat1 Q8QZT1 (1<-1) Acat1 ACAT1 P24752 (1<-1) ACAT1
ENSRNOP00000059561 ACAT2 F1LS48 Acat2 Acat2 Q8CAY6 (3<-1) Acat2 ACAT2 Q9BWD1 (3<-1) ACAT2
ENSRNOP00000004293 ACBD3 Q7TNY6 Acbd3 Acbd3 Q3TJW1 (1<-1) Acbd3 ACBD3 A0A024R3P9 (1<-1) ACBD3
ENSRNOP00000004163 ACBD4 Q6DGF9 Acbd4 Acbd4 Q80X94 (1<-1) Acbd4 ACBD4 Q8NC06-2 (1<-1) ACBD4
ENSRNOP00000063354 ACBD5 A0FKI7-2 Acbd5 Acbd5 Q5XG73-3 (1<-1) Acbd5 ACBD5 Q5T8D3-2 (2<-1) ACBD5
ENSRNOP00000004772 ACBD6 Q5RJK8 Acbd6 Acbd6 Q14BV7 (1<-1) Acbd6 ACBD6 A0A024R915 (1<-1) ACBD6
ENSRNOP00000046777 ACCS F1LXH1 Accs Accs A2AIG8 (1<-1) Accs ACCS Q96QU6 (1<-1) ACCS
ENSRNOP00000063492 ACCSL Q157S1 Crtc1 Accsl Q3UX83 (1<-1) Accsl ACCSL Q4AC99 (1<-1) ACCSL
ENSRNOP00000047913 ACE2 Q5EGZ1 Ace2 Ace2 Q3URC9 (1<-1) Ace2 ACE2 Q9BYF1 (1<-1) ACE2
ENSRNOP00000010627 ACE3 A0A0A0MXV4 Ace3 Ace Q3TU20 (1<-1) Ace ACE P12821 (1<-1) ACE
ENSRNOP00000010056 ACER2 D3ZNW4 Acer2 Acer2 Q8VD53 (1<-1) Acer2 ACER2 Q5QJU3 (1<-1) ACER2
ENSRNOP00000019987 ACER3 F1M6P3 Acer3 Acer3 Q9D099 (1<-1) Acer3 ACER3 Q9NUN7 (1<-1) ACER3
ENSRNOP00000064185 ACHE M0R4A5 Ache Ache Q543Z1 (2<-1) Ache ACHE P22303 (2<-1) ACHE
ENSRNOP00000018982 ACIN1 E9PST5 Acin1 Acin1 Q9JIX8 (1<-1) Acin1 ACIN1 Q9UKV3 (1<-1) ACIN1
ENSRNOP00000023447 ACLY G3V888 Acly Acly Q3V117 (1<-1) Acly ACLY Q4LE36 (1<-1) ACLY variant protein
ENSRNOP00000005206 ACMSD F8WFI2 Acmsd Acmsd Q8R519 (1<-1) Acmsd ACMSD Q8TDX5 (1<-1) ACMSD
ENSRNOP00000015286 ACN9 Q6TUF2 Sdhaf3 Sdhaf3 Q0VF92 (1<-1) Sdhaf3 SDHAF3 Q9NRP4 (1<-1) SDHAF3
ENSRNOP00000056642 ACNAT2 Q5FVR5 Acnat2 Acnat2 Q8BGG9 (1<-1) Acnat2 BAAT Q14032 (3<-1) BAAT
ENSRNOP00000008337 ACO1 G3V6S2 Aco1 Aco1 P28271 (1<-1) Aco1 ACO1 V9HWB7 (1<-1) HEL60
ENSRNOP00000029144 ACO2 Q9ER34 Aco2 Aco2 Q99KI0 (1<-1) Aco2 ACO2 Q99798 (1<-1) ACO2
ENSRNOP00000013729 ACOT1 O88267 Acot1 Acot1 O55137 (1<-1) Acot1 ACOT1 E9KL42 (3<-1)
ENSRNOP00000010396 ACOT11 F1LX28 Acot11 Acot11 Q543P6 (1<-1) Acot11 ACOT11 Q8WXI4-2 (1<-1) ACOT11
ENSRNOP00000021675 ACOT12 A0A0G2KAU8 Acot12 Acot12 A2RSC2 (1<-1) Acot12 ACOT12 Q8WYK0 (1<-1) ACOT12
ENSRNOP00000024878 ACOT13 D3ZA93 Acot13 Acot13 Q4VA32 (1<-1) Acot13 ACOT13 Q9NPJ3 (1<-1) ACOT13
ENSRNOP00000013515 ACOT2 Q6IMX8 Acot2 Acot2 Q9QYR9 (1<-1) Acot2 ACOT2 P49753 (1<-1) ACOT2
ENSRNOP00000048520 ACOT3 A0A0G2K4M8 Acot3 Acot3 Q53YL1 (1<-1) Acot3 ACOT2 P49753 (2<-1) ACOT2
ENSRNOP00000013754 ACOT4 D3ZIQ1 Acot4 Acot4 Q14DI6 (1<-1) Acot4 ACOT4 Q8N9L9 (1<-1) ACOT4
ENSRNOP00000013760 ACOT5 A1A5R4 Acot5 Acot5 Q6Q2Z6 (1<-1) Acot5
ENSRNOP00000000079 ACOT7 Q64559-1 Acot7 Acot7 Q91V12-4 (1<-1) Acot7 ACOT7 O00154-7 (1<-1) ACOT7
ENSRNOP00000020740 ACOT8 F7F557 Acot8 Acot8 Q3U965 (1<-1) Acot8 ACOT8 O14734 (1<-1) ACOT8
ENSRNOP00000005033 ACOT9 Q5U2X8 Acot9 Acot9 Q9R0X4 (1<-1) Acot9 ACOT9 Q9Y305 (1<-1) ACOT9
ENSRNOP00000051538 ACOX1 F1LQC1 Acox1 Acox1 Q9R0H0 (1<-1) Acox1 ACOX1 Q15067 (1<-1) ACOX1
ENSRNOP00000010260 ACOX2 F1LNW3 Acox2 Acox2 Q9QXD1 (1<-1) Acox2 ACOX2 Q99424 (1<-1) ACOX2
ENSRNOP00000042002 ACOX3 F1M9A7 Acox3 Acox3 Q9EPL9 (1<-1) Acox3 ACOX3 O15254 (1<-1) ACOX3
ENSRNOP00000007287 ACP1 P41498 Acp1 Acp1 Q4VAI2 (1<-1) Acp1 ACP1 P24666 (1<-1) ACP1
ENSRNOP00000018620 ACP2 Q642D2 Acp2 Acp2 P24638 (1<-1) Acp2 ACP2 P11117 (1<-1) ACP2
ENSRNOP00000066364 ACP5 P29288 Acp5 Acp5 Q05117 (2<-1) Acp5 ACP5 A0A024R7F8 (2<-1) ACP5
ENSRNOP00000044125 ACP6 Q4FZU0 Acp6 Acp6 Q8BP40 (1<-1) Acp6 ACP6 Q9NPH0 (1<-1) ACP6
ENSRNOP00000017085 ACPL2 Q66H78 Pxylp1 Pxylp1 Q8BHA9 (1<-1) Pxylp1 PXYLP1 B7Z3R9 (1<-1) PXYLP1
ENSRNOP00000016222 ACPP A0A0G2JSL5 Acpp Acpp Q8CE08 (1<-1) Acpp ACPP P15309-2 (1<-1) ACPP
ENSRNOP00000016104 ACSBG1 Q924N5 Acsbg1 Acsbg1 Q99PU5 (1<-1) Acsbg1 ACSBG1 Q96GR2 (1<-1) ACSBG1
ENSRNOP00000066937 ACSBG2 A1L1K7 Acsbg2 Acsbg2 Q2XU92 (1<-1) Acsbg2 ACSBG2 Q5FVE4 (1<-1) ACSBG2
ENSRNOP00000004673 ACSF2 Q499N5 Acsf2 Acsf2 Q8VCW8 (1<-1) Acsf2 ACSF2 Q96CM8 (1<-1) ACSF2
ENSRNOP00000020313 ACSF3 D3ZUX7 Acsf3 Acsf3 Q3URE1 (1<-1) Acsf3 ACSF3 Q4G176 (1<-1) ACSF3
ENSRNOP00000014235 ACSL1 P18163 Acsl1 Acsl1 P41216 (1<-1) Acsl1 ACSL1 P33121 (1<-1) ACSL1
ENSRNOP00000020161 ACSL3 Q63151 Acsl3 Acsl3 Q9CZW4 (1<-1) Acsl3 ACSL3 A0A024R497 (1<-1) ACSL3
ENSRNOP00000026057 ACSL4 O35547 Acsl4 Acsl4 Q9QUJ7 (1<-1) Acsl4 ACSL4 O60488-2 (1<-1) ACSL4
ENSRNOP00000022126 ACSL5 F1LPB3 Acsl5 Acsl5 Q3UC67 (1<-1) Acsl5 ACSL5 Q9ULC5 (1<-1) ACSL5
ENSRNOP00000055608 ACSL6 P33124-2 Acsl6 Acsl6 Q5F2D0 (1<-1) Acsl6 ACSL6 Q9UKU0-1 (1<-1) ACSL6
ENSRNOP00000051958 ACSM1 B5DFA3 Acsm1 Acsm1 Q91VA0 (1<-1) Acsm1 ACSM1 Q08AH1 (1<-1) ACSM1
ENSRNOP00000020587 ACSM2A A0A0G2JSN9 Acsm2a Acsm2 Q8K0L3-2 (1<-1) Acsm2 ACSM2B Q68CK6 (1<-1) ACSM2B
ENSRNOP00000020039 ACSM3 Q6SKG1 Acsm3 Acsm3 Q3UNX5 (1<-1) Acsm3 ACSM3 Q53FZ2 (1<-1) ACSM3
ENSRNOP00000031354 ACSM4 Q7TN78 Acsm4 Acsm4 Q80W40 (1<-1) Acsm4 ACSM4 P0C7M7 (1<-1) ACSM4
ENSRNOP00000047613 ACSM5 Q6AYT9 Acsm5 Acsm5 Q8BGA8 (1<-1) Acsm5 ACSM5 Q6NUN0 (1<-1) ACSM5
ENSRNOP00000009627 ACSS1 D3ZZN3 Acss1 Acss1 Q69Z91 (1<-1) Acss1 ACSS1 Q9NUB1 (1<-1) ACSS1
ENSRNOP00000059987 ACSS2 G3V9U0 Acss2 Acss2 Q9QXG4 (1<-1) Acss2 ACSS2 Q9NR19 (1<-1) ACSS2
ENSRNOP00000062459 ACSS3 D3ZGU2 Acss3 Acss3 Q14DH7-2 (1<-1) Acss3 ACSS3 Q9H6R3 (2<-1) ACSS3
ENSRNOP00000024084 ACTA1 P68136 Acta1 Acta1 P68134 (1<-1) Acta1 ACTA1 P68133 (1<-1) ACTA1
ENSRNOP00000044296 ACTB P60711 Actb Actb B2RRX1 (1<-1) Actb ACTB Q1KLZ0 (1<-1) PS1TP5BP1
ENSRNOP00000059847 ACTBL2 D3ZRN3 Actbl2 Actbl2 Q8BFZ3 (1<-1) Actbl2 ACTBL2 Q562R1 (1<-1) ACTBL2
ENSRNOP00000011773 ACTC1 P68035 Actc1 Actc1 Q497E4 (1<-1) Actc1 ACTC1 P68032 (1<-1) ACTC1
ENSRNOP00000015460 ACTL6A Q4KM87 Actl6a Actl6a Q505L1 (1<-1) Actl6a ACTL6A O96019 (1<-1) ACTL6A
ENSRNOP00000061058 ACTN1 Q9Z1P2 Actn1 Actn1 Q7TPR4 (1<-1) Actn1 ACTN1 A0A024R694 (1<-1) ACTN1
ENSRNOP00000024098 ACTN2 D3ZCV0 Actn2 Actn2 Q9JI91 (1<-1) Actn2 ACTN2 P35609 (1<-1) ACTN2
ENSRNOP00000026812 ACTN3 Q8R4I6 Actn3 Actn3 O88990 (1<-1) Actn3 ACTN3 B2R8Y4 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000027773 ACTN4 Q9QXQ0 Actn4 Actn4 Q1A602 (1<-1) Actn4 ACTN4 O43707 (1<-1) ACTN4
ENSRNOP00000010300 ACTR10 Q5M9F7 Actr10 Actr10 Q9QZB7 (1<-1) Actr10 ACTR10 Q9NZ32 (1<-1) ACTR10
ENSRNOP00000026792 ACTR1A P85515 Actr1a Actr1a P61164 (1<-1) Actr1a ACTR1A P61163 (1<-1) ACTR1A
ENSRNOP00000022779 ACTR1B B2RYJ7 Actr1b Actr1b Q8R5C5 (1<-1) Actr1b ACTR1B P42025 (1<-1) ACTR1B
ENSRNOP00000006607 ACTR2 Q5M7U6 Actr2 Actr2 Q5SW83 (1<-1) Actr2 ACTR2 P61160 (1<-1) ACTR2
ENSRNOP00000004520 ACTR3 Q4V7C7 Actr3 Actr3 Q3ULF7 (1<-1) Actr3 ACTR3 A0A024RAI1 (1<-1) ACTR3
ENSRNOP00000036100 ACTR5 D3ZAQ1 Actr5 Actr5 A0A0A0MQ89 (1<-1) Actr5 ACTR5 Q9H9F9 (1<-1) ACTR5
ENSRNOP00000010414 ACTR6 B2RYQ1 Actr6 Actr6 Q9D864 (1<-1) Actr6 ACTR6 Q9GZN1 (1<-1) ACTR6
ENSRNOP00000020750 ACTR8 D3ZVT1 Actr8 Actr8 Q8R2S9 (1<-1) Actr8 ACTR8 Q9H981 (1<-1) ACTR8
ENSRNOP00000053759 ACTRT1 Q5XIK1 Actrt1 Actrt1 Q9D9J3 (1<-1) Actrt1 ACTRT1 Q8TDG2 (2<-1) ACTRT1
ENSRNOP00000006963 ACVR1 P80201 Acvr1 Acvr1 P37172 (1<-1) Acvr1 ACVR1 D3DPA4 (1<-1) ACVR1
ENSRNOP00000007404 ACVR2A F1MA24 Acvr2a Acvr2a A2AI38 (1<-1) Acvr2a ACVR2A P27037 (1<-1) ACVR2A
ENSRNOP00000015852 ACY1 Q6AYS7 Acy1a Acy1 Q99JW2 (1<-1) Acy1 ACY1 V9HWA0 (1<-1) HEL-S-5
ENSRNOP00000024112 ACY3 Q5M876 Acy3 Acy3 Q91XE4 (1<-1) Acy3 ACY3 A0A024R5L2 (1<-1) ACY3
ENSRNOP00000009086 ACYP1 D4A6X4 Acyp1 Acyp1 E9QJT5 (1<-1) Acyp1 ACYP1 G3V2U7 (1<-1) ACYP1
ENSRNOP00000061028 ACYP2 P35745 Acyp2 Acyp2 P56375 (1<-1) Acyp2 ACYP2 P14621 (1<-1) ACYP2
ENSRNOP00000014151 ADA Q920P6 Ada Ada Q4FK28 (1<-1) Ada ADA X5D767 (1<-1) ADA
ENSRNOP00000023282 ADAD1 Q3KR54 Adad1 Adad1 Q5SUE7 (1<-1) Adad1 ADAD1 Q96M93 (1<-1) ADAD1
ENSRNOP00000021066 ADAM10 A0A0G2K562 Adam10 Adam10 O35598 (2<-1) Adam10 ADAM10 A0A024R5U5 (2<-1) ADAM10
ENSRNOP00000010648 ADAM17 G3V711 Adam17 Adam17 B2RRI1 (1<-1) Adam17 ADAM17 B2RNB2 (1<-1) ADAM17
ENSRNOP00000023805 ADAM18 P97776 Adam18 Adam18 A6H649 (1<-1) Adam18 ADAM18 Q9Y3Q7 (1<-1) ADAM18
ENSRNOP00000008184 ADAM19 D3ZPM7 Adam19 Adam19 Q3UHT3 (1<-1) Adam19 ADAM19 Q9H013-2 (1<-1) ADAM19
ENSRNOP00000042857 ADAM23 D3ZT36 Adam23 Adam23 Q9R1V7-2 (1<-1) Adam23 ADAM23 E7EWD3 (1<-1) ADAM23
ENSRNOP00000040040 ADAM24 F1LW54 Adam24 Adam24 Q9R160 (1<-1) Adam24 ADAM20 O43506 (3<-1) ADAM20
ENSRNOP00000044741 ADAM9 E9PTA4 Adam9 Adam9 Q3UG15 (1<-1) Adam9 ADAM9 Q13443 (1<-1) ADAM9
ENSRNOP00000037152 ADAMDEC1 D3ZW34 Adamdec1 Adamdec1 Q3U0T4 (1<-1) Adamdec1 ADAMDEC1 O15204 (1<-1) ADAMDEC1
ENSRNOP00000002187 ADAMTS1 Q63191 Mamdc4 Adamts1 P97857 (1<-1) Adamts1 ADAMTS1 Q9UHI8 (1<-1) ADAMTS1
ENSRNOP00000007640 ADAMTS13 D4A0T9 Adamts13 Adamts13 Q769J6 (1<-1) Adamts13 ADAMTS13 Q76LX8 (1<-1) ADAMTS13
ENSRNOP00000057209 ADAMTS3 D4AD55 Adamts3 Adamts3 G3X9D2 (1<-1) Adamts3 ADAMTS3 O15072 (1<-1) ADAMTS3
ENSRNOP00000060069 ADAMTS7 Q1EHB3-2 Adamts7 Adamts7 Q68SA9 (2<-1) Adamts7 ADAMTS7 Q9UKP4 (2<-1) ADAMTS7
ENSRNOP00000063998 ADAMTSL4 Q4FZU4 Adamtsl4 Adamtsl4 Q80T21 (1<-1) Adamtsl4 ADAMTSL4 Q6UY14 (1<-1) ADAMTSL4
ENSRNOP00000001736 ADAP1 O88768 Adap1 Adap1 E9PY16 (1<-1) Adap1 ADAP1 O75689 (1<-1) ADAP1
ENSRNOP00000053112 ADAP2 D3ZQG5 Adap2 Adap2 Q5SSK2 (1<-1) Adap2 ADAP2 Q9NPF8 (1<-1) ADAP2
ENSRNOP00000028181 ADAR G3V8T3 Adar Adar Q99MU3 (1<-1) Adar ADAR P55265 (1<-1) ADAR
ENSRNOP00000047468 ADARB2 F1LSW5 Adarb2 Adarb2 Q9JI20 (1<-1) Adarb2 ADARB2 Q9NS39 (1<-1) ADARB2
ENSRNOP00000026309 ADAT1 D4ADL5 Adat1 Adat1 Q9JHI2 (1<-1) Adat1 ADAT1 Q9BUB4 (1<-1) ADAT1
ENSRNOP00000066415 ADAT2 M0RA73 Adat2 Adat2 Q6P6J0 (1<-1) Adat2 ADAT2 Q7Z6V5 (1<-1) ADAT2
ENSRNOP00000059346 ADC D4A693 Azin2 Azin2 B2RSR5 (2<-1) Azin2 AZIN2 Q96A70 (2<-1) AZIN2
ENSRNOP00000016962 ADCK1 D3ZRJ0 Adck1 Adck1 Q9D0L4 (1<-1) Adck1 ADCK1 Q86TW2-3 (1<-1) ADCK1
ENSRNOP00000013277 ADCK2 D3ZRE6 Adck2 Adck2 Q6NSR3 (1<-1) Adck2 ADCK2 A4D1T6 (1<-1) ADCK2
ENSRNOP00000036948 ADCK3 Q5BJQ0 Adck3 Adck3 Q60936 (1<-1) Adck3 ADCK3 A0A024R3S3 (1<-1) CABC1
ENSRNOP00000028290 ADCK4 Q6AY19 Adck4 Adck4 Q566J8 (1<-1) Adck4 ADCK4 Q96D53 (1<-1) ADCK4
ENSRNOP00000048745 ADCK5 G3V9I7 Adck5 Adck5 E0CXW2 (1<-1) Adck5 ADCK5 Q3MIX3 (1<-1) ADCK5
ENSRNOP00000038994 ADCY2 F1LV12 Adcy2 Adcy2 Q3V1Q3 (1<-1) Adcy2 ADCY2 B4E1Z0 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000005389 ADCY3 G3V6I2 Adcy3 Adcy3 Q8VHH7 (1<-1) Adcy3 ADCY3 B7ZLX9 (1<-1) ADCY3
ENSRNOP00000046488 ADCY5 G3V9G1 Adcy5 Adcy5 P84309 (1<-1) Adcy5 ADCY5 O95622 (1<-1) ADCY5
ENSRNOP00000016624 ADCY6 A0A0G2K429 Adcy6 Adcy6 F8VQ52 (1<-1) Adcy6 ADCY6 O43306 (1<-1) ADCY6
ENSRNOP00000064773 ADCY9 M0R5U4 Adcy9 Adcy9 P51830 (2<-1) Adcy9 ADCY9 O60503 (2<-1) ADCY9
ENSRNOP00000018072 ADD1 A0A0G2JSM7 Add1 Add1 Q8K232 (1<-1) Add1 ADD1 P35611 (1<-1) ADD1
ENSRNOP00000021491 ADD2 F8WFS9 Add2 Add2 Q9QYB8 (1<-1) Add2 ADD2 P35612 (1<-1) ADD2
ENSRNOP00000043399 ADD3 G3V9D7 Add3 Add3 Q05C56 (1<-1) Add3 ADD3 Q59EK1 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000016346 ADH1 Q8K571 Adh1 Adh1 Q3UKA4 (2<-1) Adh1 ADH1C A0A024RDI5 (2<-1) ADH1B
ENSRNOP00000016891 ADH4 A1L128 Adh4 Adh4 Q496S1 (1<-1) Adh4 ADH4 A0A024RDF8 (1<-1) ADH4
ENSRNOP00000017252 ADH5 P12711 Adh5 Adh5 Q6P5I3 (1<-1) Adh5 ADH5 Q6FI45 (1<-1) ADH5
ENSRNOP00000030638 ADH6 Q5XI95 Adh6 ADH6 A0A0A0MS56 (1<-1) ADH6
ENSRNOP00000015870 ADH7 G3V7J9 Adh7 Adh7 Q9D748 (1<-1) Adh7 ADH7 P40394 (1<-1) ADH7
ENSRNOP00000009462 ADHFE1 Q4QQW3 Adhfe1 Adhfe1 Q8R0N6 (1<-1) Adhfe1 ADHFE1 Q8IWW8 (1<-1) ADHFE1
ENSRNOP00000011952 ADI1 Q562C9 Adi1 Adi1 Q99JT9 (1<-1) Adi1 ADI1 Q9BV57 (1<-1) ADI1
ENSRNOP00000002492 ADIPOQ Q8K3R4 Adipoq Adipoq Q60994 (1<-1) Adipoq ADIPOQ A8K660 (1<-1) ADIPOQ
ENSRNOP00000005551 ADIPOR1 G3V6I6 Adipor1 Adipor1 Q53YY4 (1<-1) Adipor1 ADIPOR1 Q96A54 (1<-1) ADIPOR1
ENSRNOP00000010556 ADIPOR2 G3V707 Adipor2 Adipor2 Q53YY3 (1<-1) Adipor2 ADIPOR2 Q86V24 (1<-1) ADIPOR2
ENSRNOP00000016709 ADK A0A0G2JSL8 Adk Adk P55264 (1<-1) Adk ADK P55263 (1<-1) ADK
ENSRNOP00000014595 ADNP Q9JKL8 Adnp Adnp Q9Z103 (1<-1) Adnp ADNP Q9H2P0 (1<-1) ADNP
ENSRNOP00000000791 ADO P54757-2 Epha5 Ado Q6PDY2 (1<-1) Ado ADO Q96SZ5 (1<-1) ADO
ENSRNOP00000001759 ADORA2A P30543 Adora2a Adora2a Q60613 (1<-1) Adora2a ADORA2A X5DNB4 (1<-1) ADORA2A
ENSRNOP00000013022 ADPGK G3V784 Adpgk Adpgk Q8VDL4 (1<-1) Adpgk ADPGK Q9BRR6 (1<-1) ADPGK
ENSRNOP00000034815 ADPRH Q02589 Adprh Adprh Q3U5N4 (1<-1) Adprh ADPRH P54922 (1<-1) ADPRH
ENSRNOP00000014586 ADPRHL2 B0K017 Adprhl2 Adprhl2 Q8CG72 (1<-1) Adprhl2 ADPRHL2 Q9NX46 (1<-1) ADPRHL2
ENSRNOP00000004560 ADPRM Q5M886 Adprm Adprm Q99KS6 (1<-1) Adprm ADPRM W0NWJ0 (1<-1) ADPRM
ENSRNOP00000066242 ADRA2A P22909 Adra2a Adra2a Q3URE6 (1<-1) Adra2a ADRA2A P08913 (1<-1) ADRA2A
ENSRNOP00000018584 ADRA2B P19328 Adra2b Adra2b F8VQ23 (1<-1) Adra2b ADRA2B P18089 (1<-1) ADRA2B
ENSRNOP00000025847 ADRBK1 F1LMA4 Adrbk1 Adrbk1 Q3U1V3 (1<-1) Adrbk1 ADRBK1 P25098 (1<-1) ADRBK1
ENSRNOP00000010087 ADRM1 Q9JMB5 Adrm1 Gm9774 A0A0A6YVU8 (1<-1) Gm9774 ADRM1 Q16186 (1<-1) ADRM1
ENSRNOP00000025193 ADSL D3ZW08 Adsl Adsl P54822 (1<-1) Adsl ADSL X5D8S6 (1<-1) ADSL
ENSRNOP00000005961 ADSS D4AEP0 Adss Adss B9EIE9 (1<-1) Adss ADSS A0A024R5Q7 (1<-1) ADSS
ENSRNOP00000064866 ADSSL1 M0R629 Adssl1 Adssl1 Q3UBP0 (1<-1) Adssl1 ADSSL1 Q8N142 (1<-1) ADSSL1
ENSRNOP00000057148 ADTRP Q5M828 Adtrp Adtrp Q8C138 (1<-1) Adtrp ADTRP Q96IZ2 (1<-1) ADTRP
ENSRNOP00000018846 AEBP1 A0A0H2UHL3 Aebp1 Aebp1 Q640N1 (1<-1) Aebp1 AEBP1 Q8IUX7 (1<-1) AEBP1
ENSRNOP00000064164 AFAP1L2 M0R484 Afap1l2 Afap1l2 Q5DTU0 (1<-1) Afap1l2 AFAP1L2 Q8N4X5 (1<-1) AFAP1L2
ENSRNOP00000062389 AFF1 D3ZBU5 Aff1 Aff1 E9Q921 (2<-1) Aff1
ENSRNOP00000009440 AFF4 D3ZSX2 Aff4 Aff4 Q9ESC8 (1<-1) Aff4 AFF4 Q9UHB7 (1<-1) AFF4
ENSRNOP00000037053 AFG3L1 D3ZZ20 Afg3l1 Afg3l1 Q920A7 (1<-1) Afg3l1 AFG3L2 D3DUJ0 (2<-1) AFG3L2
ENSRNOP00000024632 AFG3L2 F1LN92 Afg3l2 Afg3l2 Q8JZQ2 (1<-1) Afg3l2 AFG3L2 Q9Y4W6 (1<-1) AFG3L2
ENSRNOP00000057275 AFM G3V9R9 Afm Afm O89020 (1<-1) Afm AFM P43652 (1<-1) AFM
ENSRNOP00000067187 AFMID M0RC77 Afmid Afmid Q8K4H1 (1<-1) Afmid AFMID Q63HM1 (1<-1) AFMID
ENSRNOP00000053783 AFTPH D3ZQQ1 Aftph Aftph Q80WT5 (1<-1) Aftph AFTPH Q6ULP2-4 (1<-1) AFTPH
ENSRNOP00000000120 AGA P30919 Aga Aga A2RSS6 (1<-1) Aga AGA P20933 (1<-1) AGA
ENSRNOP00000029533 AGAP2 Q8CGU4 Agap2 Agap2 Q3UHD9 (1<-1) Agap2 AGAP2 F8VVT9 (1<-1) AGAP2
ENSRNOP00000063846 AGAP3 G3V9Z5 Agap3 Agap3 Q8VHH5 (3<-1) Agap3 AGAP3 Q96P47-2 (2<-1) AGAP3
ENSRNOP00000011635 AGBL5 B2GV17 Agbl5 Agbl5 Q09M02-2 (1<-1) Agbl5 AGBL5 Q8NDL9-2 (1<-1) AGBL5
ENSRNOP00000000508 AGER Q6MG86 Ager Ager O35444 (1<-1) Ager AGER E9LVY5 (1<-1) AGER
ENSRNOP00000021309 AGFG1 F1M9N7 Agfg1 Agfg1 Q8K2K6 (1<-1) Agfg1 AGFG1 P52594 (1<-1) AGFG1
ENSRNOP00000060786 AGFG2 D3ZNK4 Agfg2 Agfg2 Q3U2K8 (2<-1) Agfg2 AGFG2 A4D2D6 (2<-1) HRBL
ENSRNOP00000047981 AGGF1 F1MAK0 Aggf1 Aggf1 Q7TN31 (1<-1) Aggf1 AGGF1 Q8N302 (1<-1) AGGF1
ENSRNOP00000015744 AGK D3Z9L0 Agk Agk Q9ESW4 (1<-1) Agk AGK A4D1U5 (1<-1) FLJ10842
ENSRNOP00000052593 AGL D4AEH9 Agl Agl F8VPN4 (1<-1) Agl AGL P35573 (1<-1) AGL
ENSRNOP00000016646 AGMAT Q0D2L3 Agmat Agmat A2AS89 (1<-1) Agmat AGMAT A0A024QZ78 (1<-1) AGMAT
ENSRNOP00000029816 AGMO A0JPQ8 Agmo Agmo Q8BS35 (1<-1) Agmo AGMO X5D773 (1<-1) AGMO
ENSRNOP00000036978 AGO1 D4AC38 Ago1 Ago1 Q8CJG1 (1<-1) Ago1 AGO1 Q9UL18 (1<-1) AGO1
ENSRNOP00000011898 AGO2 F1LRP7 Ago2 Ago2 Q8CJG0 (1<-1) Ago2 AGO2 Q9UKV8 (1<-1) AGO2
ENSRNOP00000050518 AGO3 F1LUS2 Ago3 Ago3 Q8CJF9 (1<-1) Ago3 AGO3 Q9H9G7 (1<-1) AGO3
ENSRNOP00000000500 AGPAT1 Q6MG85 Agpat1 Agpat1 O35083 (1<-1) Agpat1 AGPAT1 A0A024RCV5 (1<-1) AGPAT1
ENSRNOP00000026408 AGPAT2 D4AC45 Agpat2 Agpat2 Q059U0 (1<-1) Agpat2 AGPAT2 A0A024R8I7 (1<-1) AGPAT2
ENSRNOP00000001602 AGPAT3 G3V648 Agpat3 Agpat3 Q9D517 (1<-1) Agpat3 AGPAT3 Q9NRZ7 (1<-1) AGPAT3
ENSRNOP00000024213 AGPAT4 Q924S1 Agpat4 Agpat4 Q8K4X7 (2<-1) Agpat4 AGPAT4 Q9NRZ5 (2<-1) AGPAT4
ENSRNOP00000037069 AGPAT5 G3V965 Agpat5 Agpat5 Q9D1E8 (1<-1) Agpat5 AGPAT5 A0A024R640 (1<-1) AGPAT5
ENSRNOP00000024392 AGPAT6 Q0ZFS7 Agpat6 Gpat4 Q8K2C8 (1<-1) Agpat6 GPAT4 Q2TU73 (1<-1) AGPAT6
ENSRNOP00000002936 AGPAT9 Q4V8J4 Agpat9 Agpat9 Q8C0N2 (1<-1) Agpat9 GPAT3 A0A024RDG5 (1<-1) HMFN0839
ENSRNOP00000002111 AGPS F1M9Q8 Agps Agps Q8C0I1 (1<-1) Agps AGPS O00116 (1<-1) AGPS
ENSRNOP00000050623 AGRN F1LPF2 Agrn Agrn M0QWP1 (1<-1) Agrn AGRN O00468 (1<-1) AGRN
ENSRNOP00000024917 AGT P01015 Agt Agt Q8VCN0 (1<-1) Agt AGT Q59EP2 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000034687 AGTR1A P25095 Agtr1 Agtr1a P29754 (1<-1) Agtr1a AGTR1 A0A0A0MSE3 (1<-1) AGTR1
ENSRNOP00000011747 AGTRAP Q642A2 Agtrap Agtrap Q9WVK0 (1<-1) Agtrap AGTRAP Q6RW13 (1<-2) AGTRAP
ENSRNOP00000030340 AGXT P09139 Agxt Agxt O35423 (1<-1) Agxt AGXT P21549 (1<-1) AGXT
ENSRNOP00000024035 AGXT2 Q64565 Agxt2 Agxt2 B7ZP16 (1<-1) Agxt2 AGXT2 B2RBJ5 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000037261 AHCTF1 A0A0G2K160 Ahctf1 Ahctf1 Q8CJF7 (1<-1) Ahctf1 AHCTF1 Q8WYP5-3 (2<-1) AHCTF1
ENSRNOP00000024310 AHCY P10760 Ahcy Gm4737 Q3TF14 (1<-1) Ahcy AHCY P23526 (1<-1) AHCY
ENSRNOP00000059145 AHCYL1 B5DFN2 Ahcyl1 Ahcyl1 Q80SW1 (3<-1) Ahcyl1 AHCYL1 A0A024R0A8 (3<-1) AHCYL1
ENSRNOP00000025165 AHCYL2 D3ZWL6 Ahcyl2 Ahcyl2 F8WGT1 (1<-1) Ahcyl2 AHCYL2 Q96HN2-2 (1<-1) AHCYL2
ENSRNOP00000019077 AHI1 F1M9F9 Ahi1 Ahi1 E9QP54 (1<-1) Ahi1 AHI1 Q8N157 (1<-1) AHI1
ENSRNOP00000066103 AHNAK A0A0G2JU96 Ahnak AHNAK Q09666 (1<-1) AHNAK
ENSRNOP00000006618 AHR G3V6M2 Ahr Ahr P30561 (1<-1) Ahr AHR A0A024R9Z8 (1<-1) AHR
ENSRNOP00000065600 AHSA1 B0BN63 Ahsa1 Ahsa1 Q8BK64 (1<-1) Ahsa1 AHSA1 O95433 (1<-1) AHSA1
ENSRNOP00000053698 AHSA2 A0A0G2K7W5 Ahsa2 Ahsa2 Q8N9S3-2 (2<-1) Ahsa2 AHSA2 Q719I0 (3<-1) AHSA2
ENSRNOP00000055223 AHSG P24090 Ahsg Ahsg Q3UEK9 (1<-1) Ahsg AHSG P02765 (1<-1) AHSG
ENSRNOP00000019959 AI314180 F1M446 AI314180 AI314180 Q6PDI5-2 (1<-1) Ecm29 KIAA0368 Q5VYK3 (1<-1) ECM29
ENSRNOP00000064397 AI462493 P0CD94 Uqcc3 Uqcc3 Q3V2E3 (1<-1) Uqcc3 UQCC3 Q6UW78 (1<-1) UQCC3
ENSRNOP00000004961 AIDA B1WBV1 Aida Aida Q8C4Q6 (1<-1) Aida AIDA Q96BJ3 (1<-1) AIDA
ENSRNOP00000001138 AIF1 P55009 Aif1
ENSRNOP00000008503 AIFM1 Q9JM53 Aifm1 Aifm1 Q9Z0X1 (1<-1) Aifm1 AIFM1 O95831 (1<-1) AIFM1
ENSRNOP00000033692 AIFM2 D4AA14 Aifm2 Aifm2 Q8BUE4 (1<-1) Aifm2 AIFM2 Q9BRQ8 (1<-1) AIFM2
ENSRNOP00000039627 AIG1 B2RZC0 Aig1 Aig1 Q3TS32 (1<-1) Aig1 AIG1 Q9NVV5-2 (1<-1) AIG1
ENSRNOP00000031671 AIM1 D3ZD79 Aim1 Aim1 A0A0G2JG52 (1<-1) Aim1 AIM1 A0A0J9YWL0 (1<-1) AIM1
ENSRNOP00000036435 AIM1L A0A0G2JVZ7 Aim1l Aim1l B2RWW9 (2<-1) Aim1l AIM1L E9PIR9 (1<-1) AIM1L
ENSRNOP00000015213 AIMP1 Q4G079 Aimp1 Aimp1 Q3UZG4 (1<-1) Aimp1 AIMP1 Q12904-2 (1<-1) AIMP1
ENSRNOP00000001379 AIMP2 Q32PX2 Aimp2 Aimp2 Q8R010 (1<-1) Aimp2 AIMP2 A0A024QZY1 (1<-1) JTV1
ENSRNOP00000000599 AIP Q5FWY5 Aip Aip O08915 (1<-1) Aip AIP G9I2H4 (1<-1) AIP
ENSRNOP00000017753 AJUBA Q5U2Z2 Ajuba Ajuba Q91XC0 (1<-1) Ajuba AJUBA Q96IF1 (1<-1) AJUBA
ENSRNOP00000067175 AK1 M0RC66 Ak1 Ak1 Q9R0Y5 (1<-1) Ak1 AK1 Q53EY8 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000020744 AK3 Q6P2A5 Ak3 Ak3 Q9WTP7 (1<-1) Ak3 AK3 Q9UIJ7 (1<-1) AK3
ENSRNOP00000065349 AK4 Q9WUS0 Ak4 Ak4 Q3U489 (1<-1) Ak4 AK4 P27144 (1<-1) AK4
ENSRNOP00000041773 AK7 A0A0G2JZ71 Ak7 Ak7 F8WIC0 (2<-1) Ak7 AK7 Q96M32 (2<-1) AK7
ENSRNOP00000052543 AKAP1 D4A9M6 Akap1 Akap1 O08715-4 (1<-1) Akap1 AKAP1 B4DN86 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000013333 AKAP11 F1LR81 Akap11 Akap11 E9Q777 (3<-1) Akap11 AKAP11 Q9UKA4 (3<-1) AKAP11
ENSRNOP00000057494 AKAP12 Q5QD51 Akap12 Akap12 B2RRE0 (1<-1) Akap12 AKAP12 Q02952 (1<-1) AKAP12
ENSRNOP00000014802 AKAP13 F1M3G7 Akap13 E9Q474 (1<-1) Akap13 AKAP13 Q12802-2 (1<-1) AKAP13
ENSRNOP00000032594 AKAP17A Q496Y9 Akap17a Akap17b A2A3V1 (2<-1) Akap17b AKAP17A Q05DA9 (2<-1) SFRS17A
ENSRNOP00000031627 AKAP17B D3ZDR8 Akap17b Akap17b A2A3V1 (1<-1) Akap17b AKAP17A Q02040 (1<-1) AKAP17A
ENSRNOP00000015576 AKAP2 F1LPQ9 Akap2 Akap2 O54931-2 (1<-1) Akap2 PALM2-AKAP2 B4E2K2 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000008416 AKAP5 F1LPP6 Akap5 Akap5 D3YVF0 (1<-1) Akap5 AKAP5 P24588 (1<-1) AKAP5
ENSRNOP00000006562 AKAP6 G3V6M0 Akap6 Akap6 E9Q9K8 (1<-1) Akap6 AKAP6 B2RP22 (1<-1) AKAP6
ENSRNOP00000017617 AKAP7 A0A0A0MXX1 Akap7 Akap7 Q7TN79 (1<-1) Akap7 AKAP7 Q9P0M2 (1<-1) AKAP7
ENSRNOP00000008827 AKAP8 Q63014 Akap8 Akap8 Q059U9 (1<-1) Akap8 AKAP8 Q8NE02 (1<-1) AKAP8
ENSRNOP00000008560 AKAP8L Q5U306 Akap8l Akap8l Q9R0L7 (1<-1) Akap8l AKAP8L Q9ULX6 (1<-1) AKAP8L
ENSRNOP00000010118 AKAP9 F1LPB4 Akap9 Akap9 E9QQ10 (1<-1) Akap9 AKAP9 Q99996-2 (2<-1) AKAP9
ENSRNOP00000010515 AKNA D3ZLV5 Akna Akna Q80VW7 (1<-1) Akna AKNA Q7Z591 (1<-1) AKNA
ENSRNOP00000023072 AKR1A1 P51635 Akr1a1 Akr1a1 Q540D7 (1<-1) Akr1a1 AKR1A1 V9HWI0 (1<-1) HEL-S-165mP
ENSRNOP00000012879 AKR1B1 P07943 Akr1b1 Akr1b3 Q5U415 (1<-1) Akr1b3 AKR1B1 A0A024R7A8 (1<-1) AKR1B1
ENSRNOP00000065713 AKR1B10 Q6AY99 Akr1b10 Akr1b10 G5E895 (1<-1) Akr1b10 AKR1B10 O60218 (2<-1) AKR1B10
ENSRNOP00000013423 AKR1B7 Q5RJP0 Akr1b7 Akr1b7 Q5M9J9 (1<-1) Akr1b7
ENSRNOP00000013073 AKR1B8 O70490 Acsm2 Akr1b8 P45377 (1<-1) Akr1b8 AKR1B10 O60218 (1<-1) AKR1B10
ENSRNOP00000055169 AKR1C1 Q3MHS3 Akr1c1 Akr1c6 Q3UEM0 (1<-1) Akr1c6 AKR1C1 Q04828 (1<-1) AKR1C1
ENSRNOP00000042421 AKR1C12 Q5I0M4 Akr1c12 Akr1c12 Q9JLI0 (2<-1) Akr1c12
ENSRNOP00000037905 AKR1C13 D3ZPY8 Akr1c13 Akr1c13 Q571M4 (1<-1) Akr1c13
ENSRNOP00000023835 AKR1C14 P23457 Akr1c9 Akr1c14 Q91WT7 (1<-1) Akr1c14
ENSRNOP00000045355 AKR1C2 Q6AYQ2 Akr1c21 Akr1c21 Q91WR5 (2<-1) Akr1c21
ENSRNOP00000023739 AKR1C3 P51652 Akr1c18 Akr1c18 Q3U538 (1<-1) Akr1c18 AKR1C3 A0A0A0MSS8 (2<-1) AKR1C3
ENSRNOP00000055113 AKR1CL D3ZF77 Akr1cl Akr1c20 Q8VC77 (3<-3) Akr1c20 AKR1C4 P17516 (2<-1) AKR1C4
ENSRNOP00000017675 AKR1D1 F1LML3 Akr1d1 Akr1d1 Q8VCX1 (1<-1) Akr1d1 AKR1D1 P51857 (1<-1) AKR1D1
ENSRNOP00000023133 AKR1E2 Q5U1Y4 Akr1e2 Akr1e1 Q9DCT1 (1<-1) Akr1e2 AKR1E2 Q96JD6 (1<-1) AKR1E2
ENSRNOP00000024063 AKR7A2 A0A0A0MXY9 Akr7a2 Akr7a5 Q8CG76 (1<-1) Akr7a2 AKR7A2 V9HWA2 (1<-1) HEL-S-166mP
ENSRNOP00000024160 AKR7A3 P38918 Akr7a3 Akr7a5 Q8CG76 (3<-1) Akr7a2 AKR7A3 O95154 (1<-1) AKR7A3
ENSRNOP00000038369 AKT1 P47196 Akt1 Akt1 P31750 (1<-1) Akt1 AKT1 B0LPE5 (1<-1) AKT1
ENSRNOP00000027478 AKT1S1 D3ZH75 Akt1s1 Akt1s1 E9QKI4 (1<-1) Akt1s1 AKT1S1 A0A024QZF6 (1<-1) AKT1S1
ENSRNOP00000025303 AKT2 Q3HSE5 Akt2 Akt2 Q3TY95 (1<-1) Akt2 AKT2 P31751 (1<-1) AKT2
ENSRNOP00000020625 ALAD P06214 Alad Alad P10518 (1<-1) Alad ALAD P13716 (1<-1) ALAD
ENSRNOP00000065087 ALAS1 Q2XTB1 Alas1 Alas1 Q3V0B2 (2<-1) Alas1 ALAS1 Q5JAM2 (2<-1) ALAS1
ENSRNOP00000000180 ALAS2 F1LVW9 Alas2 Alas2 A2AFM0 (1<-1) Alas2 ALAS2 P22557 (1<-1) ALAS2
ENSRNOP00000003921 ALB A0A0G2JSH5 Alb Alb Q546G4 (1<-1) Alb ALB P02768 (1<-1) ALB
ENSRNOP00000002738 ALCAM O35112 Alcam Alcam Q54AJ5 (1<-1) Alcam ALCAM Q13740 (1<-1) ALCAM
ENSRNOP00000027992 ALDH16A1 Q3T1L0 Aldh16a1 Aldh16a1 Q571I9 (1<-1) Aldh16a1 ALDH16A1 Q8IZ83 (1<-1) ALDH16A1
ENSRNOP00000020940 ALDH18A1 D3ZIE9 Aldh18a1 Aldh18a1 Q9Z110 (1<-1) Aldh18a1 ALDH18A1 P54886 (1<-1) ALDH18A1
ENSRNOP00000024000 ALDH1A1 P51647 Aldh1a1 Aldh1a1 P24549 (1<-1) Aldh1a1 ALDH1A1 V9HW83 (1<-1) HEL-S-53e
ENSRNOP00000021757 ALDH1A2 Q63639 Aldh1a2 Aldh1a2 Q62148 (1<-1) Aldh1a2 ALDH1A2 O94788 (1<-1) ALDH1A2
ENSRNOP00000045261 ALDH1A3 B2GUU8 Aldh1a3 Aldh1a3 Q3UIA4 (2<-1) Aldh1a3 ALDH1A3 A0A024RC95 (2<-1) ALDH1A3
ENSRNOP00000015282 ALDH1B1 G3V7I5 Aldh1b1 Aldh1b1 Q9CZS1 (1<-1) Aldh1b1 ALDH1B1 P30837 (1<-1) ALDH1B1
ENSRNOP00000065882 ALDH1L1 M0R8T2 Aldh1l1 Aldh1l1 Q8R0Y6 (2<-1) Aldh1l1 ALDH1L1 Q53H87 (2<-1)
ENSRNOP00000056394 ALDH1L2 D3ZTP0 Aldh1l2 Aldh1l2 Q8K009 (1<-1) Aldh1l2 ALDH1L2 Q3SY69 (1<-1) ALDH1L2
ENSRNOP00000001816 ALDH2 F1LN88 Aldh2 Aldh2 Q544B1 (1<-1) Aldh2 ALDH2 P05091 (1<-1) ALDH2
ENSRNOP00000003182 ALDH3A1 P11883 Aldh3a1 Aldh3a1 P47739 (1<-1) Aldh3a1 ALDH3A1 P30838 (1<-1) ALDH3A1
ENSRNOP00000061762 ALDH3A2 G3V9W6 Aldh3a2 Aldh3a2 P47740 (1<-1) Aldh3a2 ALDH3A2 P51648-2 (2<-1) ALDH3A2
ENSRNOP00000023789 ALDH3B1 Q5XI42 Aldh3b1 Aldh3b1 Q3TX25 (1<-1) Aldh3b1 ALDH3B1 A0A024R5D8 (1<-1) ALDH3B1
ENSRNOP00000024034 ALDH3B2 F1LT79 LOC688778 Aldh3b3 J3QMK6 (1<-1) Aldh3b3 ALDH3B1 A0A024R5D8 (3<-1) ALDH3B1
ENSRNOP00000035601 ALDH5A1 G3V945 Aldh5a1 Aldh5a1 B2RS41 (1<-1) Aldh5a1 ALDH5A1 X5D8T4 (1<-1) ALDH5A1
ENSRNOP00000015545 ALDH6A1 G3V7J0 Aldh6a1 Aldh6a1 Q9EQ20 (1<-1) Aldh6a1 ALDH6A1 A0A024R6G4 (1<-1) ALDH6A1
ENSRNOP00000020325 ALDH7A1 Q64057 Aldh7a1 Aldh7a1 Q9DBF1 (1<-1) Aldh7a1 ALDH7A1 P49419 (1<-1) ALDH7A1
ENSRNOP00000020015 ALDH8A1 D3ZXY4 Aldh8a1 Aldh8a1 Q8BH00 (1<-1) Aldh8a1 ALDH8A1 Q9H2A2 (1<-1) ALDH8A1
ENSRNOP00000005611 ALDH9A1 A0A0G2JSI1 Aldh9a1 Aldh9a1 Q3U367 (1<-1) Aldh9a1 ALDH9A1 B9EKV4 (1<-1) ALDH9A1
ENSRNOP00000032320 ALDOA P05065 Aldoa Aldoa A6ZI44 (1<-1) Aldoa ALDOA P04075-2 (1<-1) ALDOA
ENSRNOP00000041393 ALDOART2 Q6AY07 Aldoart2 Aldoa A6ZI44 (2<-1) Aldoa ALDOA P04075-2 (2<-1) ALDOA
ENSRNOP00000009111 ALDOB Q66HT1 Aldob Aldob Q3UER1 (1<-1) Aldob ALDOB A8K430 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000015535 ALDOC P09117 Aldoc Aldoc P05063 (1<-1) Aldoc ALDOC A0A024QZ64 (2<-1) ALDOC
ENSRNOP00000059348 ALG1 D4A5S6 Alg1 Alg1 Q921Q3 (1<-1) Alg1 ALG1 Q9BT22 (1<-1) ALG1
ENSRNOP00000019672 ALG10 O88788 Alg10b Alg10b Q3UGP8 (1<-1) Alg10b ALG10 Q5BKT4 (1<-1) ALG10
ENSRNOP00000017163 ALG11 D3ZCQ2 Alg11 Alg11 A0A077K846 (1<-1) Alg11 ALG11 Q2TAA5 (1<-1) ALG11
ENSRNOP00000061731 ALG12 B1WBY3 Alg12 Alg12 Q8VDB2 (1<-1) Alg12 ALG12 A0A024R4V6 (1<-1) ALG12
ENSRNOP00000007969 ALG13 Q5I0K7 Alg13 Alg13 Q9D8C3-2 (1<-1) Alg13 ALG13 A0A096LP10 (1<-1) ALG13
ENSRNOP00000015355 ALG14 Q6AY85 Alg14 Alg14 Q9D081 (1<-1) Alg14 ALG14 Q96F25 (1<-1) ALG14
ENSRNOP00000008913 ALG2 G3V6U3 Alg2 Alg2 Q9DBE8 (1<-1) Alg2 ALG2 A0A024R184 (1<-1) ALG2
ENSRNOP00000002331 ALG3 F1M8K7 Alg3 Alg3 Q8K2A8 (1<-1) Alg3 ALG3 Q92685 (1<-1) ALG3
ENSRNOP00000054810 ALG5 Q4QQS6 Alg5 Alg5 Q9DB25 (1<-1) Alg5 ALG5 Q9HC03 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000012052 ALG6 F1LMD6 Alg6 Alg6 Q3TAE8 (1<-1) Alg6 ALG6 Q9Y672 (1<-1) ALG6
ENSRNOP00000016478 ALG8 E9PT91 Alg8 Alg8 Q6P8H8 (1<-1) Alg8 ALG8 A0A024R5K5 (1<-1) ALG8
ENSRNOP00000036062 ALG9 D3ZCW5 Alg9 Alg9 Q8VDI9 (1<-1) Alg9 RP11-108O10.8 A0A087WZ62 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000030705 ALKBH2 B2GV68 Alkbh2 Alkbh2 Q6P6J4 (1<-1) Alkbh2 ALKBH2 Q6NS38 (1<-1) ALKBH2
ENSRNOP00000030278 ALKBH3 Q5XIC8 Alkbh3 Alkbh3 Q8K1E6 (1<-1) Alkbh3 ALKBH3 Q96Q83 (1<-1) ALKBH3
ENSRNOP00000034155 ALKBH5 D3ZKD3 Alkbh5 Alkbh5 Q3TSG4 (1<-1) Alkbh5 ALKBH5 Q6P6C2 (1<-1) ALKBH5
ENSRNOP00000043754 ALKBH6 G3V9E2 Alkbh6 Alkbh6 Q8K2U2 (1<-1) Alkbh6 ALKBH6 Q3KRA9-2 (1<-1) ALKBH6
ENSRNOP00000065514 ALKBH7 M0R7T2 Alkbh7 Alkbh7 Q9D6Z0 (1<-1) Alkbh7 ALKBH7 Q9BT30 (1<-1) ALKBH7
ENSRNOP00000003432 ALKBH8 D3ZK29 Alkbh8 Alkbh8 Q80Y20 (1<-1) Alkbh8 ALKBH8 Q96BT7-4 (1<-1) ALKBH8
ENSRNOP00000011048 ALLC Q6AYP0 Allc Allc Q9JHX6 (1<-1) Allc ALLC Q8N6M5 (1<-1) ALLC
ENSRNOP00000050674 ALMS1 P49797 Rgs3 Alms1 Q8K4E0 (1<-1) Alms1 ALMS1 A0A087WZY3 (1<-1) ALMS1
ENSRNOP00000034009 ALOX12 F1LQ70 Alox12 Alox12 Q3T9I9 (1<-1) Alox12 ALOX12 P18054 (1<-1) ALOX12
ENSRNOP00000026038 ALOX15 Q02759 Alox15 Alox15 A2CF88 (1<-1) Alox15 ALOX15 P16050 (1<-1) ALOX15
ENSRNOP00000017633 ALOX5 F1LMM5 Alox5 Alox5 P48999 (1<-1) Alox5 ALOX5 P09917 (1<-1) ALOX5
ENSRNOP00000001207 ALOX5AP P20291 Alox5ap Alox5ap P30355 (1<-1) Alox5ap ALOX5AP P20292 (1<-1) ALOX5AP
ENSRNOP00000026190 ALPI G3V8I1 Alpi Alpi F8VPQ6 (1<-1) Alpi ALPI A0A024R4A2 (1<-1) ALPI
ENSRNOP00000043873 ALPK2 F1LTG2 Alpk2 Alpk2 Q91ZB0 (1<-1) Alpk2 ALPK2 Q86TB3 (1<-1) ALPK2
ENSRNOP00000015899 ALPK3 D3ZH28 Alpk3 Alpk3 D3YUT2 (1<-1) Alpk3 ALPK3 Q96L96 (1<-1) ALPK3
ENSRNOP00000019004 ALPL P08289 Alpl Alpl B7XGA6 (1<-1) Alpl ALPL B2R6Q2 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000036116 ALS2 A0A0A0MY10 Als2 Als2 Q920R0 (2<-1) Als2 ALS2 Q96Q42 (2<-1) ALS2
ENSRNOP00000043561 ALS2CL D3ZG75 Als2cl Als2cl Q60I26 (1<-1) Als2cl ALS2CL A0A024R2U1 (1<-1) ALS2CL
ENSRNOP00000017517 ALS2CR11 F7ENY6 Als2cr11 Als2cr11 E9Q152 (1<-1) Als2cr11 ALS2CR11 Q53TS8-3 (1<-1) ALS2CR11
ENSRNOP00000051838 ALYREF D3ZXH7 Alyref Alyref O08583 (1<-1) Alyref ALYREF E9PB61 (1<-1) ALYREF
ENSRNOP00000025323 AMACR G3V8F9 Amacr Amacr O09174 (1<-1) Amacr AMACR Q9UHK6 (1<-1) AMACR
ENSRNOP00000009248 AMBP Q64240 Ambp Ambp Q07456 (1<-1) Ambp AMBP P02760 (1<-1) AMBP
ENSRNOP00000039742 AMBRA1 F1LNQ2 Ambra1 Ambra1 A2AH22 (1<-1) Ambra1 AMBRA1 B4DZ97 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000007331 AMDHD1 D4AAV1 Amdhd1 Amdhd1 Q9DBA8 (1<-1) Amdhd1 AMDHD1 Q96NU7 (1<-1) AMDHD1
ENSRNOP00000008537 AMDHD2 Q5BJY6 Amdhd2 Amdhd2 Q8JZV7 (1<-1) Amdhd2 AMDHD2 Q9Y303 (1<-1) AMDHD2
ENSRNOP00000026339 AMFR A0A0G2K437 Amfr Amfr Q3U007 (2<-1) Amfr AMFR Q9UKV5 (2<-1) AMFR
ENSRNOP00000026220 AMH P49000 Amh Amh Q5EC55 (1<-1) Amh AMH P03971 (1<-1) AMH
ENSRNOP00000057790 AMMECR1L G3V9S2 Ammecr1l Ammecr1l Q3V0N3 (1<-1) Ammecr1l AMMECR1L A0A024RAG1 (1<-1) MGC4268
ENSRNOP00000040549 AMOT D4A9Q2 Amot Amot Q8VHG2 (1<-1) Amot AMOT Q4VCS5 (1<-1) AMOT
ENSRNOP00000026051 AMPD2 Q02356 Ampd2 Ampd2 A2AE27 (1<-1) Ampd2 AMPD2 A0A024R098 (1<-1) AMPD2
ENSRNOP00000024933 AMPD3 F1M7Q5 Ampd3 Ampd3 O08739 (1<-1) Ampd3 AMPD3 Q01432-4 (1<-1) AMPD3
ENSRNOP00000017102 AMPH F1LPP0 Amph Amph Q7TQF7 (1<-1) Amph AMPH P49418 (1<-1) AMPH
ENSRNOP00000066155 AMT M0R9I6 Amt Amt A2RSW6 (1<-1) Amt AMT A0A024R2U7 (1<-1) hCG_2001997
ENSRNOP00000022496 AMY1A E9PSQ1 Amy1a Amy1 P00687 (1<-1) Amy1 AMY2A P04746 (1<-1) AMY2A
ENSRNOP00000058967 AMY2A3 E9PSI7 LOC103689940 Amy2a5 P00688 (1<-1) Amy2 AMY2A P04746 (3<-1) AMY2A
ENSRNOP00000000263 AMZ2 Q400C7 Amz2 Amz2 B1AT59 (1<-1) Amz2 AMZ2 A0A024R8K0 (1<-1) AMZ2
ENSRNOP00000052727 ANAPC1 F1M801 Anapc1 Anapc1 P53995 (1<-1) Anapc1 ANAPC1 Q9H1A4 (1<-1) ANAPC1
ENSRNOP00000015099 ANAPC2 B2RYJ1 Anapc2 Anapc2 Q6ZPR8 (1<-1) Anapc2 ANAPC2 Q9UJX6 (1<-1) ANAPC2
ENSRNOP00000006093 ANAPC4 D3ZUB7 Anapc4 Anapc4 Q3TM92 (1<-1) Anapc4 ANAPC4 Q9UJX5 (1<-1) ANAPC4
ENSRNOP00000001794 ANAPC5 A0A0H2UH97 Anapc5 Anapc5 Q8BTZ4 (1<-1) Anapc5 ANAPC5 Q9UJX4 (1<-1) ANAPC5
ENSRNOP00000001729 ANAPC7 D3ZIT4 Anapc7 Anapc7 Q9WVM3 (1<-1) Anapc7 ANAPC7 A0A024RBJ3 (1<-1) ANAPC7
ENSRNOP00000060200 ANG Q5GAM5 Ang2 Ang Q3TBG7 (1<-1) Ang ANG W0UV28 (1<-1) RAA1
ENSRNOP00000005084 ANGEL2 F1LT13 Angel2 Angel2 Q8K1C0-2 (1<-1) Angel2 ANGEL2 Q5VTE6 (1<-1) ANGEL2
ENSRNOP00000007979 ANGPT1 F1LSB2 Angpt1 Angpt1 Q6A0F0 (1<-1) Angpt1 ANGPT1 Q15389-2 (1<-1) ANGPT1
ENSRNOP00000022585 ANGPTL2 G3V862 Angptl2 Angptl2 Q9R045 (1<-1) Angptl2 ANGPTL2 A0A024R868 (1<-1) ANGPTL2
ENSRNOP00000011486 ANGPTL3 F7FHP0 Angptl3 Angptl3 Q3UEF5 (1<-1) Angptl3 ANGPTL3 Q9Y5C1 (1<-1) ANGPTL3
ENSRNOP00000010031 ANGPTL4 Q6TMA8 Angptl4 Angptl4 A0A068BEP2 (1<-1) Angptl4 ANGPTL4 Q9BY76 (1<-1) ANGPTL4
ENSRNOP00000027963 ANGPTL6 B2RYM1 Angptl6 Angptl6 Q8R0Z6 (1<-1) Angptl6 ANGPTL6 A0A024R7A9 (1<-1) ANGPTL6
ENSRNOP00000012726 ANGPTL7 D3ZDK4 Angptl7 Angptl7 Q8R1Q3 (1<-1) Angptl7 ANGPTL7 O43827 (1<-1) ANGPTL7
ENSRNOP00000062056 ANK1 D3Z9Z0 Ank1 Ank1 G5E8J2 (1<-1) Ank1 ANK1 P16157-3 (1<-1) ANK1
ENSRNOP00000015386 ANK2 A0A0G2KBB9 Ank2 S4R291 (2<-1) Ank2 ANK2 I6L894 (3<-1) ANK2
ENSRNOP00000043687 ANK3 O70511-3 Ank3 Ank3 S4R2K9 (2<-1) Ank3 ANK3 Q12955 (1<-1) ANK3
ENSRNOP00000032365 ANKDD1B F1M363 Ankdd1b Ankdd1b Q14DN9-2 (1<-1) Ankdd1b ANKDD1B A6NHY2 (1<-1) ANKDD1B
ENSRNOP00000007893 ANKEF1 D4A9E7 Ankef1 Ankef1 Q9D2J7 (1<-1) Ankef1 ANKEF1 Q9NU02 (1<-1) ANKEF1
ENSRNOP00000021816 ANKFY1 D4A1J6 Ankfy1 Ankfy1 B7ZP20 (1<-1) Ankfy1 ANKFY1 Q9P2R3 (1<-1) ANKFY1
ENSRNOP00000060060 ANKH F1LN34 Ankh Ank Q3UG85 (1<-1) Ank ANKH Q9HCJ1 (1<-1) ANKH
ENSRNOP00000024825 ANKHD1 E9PTK9 Ankhd1 Ankhd1 E9PUR0 (1<-1) Ankhd1 ANKHD1 Q8IWZ3 (1<-1) ANKHD1
ENSRNOP00000007940 ANKIB1 D4A731 Ankib1 Ankib1 Q6ZPS6 (1<-1) Ankib1 ANKIB1 Q9P2G1 (1<-1) ANKIB1
ENSRNOP00000053507 ANKLE2 Q7TP65-2 Ankle2 Ankle2 Q6P1H6 (3<-1) Ankle2 ANKLE2 Q86XL3 (3<-1) ANKLE2
ENSRNOP00000062801 ANKMY2 D3ZC34 Ankmy2 Ankmy2 Q3TPE9 (2<-1) Ankmy2 ANKMY2 A0A024R9Z6 (2<-1) ANKMY2
ENSRNOP00000022525 ANKRA2 Q6Q287 LOC100910438 Ankra2 Q99PE2 (1<-1) Ankra2 ANKRA2 A0A024RAN7 (1<-1) ANKRA2
ENSRNOP00000035742 ANKRD11 D3ZSU6 Ankrd11 Ankrd11 B7ZWM7 (1<-1) Ankrd11 ANKRD11 Q6UB99 (1<-1) ANKRD11
ENSRNOP00000017613 ANKRD12 D3ZCH1 Ankrd12 Ankrd12 G5E893 (1<-1) Ankrd12 ANKRD12 Q6UB98 (1<-1) ANKRD12
ENSRNOP00000001595 ANKRD13A Q5U313 Ankrd13a Ankrd13a Q80UP5 (1<-1) Ankrd13a ANKRD13A Q3ZTS7 (1<-1) ANKRD13
ENSRNOP00000059864 ANKRD17 D4A0B4 Ankrd17 Ankrd17 A0A0G2JDZ9 (2<-1) Ankrd17 ANKRD17 O75179-7 (2<-1) ANKRD17
ENSRNOP00000064010 ANKRD26 M0R3T8 Ankrd26 Ankrd26 D3Z482 (1<-1) Ankrd26 ANKRD26 Q9UPS8 (1<-1) ANKRD26
ENSRNOP00000066817 ANKRD27 A0A0G2JVS9 Ankrd27 Ankrd27 C4TGC3 (3<-1) Ankrd27 ANKRD27 Q96NW4 (3<-1) ANKRD27
ENSRNOP00000026680 ANKRD28 F1M400 Ankrd28 Ankrd28 Q505D1 (1<-1) Ankrd28 ANKRD28 A0A024R2G8 (1<-1) ANKRD28
ENSRNOP00000063311 ANKRD29 F1M3B1 Ankrd29 Ankrd29 D3YVV3 (1<-1) Ankrd29 ANKRD29 Q8N6D5 (1<-1) ANKRD29
ENSRNOP00000018685 ANKRD34C D3ZI64 Ankrd34c Ankrd34c B2RPW9 (1<-1) Ankrd34c ANKRD34C P0C6C1 (1<-1) ANKRD34C
ENSRNOP00000015432 ANKRD44 F1LZH9 Ankrd44 Ankrd44 B2RXR6 (1<-1) Ankrd44 ANKRD44 Q8N8A2 (1<-1) ANKRD44
ENSRNOP00000034048 ANKRD46 Q76K24 Ankrd46 Ankrd46 Q8BTZ5 (1<-1) Ankrd46 ANKRD46 A0A024R9E1 (1<-1) ANKRD46
ENSRNOP00000012583 ANKRD49 B1WC29 Ankrd49 Ankrd49 Q8VE42 (1<-1) Ankrd49 ANKRD49 A0A024R398 (1<-1) ANKRD49
ENSRNOP00000043031 ANKRD50 F1LWB9 Ankrd50 Ankrd50 F7BE84 (1<-1) Ankrd50 ANKRD50 Q9ULJ7 (1<-1) ANKRD50
ENSRNOP00000061313 ANKRD6 B5DEH9 Ankrd6 Ankrd6 Q69ZU8 (1<-1) Ankrd6 ANKRD6 Q9Y2G4 (1<-1) ANKRD6
ENSRNOP00000048981 ANKS1A D4AC12 Anks1a Anks1 P59672 (2<-1) Anks1a ANKS1A Q92625 (1<-1) ANKS1A
ENSRNOP00000036500 ANKZF1 Q66H85 Ankzf1 Ankzf1 J3QM81 (1<-1) Ankzf1 ANKZF1 A0A024R464 (1<-1) ANKZF1
ENSRNOP00000028329 ANO1 D4A915 Ano1 Ano1 G8JL82 (1<-1) Ano1 ANO1 Q5XXA6 (2<-1) ANO1
ENSRNOP00000029074 ANO10 D3ZF54 Ano10 Ano10 Q8BH79 (1<-1) Ano10 ANO10 A0A024R2S0 (1<-1) TMEM16K
ENSRNOP00000059010 ANO6 F1M5Z5 Ano6 Ano6 Q6P9J9 (2<-1) Ano6 ANO6 Q4KMQ2-2 (2<-1) ANO6
ENSRNOP00000034294 ANO8 A0A0G2K5K1 Ano8 Ano8 Q6PB70 (1<-1) Ano8 ANO8 Q9HCE9-2 (3<-1) ANO8
ENSRNOP00000066098 ANP32A Q5PPH9 Anp32a Anp32a O35381 (2<-1) Anp32a ANP32A P39687 (3<-1) ANP32A
ENSRNOP00000012478 ANP32B Q9EST6 Anp32b Anp32b Q9EST5-2 (1<-1) Anp32b ANP32B Q92688-2 (1<-1) ANP32B
ENSRNOP00000020002 ANPEP G3V7W7 Anpep Anpep P97449 (1<-1) Anpep ANPEP Q59E93 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000011675 ANTXR1 Q0PMD2 Antxr1 Antxr1 Q9CZ52 (1<-1) Antxr1 ANTXR1 Q9H6X2-5 (1<-1) ANTXR1
ENSRNOP00000000092 ANTXR2 F1LT78 Antxr2 Antxr2 Q3TCL6 (1<-1) Antxr2 ANTXR2 P58335-4 (1<-1) ANTXR2
ENSRNOP00000023664 ANXA1 P07150 Anxa1 Anxa1 B7STB7 (1<-1) Anxa1 ANXA1 Q5TZZ9 (1<-1) ANXA1
ENSRNOP00000014940 ANXA11 Q5XI77 Anxa11 Anxa11 P97384 (1<-1) Anxa11 ANXA11 Q5T0G8 (1<-1) ANXA11
ENSRNOP00000060692 ANXA13 D3ZHD1 Anxa13 Anxa13 Q99JG3 (1<-1) Anxa13 ANXA13 P27216-2 (1<-1) ANXA13
ENSRNOP00000038428 ANXA2 Q07936 Anxa2 Anxa2 Q542G9 (1<-1) Anxa2 ANXA2 A0A024R5Z7 (1<-1) ANXA2
ENSRNOP00000063496 ANXA3 P14669 Anxa3 Anxa3 O35639 (1<-1) Anxa3 ANXA3 P12429 (1<-1) ANXA3
ENSRNOP00000024436 ANXA4 Q5U362 Anxa4 Anxa4 Q7TMN7 (1<-1) Anxa4 ANXA4 Q6LES2 (1<-1) ANXA4
ENSRNOP00000019552 ANXA5 Q66HH8 Anxa5 Anxa5 P48036 (1<-1) Anxa5 ANXA5 V9HWE0 (1<-1) HEL-S-7
ENSRNOP00000014464 ANXA6 Q6IMZ3 Anxa6 Anxa6 P14824 (1<-1) Anxa6 ANXA6 A8K3Q7 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000058397 ANXA7 Q6IRJ7 Anxa7 Anxa7 Q922A2 (1<-1) Anxa7 ANXA7 P20073-2 (1<-1) ANXA7
ENSRNOP00000038138 AOAH A0A0G2K753 Aoah Aoah O35298 (2<-1) Aoah AOAH P28039 (2<-1) AOAH
ENSRNOP00000059651 AOX1 F1LRQ1 Aox1 Aox1 G3X8P9 (1<-1) Aox1 AOX1 Q06278 (1<-1) AOX1
ENSRNOP00000047535 AOX3L1 A0A096P6M6 Aox2 Aox2 Q5SGK3 (1<-1) Aox2 AOX1 Q06278 (3<-1) AOX1
ENSRNOP00000035377 AOX4 A0A0G2QC16 Aox4 Aox4 Q3TYQ9 (1<-1) Aox4
ENSRNOP00000052470 AP1AR F1M9P0 Ap1ar Ap1ar E9PYF7 (1<-1) Ap1ar AP1AR A0A024RDK6 (2<-1) C4orf16
ENSRNOP00000054218 AP1B1 G3V9N8 Ap1b1 Ap1b1 Q8CC13 (1<-1) Ap1b1 AP1B1 Q10567 (1<-1) AP1B1
ENSRNOP00000036180 AP1G2 D3ZGW2 Ap1g2 Ap1g2 Q3U9D1 (1<-1) Ap1g2 AP1G2 O75843 (1<-1) AP1G2
ENSRNOP00000019350 AP1M1 Q32Q06 Ap1m1 Ap1m1 Q3UG16 (1<-1) Ap1m1 AP1M1 A0A024R7K8 (1<-1) AP1M1
ENSRNOP00000001918 AP1S1 B5DFI3 Ap1s1 Ap1s1 P61967 (1<-1) Ap1s1 AP1S1 A0A024QYT6 (1<-1) AP1S1
ENSRNOP00000020304 AP2A1 D3ZUY8 Ap2a1 Ap2a1 P17426 (1<-1) Ap2a1 AP2A1 O95782 (1<-1) AP2A1
ENSRNOP00000060992 AP2A2 Q66HM2 Ap2a2 Ap2a2 Q69ZW4 (1<-1) Ap2a2 AP2A2 O94973-2 (1<-1) AP2A2
ENSRNOP00000013363 AP2B1 P62944 Ap2b1 Ap2b1 Q9DBG3 (1<-1) Ap2b1 AP2B1 P63010 (1<-1) AP2B1
ENSRNOP00000054900 AP2M1 P84092 Ap2m1 Ap2m1 Q5FWI9 (1<-1) Ap2m1 AP2M1 A0A087WY71 (1<-1) AP2M1
ENSRNOP00000021310 AP2S1 P62744 Ap2s1 Ap2s1 Q3UJ76 (1<-1) Ap2s1 AP2S1 P53680 (1<-1) AP2S1
ENSRNOP00000060116 AP3B1 D3ZIF5 Ap3b1 Ap3b1
ENSRNOP00000026030 AP3B2 D4AE00 Ap3b2 Ap3b2 Q9JME5 (1<-1) Ap3b2 AP3B2 Q13367 (1<-1) AP3B2
ENSRNOP00000025878 AP3D1 B5DFK6 Ap3d1 Ap3d1 O54774 (1<-1) Ap3d1 AP3D1 O14617-5 (1<-1) AP3D1
ENSRNOP00000016387 AP3M1 Q6IRG9 Ap3m1 Ap3m1 Q9JKC8 (1<-1) Ap3m1 AP3M1 A0A024QZR5 (1<-1) AP3M1
ENSRNOP00000025675 AP3M2 V9GZ82 Ap3m2 Ap3m2 Q8R2R9 (1<-1) Ap3m2 AP3M2 P53677 (1<-1) AP3M2
ENSRNOP00000063471 AP3S1 G3V9Y9 Ap3s1 Ap3s1 Q3U8S0 (1<-1) Ap3s1 AP3S1 F5H459 (1<-1) AP3S1
ENSRNOP00000062692 AP3S2 A0A0G2K302 Ap3s2 Ap3s2 Q8BNE3 (2<-1) Ap3s2 C15orf38-AP3S2 A0A0A6YYH1 (3<-1) C15orf38-AP3S2
ENSRNOP00000037349 AP4E1 D3ZX21 Ap4e1 Ap4e1 Q80V94 (1<-1) Ap4e1 AP4E1 Q9UPM8 (1<-1) AP4E1
ENSRNOP00000001827 AP4M1 Q2PWT8 Ap4m1 Ap4m1 Q9JKC7 (1<-1) Ap4m1 AP4M1 O00189 (1<-1) AP4M1
ENSRNOP00000032524 AP5B1 D3ZVB0 Ap5b1 Ap5b1 Q3TAP4 (1<-1) Ap5b1 AP5B1 Q2VPB7 (1<-1) AP5B1
ENSRNOP00000018972 AP5M1 Q499N2 Ap5m1 Ap5m1 Q8BJ63 (1<-1) Ap5m1 AP5M1 A0A024R654 (1<-1) C14orf108
ENSRNOP00000031548 AP5S1 D3ZGQ9 Ap5s1 Ap5s1 Q9D742 (1<-1) Ap5s1 AP5S1 Q9NUS5 (2<-1) AP5S1
ENSRNOP00000001469 AP5Z1 D3ZU53 Ap5z1 Ap5z1 Q4KL57 (1<-1) Ap5z1 AP5Z1 O43299 (2<-1) AP5Z1
ENSRNOP00000010869 APAF1 Q9EPV5 Apaf1 Apaf1 O88879 (1<-1) Apaf1 APAF1 O14727 (1<-1) APAF1
ENSRNOP00000027784 APBA3 O70248 Apba3 Apba3 O88888 (1<-1) Apba3 APBA3 O96018 (1<-1) APBA3
ENSRNOP00000024272 APBB1IP D3ZDZ1 Apbb1ip Apbb1ip B1AYC9 (1<-1) Apbb1ip APBB1IP B4E100 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000040294 APBB2 P46933 Apbb1 Apbb2 F6V9I9 (1<-1) Apbb2 APBB2 Q92870 (1<-1) APBB2
ENSRNOP00000027691 APC G3V8Q9 Apc Apc B2RUG9 (1<-1) Apc APC Q4LE70 (1<-1) APC variant protein
ENSRNOP00000045757 APC2 D4A205 Apc2 Apc2 D3YTR0 (2<-1) Apc2 APC2 O95996 (1<-1) APC2
ENSRNOP00000012092 APCS P23680 Apcs Apcs Q4JFI8 (1<-1) Apcs APCS V9HWP0 (1<-1) HEL-S-92n
ENSRNOP00000043843 APEH G3V9E4 Apeh Apeh Q8R146 (1<-1) Apeh APEH A0A024R2U9 (1<-1) APEH
ENSRNOP00000013176 APEX1 P43138 Apex1 Apex1 Q544Z7 (1<-1) Apex1 APEX1 Q5TZP7 (1<-1) APEX1
ENSRNOP00000053129 APH1A Q5PQQ3 Aph1a Aph1a Q6GTF1 (1<-1) Aph1a APH1A Q96BI3-2 (1<-1) APH1A
ENSRNOP00000013914 API5 B1WC49 Api5 Api5 O35841 (1<-1) Api5 API5 Q9BZZ5-2 (1<-1) API5
ENSRNOP00000009797 APIP D3ZUI1 Apip Apip Q9WVQ5 (1<-1) Apip APIP Q96GX9 (1<-1) APIP
ENSRNOP00000018609 APITD1 P85968 Pgd Pgd Q9DCD0 (1<-1) Pgd PGD P52209 (1<-1) PGD
ENSRNOP00000067835 APLP2 M0RDX2 Aplp2 Aplp2 Q61482 (1<-1) Aplp2 APLP2 Q06481 (1<-1) APLP2
ENSRNOP00000008932 APMAP Q7TP48 Apmap Apmap Q9D7N9 (2<-1) Apmap APMAP Q9HDC9 (2<-1) APMAP
ENSRNOP00000065206 APOA1 P04639 Apoa1 Apoa1 Q00623 (1<-1) Apoa1 APOA1 A0A024R3E3 (1<-1) APOA1
ENSRNOP00000025986 APOA1BP B0BNM1 Apoa1bp Apoa1bp Q8K4Z3 (1<-1) Apoa1bp APOA1BP B4DP80 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000004662 APOA2 P04638 Apoa2 Apoa2 P09813 (1<-1) Apoa2 APOA2 P02652 (1<-1) APOA2
ENSRNOP00000065704 APOA4 P02651 Apoa4 Apoa4 Q9DBN0 (2<-1) Apoa4 APOA4 P06727 (2<-1) APOA4
ENSRNOP00000024918 APOA5 Q9QUH3 Apoa5 Apoa5 Q8C7G5 (1<-1) Apoa5 APOA5 A8K9M4 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000007371 APOB F1M6Z1 Apob Apob E9Q414 (1<-1) Apob APOB C0JYY2 (1<-1) APOB
ENSRNOP00000040585 APOC1 P19939 Apoc1 Apoc1 P34928 (2<-1) Apoc1 APOC1 A0A024R0T8 (1<-1) APOC1
ENSRNOP00000024800 APOC2 G3V8D4 Apoc2 Apoc2 Q3UJG0 (1<-1) Apoc2 APOC4-APOC2 K7ER74 (1<-1) APOC4-APOC2
ENSRNOP00000067045 APOC3 A0A0G2K8Q1 Apoc3 Apoc3 E9QP56 (1<-1) Apoc3 APOC3 A3KPE2 (1<-1) APOC3
ENSRNOP00000024832 APOC4 P55797 Apoc4 Apoc4 Q61268 (1<-1) Apoc4 APOC4-APOC2 A5YAK2 (1<-1) APOC4
ENSRNOP00000064368 APOD M0R4S2 Apod Apod P51910 (1<-1) Apod APOD P05090 (1<-1) APOD
ENSRNOP00000050968 APOE P02650 Apoe Apoe Q6GTX3 (1<-1) Apoe APOE P02649 (1<-1) APOE
ENSRNOP00000049259 APOF Q5M889 Apof Apof Q91V80 (1<-1) Apof APOF B2RC09 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000004756 APOH Q5I0M1 Apoh Apoh Q01339 (1<-1) Apoh APOH P02749 (1<-1) APOH
ENSRNOP00000060690 APOL3 Q5U1W1 Apol3 Apol9b APOL3 A0A024R1G6 (1<-1) APOL3
ENSRNOP00000036679 APOL9A Q5XIB6 Apol9a Apol9a Q6PF90 (1<-1) Apol9a
ENSRNOP00000001126 APOM P14630 Apom Apom Q8VC79 (1<-1) Apom APOM O95445 (1<-1) APOM
ENSRNOP00000040341 APON Q5M890 Apon Apon G3X9D6 (1<-1) Apon APOF Q13790 (2<-1) APOF
ENSRNOP00000065393 APOO M0R7G4 Apoo Apoo Q9DCZ4 (2<-1) Apoo APOO Q9BUR5 (2<-1) APOO
ENSRNOP00000005997 APOOL Q5U1W6 Apool Apool Q78IK4 (1<-1) Apool APOOL Q6UXV4 (1<-1) APOOL
ENSRNOP00000041613 APP P08592 App App Q3TVS1 (1<-1) App APP E9PG40 (1<-1) APP
ENSRNOP00000018413 APPL1 D3ZWA8 Appl1 Appl1 Q8K3H0 (1<-1) Appl1 APPL1 Q9UKG1 (1<-1) APPL1
ENSRNOP00000010986 APPL2 B4F779 Appl2 Appl2 Q3TVI6 (1<-1) Appl2 APPL2 A8K3E7 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000061449 APRT P36972 Aprt Aprt P08030 (1<-1) Aprt APRT P07741 (1<-1) APRT
ENSRNOP00000046400 APTX Q8K4H4 Aptx Aptx Q7TQC5 (1<-1) Aptx APTX Q7Z2E3-7 (1<-1) APTX
ENSRNOP00000015692 AQP1 P29975 Aqp1 Aqp1 Q02013 (1<-1) Aqp1 AQP1 B2R6P2 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000018091 AQP11 Q8CHM1 Aqp11 Aqp11 Q8BHH1 (1<-1) Aqp11 AQP11 Q8NBQ7 (1<-1) AQP11
ENSRNOP00000019939 AQP8 A0A0H2UHM1 Aqp8 Aqp8 P56404 (1<-1) Aqp8 AQP8 O94778 (1<-1) AQP8
ENSRNOP00000021442 AQP9 P56627 Aqp9 Aqp9 Q4FK77 (1<-1) Aqp9 AQP9 Q6FGT0 (1<-1) AQP9
ENSRNOP00000011950 AQR A3KNA0 Aqr Aqr Q8CFQ3 (1<-1) Aqr AQR A0A024R9L1 (1<-1) AQR
ENSRNOP00000009129 AR A0A0G2JSI8 Ar Ar P19091 (1<-1) Ar AR P10275 (1<-1) AR
ENSRNOP00000048890 ARAF P14056 Araf Araf P04627 (1<-1) Araf ARAF A0A024R178 (1<-1) ARAF
ENSRNOP00000026448 ARAP1 F1LM60 Arap1 Arap1 Q4LDD4 (1<-1) Arap1 ARAP1 Q96P48 (1<-1) ARAP1
ENSRNOP00000057095 ARAP3 A0A0G2JUX2 Arap3 Q8R5G7-3 (3<-3) Arap3
ENSRNOP00000018598 ARCN1 Q66H80 Arcn1 Arcn1 Q5XJY5 (1<-1) Arcn1 ARCN1 B0YIW5 (1<-1) ARCN1
ENSRNOP00000006240 AREL1 D3ZVC4 Arel1 Arel1 Q8CHG5 (1<-1) Arel1 AREL1 O15033 (1<-1) AREL1
ENSRNOP00000047811 ARF3 P61206 Arf3 Arf3 Q3U344 (1<-1) Arf3 ARF3 A0A024R0Y6 (1<-1) ARF3
ENSRNOP00000017692 ARF4 P61751 Arf4 Arf4 Q14BR4 (1<-1) Arf4 ARF4 P18085 (1<-1) ARF4
ENSRNOP00000010429 ARF5 P84083 Arf5 Arf5 P84084 (1<-1) Arf5 ARF5 A4D0Z3 (1<-1) ARF5
ENSRNOP00000006355 ARF6 P62332 Arf6 Arf6 Q3U0D7 (1<-1) Arf6 ARF6 P62330 (1<-1) ARF6
ENSRNOP00000013900 ARFGAP1 Q62848 Arfgap1 Arfgap1 Q9EPJ9 (1<-1) Arfgap1 ARFGAP1 Q8N6T3 (1<-1) ARFGAP1
ENSRNOP00000053988 ARFGAP2 Q3MID3 Arfgap2 Arfgap2 Q99K28 (1<-1) Arfgap2 ARFGAP2 Q8N6H7 (1<-1) ARFGAP2
ENSRNOP00000065256 ARFGAP3 M0R738 Arfgap3 Arfgap3 Q9D8S3 (2<-1) Arfgap3 ARFGAP3 B7Z4Q0 (3<-1)
ENSRNOP00000007766 ARFGEF1 D4A631 Arfgef1 Arfgef1 G3X9K3 (1<-1) Arfgef1 ARFGEF1 A0A024R7X0 (1<-1) ARFGEF1
ENSRNOP00000010054 ARFGEF2 Q7TSU1 Arfgef2 Arfgef2 A2A5R2 (1<-1) Arfgef2 ARFGEF2 Q9Y6D5 (1<-1) ARFGEF2
ENSRNOP00000014236 ARFIP1 Q9JHU5 Arfip1 Arfip1 E9Q3G5 (1<-1) Arfip1 ARFIP1 B4E273 (2<-1) ARFIP1
ENSRNOP00000019038 ARFRP1 Q63055 Arfrp1 Arfrp1 Q8BXL7 (1<-1) Arfrp1 ARFRP1 Q13795 (1<-1) ARFRP1
ENSRNOP00000017911 ARG1 P07824 Arg1 Arg1 Q61176 (1<-1) Arg1 ARG1 P05089 (1<-1) ARG1
ENSRNOP00000054160 ARGLU1 Q5BJT0 Arglu1 Arglu1 Q3UL36 (1<-1) Arglu1 ARGLU1 A0A024RDW4 (1<-1) FLJ10154
ENSRNOP00000059324 ARHGAP1 D4A6C5 Arhgap1 Arhgap1 Q8BQW4 (1<-1) Arhgap1 ARHGAP1 Q07960 (1<-1) ARHGAP1
ENSRNOP00000017867 ARHGAP10 D4AB50 Arhgap10 Arhgap10 Q6Y5D8 (1<-1) Arhgap10 ARHGAP10 A1A4S6 (1<-1) ARHGAP10
ENSRNOP00000010994 ARHGAP11A D3Z951 Arhgap11a Arhgap11a Q80Y19 (1<-1) Arhgap11a ARHGAP11A Q6P4F7 (1<-1) ARHGAP11A
ENSRNOP00000024022 ARHGAP12 D3ZDI5 Arhgap12 Arhgap12 Q8C0D4 (2<-1) Arhgap12 ARHGAP12 Q8IWW6-4 (2<-1) ARHGAP12
ENSRNOP00000038504 ARHGAP17 Q99N37 Arhgap17 Arhgap17 E9QAJ9 (1<-1) Arhgap17 ARHGAP17 Q68EM7 (1<-1) ARHGAP17
ENSRNOP00000015548 ARHGAP18 F1LXP8 Arhgap18 Arhgap18 Q8K0Q5 (1<-1) Arhgap18 ARHGAP18 Q8N392 (1<-1) ARHGAP18
ENSRNOP00000060787 ARHGAP21 F1LXQ7 Arhgap21 Arhgap21 B7ZCJ1 (1<-1) Arhgap21 ARHGAP21 Q5T5U3 (1<-1) ARHGAP21
ENSRNOP00000033034 ARHGAP22 D4ABZ7 Arhgap22 Arhgap22 D3Z1Y5 (1<-1) Arhgap22 ARHGAP22 A6NJ38 (1<-1) ARHGAP22
ENSRNOP00000032436 ARHGAP23 O08815 Slk Arhgap23 B1AQY2 (1<-1) Arhgap23 ARHGAP23 Q9P227 (1<-1) ARHGAP23
ENSRNOP00000012645 ARHGAP25 D3ZGL1 Arhgap25 Arhgap25 Q8BYW1 (1<-1) Arhgap25 ARHGAP25 P42331-4 (1<-1) ARHGAP25
ENSRNOP00000018843 ARHGAP26 D3ZMS4 Arhgap26 Arhgap26 B9EJ96 (2<-1) Arhgap26 ARHGAP26 Q9UNA1-2 (2<-1) ARHGAP26
ENSRNOP00000034607 ARHGAP27 F1LQ24 Arhgap27 Arhgap27 A2AB59 (1<-1) Arhgap27 ARHGAP27 A0A0G2JRG8 (1<-1) ARHGAP27
ENSRNOP00000063588 ARHGAP28 F1M332 Arhgap28 Arhgap28 Q8BN58 (1<-1) Arhgap28 ARHGAP28 Q9P2N2 (1<-1) ARHGAP28
ENSRNOP00000017076 ARHGAP29 Q5PQJ5-2 Arhgap29 Arhgap29 Q8CGF1 (1<-1) Arhgap29 ARHGAP29 Q52LW3 (1<-1) ARHGAP29
ENSRNOP00000005619 ARHGAP30 D3ZCI3 Arhgap30 Q640N3 (1<-1) Arhgap30 ARHGAP30 Q7Z6I6 (1<-1) ARHGAP30
ENSRNOP00000011589 ARHGAP32 F1MAK3 Arhgap32 Arhgap32 Q811P8 (1<-1) Arhgap32 ARHGAP32 A7KAX9 (1<-1) ARHGAP32
ENSRNOP00000033946 ARHGAP33 D4A9G6 Arhgap33 Arhgap33 Q80YF9 (1<-1) Arhgap33 ARHGAP33 O14559 (1<-1) ARHGAP33
ENSRNOP00000059401 ARHGAP36 F1M6E2 Arhgap36 Arhgap36 B1AUC7 (1<-1) Arhgap36 ARHGAP36 Q6ZRI8-4 (1<-1) ARHGAP36
ENSRNOP00000051450 ARHGAP39 P18890 Arhgap39 Arhgap39 G3X932 (1<-1) Arhgap39 ARHGAP39 Q9C0H5-2 (1<-1) ARHGAP39
ENSRNOP00000053181 ARHGAP4 Q8K4G7 Arhgap4 Arhgap4 B1AUY3 (1<-1) Arhgap4 ARHGAP4 P98171 (2<-1) ARHGAP4
ENSRNOP00000037659 ARHGAP42 F1M2Q1 Arhgap42 Arhgap42 B2RQE8 (1<-1) Arhgap42 ARHGAP42 A6NI28 (1<-1) ARHGAP42
ENSRNOP00000047384 ARHGAP5 Q6TUE6 Arhgap5 Arhgap5 B9EKC3 (2<-1) Arhgap5 ARHGAP5 Q13017-2 (2<-1) ARHGAP5
ENSRNOP00000047194 ARHGAP6 D4A5T6 Arhgap6 Arhgap6 O54834 (1<-1) Arhgap6 ARHGAP6 O43182 (1<-1) ARHGAP6
ENSRNOP00000017420 ARHGAP8 Q6AYD8 Arhgap8 Arhgap8 Q9CXP4 (1<-1) Arhgap8 PRR5-ARHGAP8 B1AHC3 (1<-1) PRR5-ARHGAP8
ENSRNOP00000051840 ARHGDIA Q5XI73 Arhgdia Arhgdia Q99PT1 (1<-1) Arhgdia ARHGDIA V9HWE8 (1<-1) HEL-S-47e
ENSRNOP00000007779 ARHGDIB Q5M860 Arhgdib Arhgdib Q61599 (1<-1) Arhgdib ARHGDIB A0A024RAS5 (1<-1) ARHGDIB
ENSRNOP00000059325 ARHGEF1 E9PTJ8 Arhgef1 Arhgef1 Q61210-2 (1<-1) Arhgef1 ARHGEF1 A0A024R0R1 (1<-1) ARHGEF1
ENSRNOP00000066971 ARHGEF10L M0RBM9 Arhgef10l Arhgef10l A2AWP8 (1<-1) Arhgef10l ARHGEF10L Q9HCE6 (1<-1) ARHGEF10L
ENSRNOP00000020717 ARHGEF11 F1LQS9 Arhgef11 Arhgef11 Q68FM7 (2<-1) Arhgef11 ARHGEF11 O15085 (2<-1) ARHGEF11
ENSRNOP00000056613 ARHGEF12 D3ZYR0 Arhgef12 Arhgef12 Q8R4H2 (2<-1) Arhgef12 ARHGEF12 Q9NZN5 (2<-1) ARHGEF12
ENSRNOP00000060721 ARHGEF15 D3ZPJ8 Arhgef15 Arhgef15 Q5FWH6-2 (2<-1) Arhgef15 ARHGEF15 O94989 (3<-1) ARHGEF15
ENSRNOP00000026047 ARHGEF17 A0A0G2JXT9 Arhgef17 Arhgef17 Q80U35 (2<-1) Arhgef17 ARHGEF17 Q96PE2 (2<-1) ARHGEF17
ENSRNOP00000062255 ARHGEF18 F1LT94 Arhgef18 Arhgef18 Q6P9R4 (1<-1) Arhgef18 M0R150 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000027182 ARHGEF2 Q5FVC2 Arhgef2 Arhgef2 Q60875 (1<-1) Arhgef2 ARHGEF2 Q92974 (1<-1) ARHGEF2
ENSRNOP00000019554 ARHGEF26 D4A1D2 Arhgef26 Arhgef26 D3YYY8 (1<-1) Arhgef26 ARHGEF26 Q96DR7 (1<-1) ARHGEF26
ENSRNOP00000019511 ARHGEF3 D4A1J1 Arhgef3 Arhgef3 Q91X46 (1<-1) Arhgef3 ARHGEF3 Q9NR81 (1<-1) ARHGEF3
ENSRNOP00000037964 ARHGEF37 F1LQ74 Arhgef37 Arhgef37 A1IGU4 (1<-1) Arhgef37 ARHGEF37 B4DUA3 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000037837 ARHGEF40 A0A0G2JZE7 Arhgef40 Arhgef40 Q3UPH7 (2<-1) Arhgef40 ARHGEF40 D3DS14 (2<-1) FLJ10357
ENSRNOP00000047891 ARHGEF5 E9PT59 Arhgef5 Arhgef5 E9Q7D5 (1<-1) Arhgef5 ARHGEF5 B9EGR7 (1<-1) ARHGEF5
ENSRNOP00000001158 ARHGEF6 D3ZWQ8 Arhgef6 Arhgef6 F6WMJ3 (1<-1) Arhgef6 ARHGEF6 Q15052 (1<-1) ARHGEF6
ENSRNOP00000017947 ARHGEF7 O55043 Arhgef7 Arhgef7 Q9ES28-4 (3<-1) Arhgef7 ARHGEF7 B7Z6G2 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000009173 ARID1A Q9JLI4 Ncoa6 Arid1a E9QAQ7 (1<-1) Arid1a ARID1A O14497 (1<-1) ARID1A
ENSRNOP00000022939 ARID1B F1LNP1 Arid1b Arid1b E9Q4N6 (1<-1) Arid1b ARID1B H0Y7H8 (1<-1) ARID1B
ENSRNOP00000006970 ARID2 D3ZJU0 Arid2 Arid2 E9Q7E2 (1<-1) Arid2 ARID2 Q68CP9 (1<-1) ARID2
ENSRNOP00000000787 ARID5B A0A0G2K0Q5 Arid5a Arid5b Q8BM75-2 (1<-1) Arid5b ARID5B Q14865-2 (1<-1) ARID5B
ENSRNOP00000013581 ARIH1 D3ZXL1 Arih1 Arih1 Q9Z1K5 (1<-1) Arih1 ARIH1 Q9Y4X5 (1<-1) ARIH1
ENSRNOP00000050012 ARIH2 D3ZJB8 Arih2 Arih2 Q3TK92 (1<-1) Arih2 ARIH2 Q6IBL8 (1<-1) ARIH2
ENSRNOP00000007623 ARL1 P61212 Arl1 Arl1 Q14AC7 (1<-1) Arl1 ARL1 P40616 (1<-1) ARL1
ENSRNOP00000014761 ARL15 F1M6C4 Arl15 Arl15 Q8BGR6 (1<-1) Arl15 ARL15 Q9NXU5 (1<-1) ARL15
ENSRNOP00000028525 ARL2 G3V8V0 Arl2 Arl2 Q9D0J4 (1<-1) Arl2 ARL2 Q53YD8 (1<-1) hCG_23373
ENSRNOP00000027093 ARL3 F8WG91 Arl3 Arl3 Q543P7 (1<-1) Arl3 ARL3 P36405 (1<-1) ARL3
ENSRNOP00000009181 ARL5A P51646 Arl5a Arl5a Q498A0 (1<-1) Arl5a ARL5A Q9Y689 (1<-1) ARL5A
ENSRNOP00000002293 ARL6 B1WC73 Arl6 Arl6 Q8VCV3 (1<-1) Arl6 ARL6 Q9H0F7 (1<-1) ARL6
ENSRNOP00000024648 ARL6IP1 Q7TMZ5 Arl6ip1 Arl6ip1 Q80ZW9 (1<-1) Arl6ip1 ARL6IP1 A0A024QYV7 (1<-1) hCG_1994130
ENSRNOP00000001432 ARL6IP4 Q4V8I5 Arl6ip4 Arl6ip4 Q9JM93 (1<-1) Arl6ip4 ARL6IP4 Q66PJ3 (1<-1) ARL6IP4
ENSRNOP00000010185 ARL6IP5 Q9ES40 Arl6ip5 Arl6ip5 Q8R5J9 (1<-1) Arl6ip5 ARL6IP5 A0A024R371 (1<-1) ARL6IP5
ENSRNOP00000006774 ARL6IP6 Q68FV2 Arl6ip6 Arl6ip6 B2RXU3 (1<-1) Arl6ip6 ARL6IP6 Q8N6S5 (1<-1) ARL6IP6
ENSRNOP00000008163 ARL8A D3ZPP2 Arl8a Arl8a Q8VEH3 (1<-1) Arl8a ARL8A A0A024R977 (1<-1) ARL8A
ENSRNOP00000010053 ARL8B Q66HA6 Arl8b Arl8b Q9CQW2 (1<-1) Arl8b ARL8B A0A024R2D4 (1<-1) ARL8B
ENSRNOP00000018547 ARMC1 B0BN83 Armc1 Armc1 Q9D7A8 (1<-1) Armc1 ARMC1 Q9NVT9 (1<-1) ARMC1
ENSRNOP00000042700 ARMC10 B1WBW4 Armc10 Armc10 Q9D0L7 (1<-1) Armc10 ARMC10 Q8N2F6-2 (1<-1) ARMC10
ENSRNOP00000027550 ARMC6 B2RYL4 Armc6 Armc6 Q8BNU0 (1<-1) Armc6 ARMC6 Q6NXE6 (1<-1) ARMC6
ENSRNOP00000019536 ARMC8 F1M943 Armc8 Armc8 G3X920 (1<-1) Armc8 ARMC8 Q8IUR7 (1<-1) ARMC8
ENSRNOP00000059344 ARMC9 F1M3U9 Armc9 Armc9 Q9D2I5 (1<-1) Armc9 ARMC9 A0A087X1I8 (1<-1) ARMC9
ENSRNOP00000043675 ARMCX1 Q5U310 Armcx1 Armcx1 Q9CX83 (1<-1) Armcx1 ARMCX1 A0A024RCI6 (1<-1) ARMCX1
ENSRNOP00000030098 ARMCX2 Q642B5 Armcx2 Armcx2 Q6A058 (1<-1) Armcx2 ARMCX2 A0A024RCG7 (1<-1) ARMCX2
ENSRNOP00000033859 ARMCX3 Q5XID7 Armcx3 Armcx3 Q8BHS6 (1<-1) Armcx3 ARMCX3 A0A024RCF9 (1<-1) ARMCX3
ENSRNOP00000051224 ARMCX4 D3ZV39 Armcx4 Armcx4 E9PWM3 (1<-1) Armcx4 ARMCX4 F8W8Y7 (1<-1) ARMCX4
ENSRNOP00000004252 ARMCX5 D4A548 LOC102552920 Armcx5 Q3UZB0 (1<-1) Armcx5 ARMCX5 Q6P1M9 (1<-1) ARMCX5
ENSRNOP00000060764 ARNT F1LMF9 Arnt Arnt P53762 (1<-1) Arnt ARNT P27540 (1<-1) ARNT
ENSRNOP00000017636 ARNT2 Q78E60 Arnt2 Arnt2 Q61324 (1<-1) Arnt2 ARNT2 X5DQN9 (1<-1) ARNT2
ENSRNOP00000042830 ARNTL D3ZT62 Arntl Arntl Q3UHZ2 (1<-1) Arntl ARNTL B2RCL8 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000001319 ARPC1A Q99PD4 Arpc1a Arpc1a Q9R0Q6 (1<-1) Arpc1a ARPC1A V9HVZ6 (1<-1) HEL-68
ENSRNOP00000001315 ARPC1B O88656 Arpc1b Arpc1b Q9WV32 (1<-1) Arpc1b ARPC1B A4D275 (1<-1) ARPC1B
ENSRNOP00000019265 ARPC2 P85970 Arpc2 Arpc2 Q3UA52 (2<-1) Arpc2 ARPC2 Q53R19 (2<-1) ARPC2
ENSRNOP00000011499 ARPC3 B2GV73 Arpc3 Arpc3 Q9JM76 (1<-1) Arpc3 ARPC3 O15145 (1<-1) ARPC3
ENSRNOP00000011937 ARPC4 B2RZ72 Arpc4 Arpc4 P59999 (1<-1) Arpc4 ARPC4 P59998 (1<-1) ARPC4
ENSRNOP00000061516 ARPC5 Q4KLF8 Arpc5 Arpc5 Q9CPW4 (1<-1) Arpc5 ARPC5 O15511 (1<-1) ARPC5
ENSRNOP00000019405 ARPC5L A1L108 Arpc5l Arpc5l Q9D898 (1<-1) Arpc5l ARPC5L A0A024R897 (1<-1) ARPC5L
ENSRNOP00000035534 ARPP19 Q712U5 Arpp19 Arpp19 E9Q827 (1<-1) Arpp19 ARPP19 A0A024R5U3 (1<-1) ARPP-19
ENSRNOP00000046069 ARRB1 P29066 Arrb1 Arrb1 Q8BWG8 (1<-1) Arrb1 ARRB1 P49407 (1<-1) ARRB1
ENSRNOP00000026207 ARRB2 P29067 Arrb2 Arrb2 Q91YI4 (1<-1) Arrb2 ARRB2 P32121 (1<-1) ARRB2
ENSRNOP00000010169 ARRDC1 B0BNL6 Arrdc1 Arrdc1 Q99KN1 (1<-1) Arrdc1 ARRDC1 Q8N5I2 (1<-1) ARRDC1
ENSRNOP00000067658 ARRDC3 Q6TXF1 Arrdc3 Arrdc3 Q7TPQ9 (1<-1) Arrdc3 ARRDC3 Q96B67 (1<-1) ARRDC3
ENSRNOP00000017782 ARSA Q32KK2 Arsa Arsa P50428 (1<-1) Arsa ARSA A0A024R509 (1<-1) ARSA
ENSRNOP00000014860 ARSB P50430 Arsb Arsb P50429 (1<-1) Arsb ARSB A0A024RAJ9 (1<-1) ARSB
ENSRNOP00000035783 ARSE Q32KK0 Arse P50427 (2<-1) Sts ARSE F5GYY5 (1<-1) ARSE
ENSRNOP00000005257 ARSG Q32KJ9 Arsg Arsg Q3TYD4 (1<-1) Arsg ARSG A0A024R8K1 (1<-1) ARSG
ENSRNOP00000029855 ARSK Q32KJ2 Arsk Arsk Q9D2L1 (1<-1) Arsk ARSK Q6UWY0 (1<-1) ARSK
ENSRNOP00000007485 ART4 F1MA10 Art4 Art4 Q9CRA0 (1<-1) Art4 ART4 Q3KZ28 (1<-1) DO
ENSRNOP00000025695 ARV1 D3ZTJ1 Arv1 Arv1 Q0VBH5 (1<-1) Arv1 ARV1 H7C484 (1<-1) ARV1
ENSRNOP00000047113 ARVCF B4F7F3 Arvcf Arvcf P98203-3 (1<-1) Arvcf ARVCF E9PDC3 (1<-1) ARVCF
ENSRNOP00000027223 AS3MT G3V8P2 As3mt As3mt Q91WU5 (1<-1) As3mt AS3MT Q9HBK9 (1<-1) AS3MT
ENSRNOP00000013463 ASAH1 Q6P7S1 Asah1 Asah1 Q78P93 (2<-1) Asah1 ASAH1 A8K0B6 (2<-1)
ENSRNOP00000016688 ASAH2 Q91XT9 Asah2 Asah2 B9EHG7 (1<-1) Asah2 ASAH2 Q9NR71 (1<-1) ASAH2
ENSRNOP00000059763 ASAP1 Q1AAU6-2 Asap1 Asap1 H3BJY2 (1<-1) Asap1 ASAP1 Q9ULH1-2 (1<-1) ASAP1
ENSRNOP00000057153 ASAP2 A0A0G2K808 Asap2 Asap2 E9PX52 (1<-1) Asap2 ASAP2 O43150 (1<-1) ASAP2
ENSRNOP00000064660 ASAP3 M0R5J1 Asap3 Asap3 Q5U464 (1<-1) Asap3 ASAP3 A0A024RAB1 (1<-1) DDEFL1
ENSRNOP00000024200 ASB13 D3ZEJ6 Asb13 Asb13 Q8VBX0 (1<-1) Asb13 ASB13 Q8WXK3 (1<-1) ASB13
ENSRNOP00000031019 ASB6 Q6AYC9 Asb6 Asb6 Q6BCN6 (1<-1) Asb6 ASB6 Q9NWX5 (1<-1) ASB6
ENSRNOP00000018436 ASB7 D3ZVT6 Asb7 Asb7 Q91ZU0 (1<-1) Asb7 ASB7 A0A024RC94 (1<-1) ASB7
ENSRNOP00000013704 ASB8 B5DF17 Asb8 Asb8 Q91ZT9 (1<-1) Asb8 ASB8 Q9H765 (1<-1) ASB8
ENSRNOP00000000701 ASCC1 G3V619 Ascc1 Ascc1 Q9D8Z1 (1<-1) Ascc1 ASCC1 A0A024QZM0 (1<-1) ASCC1
ENSRNOP00000060720 ASCC2 D3ZPJ9 Ascc2 Ascc2 Q91WR3 (1<-1) Ascc2 ASCC2 A0A024R1F9 (1<-1) ASCC2
ENSRNOP00000053848 ASCC3 A0A0A0MY43 Ascc3 Ascc3 E9PZJ8 (1<-1) Ascc3 ASCC3 Q8N3C0 (1<-1) ASCC3
ENSRNOP00000005674 ASCL1 P19359 Ascl1 Ascl1 Q02067 (1<-1) Ascl1 ASCL1 P50553 (1<-1) ASCL1
ENSRNOP00000025254 ASGR1 P02706 Asgr1 Asgr1 P34927 (1<-1) Asgr1 ASGR1 Q6FGQ5 (1<-1) ASGR1
ENSRNOP00000060474 ASGR2 P08290 Asgr2 Asgr2 P24721 (1<-1) Asgr2 ASGR2 Q7Z4G9 (1<-1) HBXBP
ENSRNOP00000027629 ASH1L D3ZKH4 Ash1l Ash1l Q99MY8 (1<-1) Ash1l ASH1L Q9NR48-2 (1<-1) ASH1L
ENSRNOP00000020181 ASH2L D3ZTV7 Ash2l Ash2l Q91X20 (1<-1) Ash2l ASH2L Q9UBL3 (1<-1) ASH2L
ENSRNOP00000009348 ASIC2 Q62962-2 Asic2 Asic2 B2RRQ1 (1<-1) Asic2 ASIC2 Q16515-2 (1<-1) ASIC2
ENSRNOP00000027135 ASIC4 G3V8N2 Asic4 Asic4 Q7TNS7 (1<-1) Asic4 ASIC4 Q96FT7-4 (1<-1) ASIC4
ENSRNOP00000001211 ASL Q4QRB8 Asl Asl Q3UUH0 (1<-1) Asl ASL A0A024RDL8 (1<-1) ASL
ENSRNOP00000038215 ASMTL D4AA35 Asmtl Q9D927 (1<-1) 1810009N02Rik ASMTL O95671 (2<-1) ASMTL
ENSRNOP00000059647 ASNA1 G3V9T7 Asna1 Asna1 O54984 (1<-1) Asna1 ASNA1 O43681 (1<-1) ASNA1
ENSRNOP00000010079 ASNS P49088 Asns Asns Q61024 (1<-1) Asns ASNS P08243 (1<-1) ASNS
ENSRNOP00000050760 ASPA A0A0H2UHY8 Aspa Aspa Q8R3P0 (1<-1) Aspa ASPA Q6FH48 (1<-1) ASPA
ENSRNOP00000063826 ASPDH Q5I0J9 Aspdh Aspdh Q9DCQ2 (2<-1) Aspdh ASPDH A6ND91 (2<-1) ASPDH
ENSRNOP00000017454 ASPG A0A0G2JSM2 Aspg Aspg A0JNU3 (1<-1) Aspg ASPG Q86U10-3 (1<-1) ASPG
ENSRNOP00000048656 ASPH Q5U2Q8 Asph Asph Q8BSY0-2 (1<-1) Asph ASPH Q12797-4 (1<-1) ASPH
ENSRNOP00000016797 ASPM D3ZZQ1 Aspm Aspm Q8CJ27 (1<-1) Aspm ASPM Q8IZT6 (1<-1) ASPM
ENSRNOP00000020704 ASPN Q5XIH1 Aspn Aspn A6H6K1 (1<-1) Aspn ASPN Q9BXN1 (1<-1) ASPN
ENSRNOP00000051827 ASPSCR1 F1LR71 Aspscr1 Aspscr1 Q8VBT9 (1<-1) Aspscr1 ASPSCR1 Q9BZE9 (1<-1) ASPSCR1
ENSRNOP00000027459 ASRGL1 Q8VI04 Asrgl1 Asrgl1 Q8C0M9 (1<-1) Asrgl1 ASRGL1 A0A024R573 (1<-1) ASRGL1
ENSRNOP00000012075 ASS1 P09034 Ass1 Ass1 J3QNG0 (1<-1) Gm5424 ASS1 Q5T6L4 (1<-1) ASS
ENSRNOP00000017743 ASTE1 E9PU85 Aste1 Aste1 Q8BIR2 (1<-1) Aste1 ASTE1 Q2TB18 (1<-1) ASTE1
ENSRNOP00000021834 ASTN2 A0A0G2JYU3 Astn2 Astn2 Q80Z10 (3<-1) Astn2 ASTN2 O75129 (3<-1) ASTN2
ENSRNOP00000061847 ASUN D4A6N9 Asun Asun Q8QZV7 (1<-1) Asun ASUN Q9NVM9 (1<-1) ASUN
ENSRNOP00000015827 ASXL2 D3Z8N9 Asxl2 Asxl2 B2RUG8 (1<-1) Asxl2 ASXL2 E7EWD6 (1<-1) ASXL2
ENSRNOP00000020661 ASXL3 F1M090 Asxl3 Asxl3 Q8C4A5 (1<-1) Asxl3 ASXL3 Q9C0F0 (1<-1) ASXL3
ENSRNOP00000010916 ASZ1 Q8VHF9 Asz1 Asz1 Q8VD46 (1<-1) Asz1 ASZ1 Q8WWH4 (1<-1) ASZ1
ENSRNOP00000014684 ATAD1 Q505J9 Atad1 Atad1 Q9D5T0 (1<-1) Atad1 ATAD1 Q8NBU5 (1<-1) ATAD1
ENSRNOP00000008508 ATAD2 D3ZJD2 Atad2 Atad2 G3X963 (1<-1) Atad2 ATAD2 A0A024R9G7 (1<-1) ATAD2
ENSRNOP00000045132 ATAD2B A0A096MKB6 Atad2b
ENSRNOP00000046842 ATAD3A Q3KRE0 Atad3 Atad3a Q925I1 (1<-1) Atad3 ATAD3A Q9NVI7-2 (1<-1) ATAD3A
ENSRNOP00000028975 ATAD5 D4A058 Atad5 Atad5 Z4YKQ9 (1<-1) Atad5 ATAD5 Q96QE3 (1<-1) ATAD5
ENSRNOP00000059441 ATE1 D4A2N1 Ate1 Ate1 Q9Z2A5 (1<-1) Ate1 ATE1 O95260 (2<-1) ATE1
ENSRNOP00000052256 ATF1 Q3KR79 Atf1 Atf1 P81269 (1<-1) Atf1 ATF1 P18846 (1<-1) ATF1
ENSRNOP00000032766 ATF6 G3V909 Atf6 Atf6 F6VAN0 (1<-1) Atf6 ATF6 P18850 (1<-1) ATF6
ENSRNOP00000010195 ATG101 Q6AY69 Atg101 Atg101 Q9D8Z6 (1<-1) Atg101 ATG101 A0A024R128 (1<-1) C12orf44
ENSRNOP00000000170 ATG12 Q2TBJ5 Atg12 Atg12 Q9CQY1 (1<-1) Atg12 ATG12 O94817 (1<-1) ATG12
ENSRNOP00000023237 ATG13 D3ZA45 Atg13 Atg13 Q91YI1 (1<-1) Atg13 ATG13 O75143 (1<-1) ATG13
ENSRNOP00000016274 ATG14 D4A4K3 Atg14 Atg14 Q8CDJ3 (1<-1) Atg14 ATG14 Q6ZNE5 (1<-1) ATG14
ENSRNOP00000024445 ATG16L1 D3ZFK6 Atg16l1 Atg16l1 Q8C0J2 (1<-1) Atg16l1 ATG16L1 Q676U5 (1<-1) ATG16L1
ENSRNOP00000028546 ATG2A D3ZT64 Atg2a Atg2a Q6P4T0 (1<-1) Atg2a ATG2A Q2TAZ0 (1<-1) ATG2A
ENSRNOP00000006131 ATG2B F1MAF8 Atg2b Atg2b Q80XK6 (1<-1) Atg2b ATG2B Q96BY7 (1<-1) ATG2B
ENSRNOP00000002906 ATG3 Q6AZ50 Atg3 Atg3 Q9CPX6 (1<-1) Atg3 ATG3 Q9NT62 (1<-1) ATG3
ENSRNOP00000025529 ATG4B A0A0G2QC33 Atg4b Atg4b Q8BGE6 (1<-1) Atg4b ATG4B B4DZK0 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000011631 ATG4C F1M3M0 Atg4c Atg4c Q811C2 (1<-1) Atg4c ATG4C Q96DT6 (1<-1) ATG4C
ENSRNOP00000064764 ATG4D M0R5T6 Atg4d Atg4d Q8BGV9 (1<-1) Atg4d ATG4D Q86TL0 (1<-1) ATG4D
ENSRNOP00000053910 ATG5 D3ZJZ1 Atg5 Atg5 Q99J83 (2<-1) Atg5 ATG5 A9UGY9 (2<-1) ATG5
ENSRNOP00000063617 ATG7 Q641Y5 Atg7 Atg7 Q9D906 (1<-1) Atg7 ATG7 O95352 (1<-1) ATG7
ENSRNOP00000025740 ATG9A Q5FWU3 Atg9a Atg9a Q3ZAQ4 (1<-1) Atg9a ATG9A A0A024R438 (1<-1) ATG9A
ENSRNOP00000033321 ATG9B D4ABD5 Atg9b Atg9b Q6EBV9 (1<-1) Atg9b ATG9B Q674R7 (1<-1) ATG9B
ENSRNOP00000020004 ATHL1 D3ZY02 Athl1 Athl1 Q8BP56 (1<-1) Athl1 ATHL1 A0A024R1Z9 (1<-1) ATHL1
ENSRNOP00000021105 ATIC O35567 Atic Atic Q9CWJ9 (1<-1) Atic ATIC V9HWH7 (1<-1) HEL-S-70p
ENSRNOP00000008988 ATL2 F1LQ09 Atl2 Atl2 Q6PA06 (1<-1) Atl2 ATL2 Q8NHH9 (1<-1) ATL2
ENSRNOP00000063444 ATL3 Q0ZHH6 Atl3 Atl3 Q91YH5 (1<-1) Atl3 ATL3 Q6DD88 (1<-1) ATL3
ENSRNOP00000045529 ATM D4ACL8 Atm Atm B9EHX4 (2<-1) Atm ATM A0A024R3C7 (2<-1) ATM
ENSRNOP00000017588 ATOX1 Q9WUC4 Atox1 Atox1 O08997 (1<-1) Atox1 ATOX1 Q6IBA3 (1<-1) ATOX1
ENSRNOP00000023163 ATP11A D4A7K5 Atp11a Atp11a P98197 (1<-1) Atp11a ATP11A E9PEJ6 (1<-1) ATP11A
ENSRNOP00000016961 ATP11B Q5RJS7 Atp11b Atp11b Q6ZQ17 (2<-1) Atp11b ATP11B Q9Y2G3 (2<-1) ATP11B
ENSRNOP00000048676 ATP11C D3ZFC5 Atp11c Atp11c F6Q8D3 (1<-1) Atp11c ATP11C Q8NB49 (1<-1) ATP11C
ENSRNOP00000028093 ATP12A G3V8S4 Atp12a Atp12a Q9Z1W8 (1<-1) Atp12a ATP12A P54707 (1<-1) ATP12A
ENSRNOP00000015247 ATP13A1 G3V7I3 Atp13a1 Atp13a1 Q9EPE9 (1<-1) Atp13a1 ATP13A1 A0A024R7N2 (1<-1) ATP13A1
ENSRNOP00000010884 ATP13A2 F1MAA4 Atp13a2 Atp13a2 Q9CTG6 (1<-1) Atp13a2 ATP13A2 Q9NQ11-3 (1<-1) ATP13A2
ENSRNOP00000045650 ATP1A1 P06685 Atp1a1 Atp1a1 Q8VDN2 (1<-1) Atp1a1 ATP1A1 P05023 (1<-1) ATP1A1
ENSRNOP00000027497 ATP1A3 P06687 Atp1a3 Atp1a3 A0A0G2JGX4 (1<-1) Atp1a3 ATP1A3 P13637-3 (1<-1) ATP1A3
ENSRNOP00000003932 ATP1B1 P07340 Atp1b1 Atp1b1 Q545P0 (1<-1) Atp1b1 ATP1B1 A3KLL5 (1<-1) ATP1B1
ENSRNOP00000015475 ATP1B3 Q63377 Atp1b3 Atp1b3 Q544Q7 (1<-1) Atp1b3 ATP1B3 P54709 (1<-1) ATP1B3
ENSRNOP00000067246 ATP2A1 Q64578 Atp2a1 Atp2a1 Q8R429 (1<-1) Atp2a1 ATP2A1 Q7Z6E5 (3<-2) DKFZp779G2251
ENSRNOP00000024347 ATP2A2 P11507 Atp2a2 Atp2a2 J3KMM5 (1<-1) Atp2a2 ATP2A2 P16615 (1<-1) ATP2A2
ENSRNOP00000060512 ATP2A3 G3V9U7 Atp2a3 Atp2a3 Q8R0X5 (1<-1) Atp2a3 ATP2A3 Q93084-2 (1<-1) ATP2A3
ENSRNOP00000005491 ATP2B1 P11505-3 Atp2b1 Atp2b1 G5E829 (1<-1) Atp2b1 ATP2B1 A0A024RBC7 (1<-1) ATP2B1
ENSRNOP00000060489 ATP2B2 P11506-14 Atp2b2 Atp2b2 Q3UHJ3 (1<-1) Atp2b2 ATP2B2 Q4LE63 (1<-1) ATP2B2 variant protein
ENSRNOP00000004078 ATP2B4 Q64542 Atp2b4 Atp2b4 D1FNM9 (1<-1) Atp2b4 ATP2B4 A0A024R968 (1<-1) ATP2B4
ENSRNOP00000018175 ATP2C1 F1M281 Atp2c1 Atp2c1 Q80XR2 (1<-1) Atp2c1 ATP2C1 P98194 (1<-1) ATP2C1
ENSRNOP00000028508 ATP4A F1LRK1 Atp4a Atp4a Q64436 (1<-1) Atp4a ATP4A P20648 (1<-1) ATP4A
ENSRNOP00000022892 ATP5A1 P15999 Atp5a1 Atp5a1 Q03265 (1<-1) Atp5a1 ATP5A1 V9HW26 (1<-1) HEL-S-123m
ENSRNOP00000003965 ATP5B P10719 Atp5b Atp5b P56480 (1<-1) Atp5b ATP5B V9HW31 (1<-1) HEL-S-271
ENSRNOP00000061946 ATP5C1 P35435 Atp5c1 Atp5c1 Q3UD06 (1<-1) Atp5c1 ATP5C1 P36542 (1<-1) ATP5C1
ENSRNOP00000020670 ATP5D G3V7Y3 Atp5d Atp5d Q4FK74 (1<-1) Atp5d ATP5D P30049 (1<-1) ATP5D
ENSRNOP00000067815 ATP5E P29418 Atp5e Atp5e Q545F5 (1<-1) Atp5e ATP5E P56381 (1<-1) ATP5E
ENSRNOP00000021920 ATP5F1 P19511 Atp5f1 Atp5f1 Q5I0W0 (1<-1) Atp5f1 ATP5F1 Q08ET0 (1<-1) hCG_39985
ENSRNOP00000020675 ATP5G2 Q06646 Atp5g2 Gm10175 P56383 (1<-1) Atp5g2 ATP5G2 Q06055 (1<-1) ATP5G2
ENSRNOP00000055032 ATP5G3 Q499S2 Atp5g3 Atp5g3 Q14BC2 (1<-1) Atp5g3 ATP5G3 P48201 (1<-1) ATP5G3
ENSRNOP00000000072 ATP5I P29419 Atp5i Atp5k Q06185 (1<-1) Atp5i ATP5I P56385 (1<-1) ATP5I
ENSRNOP00000002116 ATP5J P21571 Atp5j Atp5j P97450 (1<-1) Atp5j ATP5J Q6IB54 (1<-1) ATP5J
ENSRNOP00000029426 ATP5J2 D3ZAF6 Atp5j2 Atp5j2 P56135 (1<-1) Atp5j2 ATP5J2 P56134-2 (1<-1) ATP5J2
ENSRNOP00000040969 ATP5L Q6PDU7 Atp5l Atp5l Q9CPQ8 (1<-1) Atp5l ATP5L O75964 (1<-1) ATP5L
ENSRNOP00000002732 ATP5O Q06647 Atp5o Atp5o Q9DB20 (1<-1) Atp5o ATP5O P48047 (1<-1) ATP5O
ENSRNOP00000006509 ATP5S Q5XIM4 Atp5s Atp5s Q9CRA7 (1<-1) Atp5s ATP5S Q99766 (1<-1) ATP5S
ENSRNOP00000027960 ATP5SL Q5I0I4 Atp5sl Atp5sl Q9D7K5 (1<-1) Atp5sl ATP5SL A0A024R0K4 (1<-1) FLJ10241
ENSRNOP00000053134 ATP6AP1 Q6IRF8 Atp6ap1 Atp6ap1 Q3TWN7 (1<-1) Atp6ap1 ATP6AP1 Q15904 (1<-1) ATP6AP1
ENSRNOP00000005138 ATP6AP2 Q6AXS4 Atp6ap2 Atp6ap2 Q1XID4 (1<-1) Atp6ap2 ATP6AP2 O75787 (1<-1) ATP6AP2
ENSRNOP00000052113 ATP6V0A1 Q2I6B2 Atp6v0a1 Atp6v0a1 Q9Z1G4-3 (1<-1) Atp6v0a1 ATP6V0A1 Q93050-1 (1<-1) ATP6V0A1
ENSRNOP00000039438 ATP6V0A2 Q2I6B1 Atp6v0a2 Atp6v0a2 P15920 (1<-1) Atp6v0a2 ATP6V0A2 Q9Y487 (1<-1) ATP6V0A2
ENSRNOP00000061018 ATP6V0A4 D4A1H0 Atp6v0a4 Atp6v0a4 Q920R6 (2<-1) Atp6v0a4 ATP6V0A4 A0A024R791 (2<-1) ATP6V0A4
ENSRNOP00000008736 ATP6V0C P63081 Atp6v0c Atp6v0c A3KML5 (1<-1) Atp6v0c ATP6V0C P27449 (1<-1) ATP6V0C
ENSRNOP00000023606 ATP6V0D1 Q5M7T6 Atp6v0d1 Atp6v0d1 P51863 (1<-1) Atp6v0d1 ATP6V0D1 P61421 (1<-1) ATP6V0D1
ENSRNOP00000002727 ATP6V1A D4A133 Atp6v1a Atp6v1a P50516 (1<-1) Atp6v1a ATP6V1A P38606 (1<-1) ATP6V1A
ENSRNOP00000015931 ATP6V1B2 P62815 Atp6v1b2 Atp6v1b2 P62814 (1<-1) Atp6v1b2 ATP6V1B2 P21281 (1<-1) ATP6V1B2
ENSRNOP00000006917 ATP6V1C1 Q5FVI6 Atp6v1c1 Atp6v1c1 Q9Z1G3 (1<-1) Atp6v1c1 ATP6V1C1 A0A024R9I0 (1<-1) ATP6V1C1
ENSRNOP00000012101 ATP6V1D Q6P503 Atp6v1d Atp6v1d Q3U861 (1<-1) Atp6v1d ATP6V1D A0A024R683 (1<-1) ATP6V1D
ENSRNOP00000016495 ATP6V1E1 G3V7L8 Atp6v1e1 Atp6v1e1 P50518 (1<-1) Atp6v1e1 ATP6V1E1 Q53Y06 (1<-1) ATP6V1E1
ENSRNOP00000009737 ATP6V1F P50408 Atp6v1f Atp6v1f Q9D1K2 (1<-1) Atp6v1f ATP6V1F A4D1K0 (1<-1) ATP6V1F
ENSRNOP00000011508 ATP6V1G1 B2GUV5 Atp6v1g1 Atp6v1g1 Q5HZY7 (1<-1) Atp6v1g1 ATP6V1G1 A0A024R883 (1<-1) ATP6V1G1
ENSRNOP00000059400 ATP6V1H E9PTI1 Atp6v1h Atp6v1h A0A0A6YWP6 (1<-1) Atp6v1h ATP6V1H A0A024R7U9 (2<-1) ATP6V1H
ENSRNOP00000063702 ATP7A P70705 Atp7a Atp7a B9EJ97 (1<-1) Atp7a ATP7A Q04656 (1<-1) ATP7A
ENSRNOP00000054880 ATP7B Q9QUG4 Atp7b Atp7b Q64446 (1<-1) Atp7b ATP7B A0A024RDX3 (1<-1) ATP7B
ENSRNOP00000061450 ATP8A1 D3ZJK8 Atp8a1 Atp8a1 A1L332 (1<-1) Atp8a1 ATP8A1 Q9Y2Q0 (2<-1) ATP8A1
ENSRNOP00000038207 ATP8B1 D4AA47 Atp8b1 Atp8b1 Q148W0 (1<-1) Atp8b1 ATP8B1 O43520 (1<-1) ATP8B1
ENSRNOP00000028246 ATP8B2 D4A509 Atp8b2 Atp8b2 E9QAL4 (1<-1) Atp8b2 ATP8B2 P98198-3 (1<-1) ATP8B2
ENSRNOP00000031877 ATP8B3 D3ZE62 Atp8b3 Atp8b3 Q6UQ17 (1<-1) Atp8b3 ATP8B3 O60423-1 (1<-1) ATP8B3
ENSRNOP00000064988 ATP9A M0R6E0 Atp9a Atp9a O70228 (1<-1) Atp9a ATP9A O75110 (1<-1) ATP9A
ENSRNOP00000040756 ATP9B D4ABB8 Atp9b Atp9b P98195 (1<-1) Atp9b ATP9B O43861 (1<-1) ATP9B
ENSRNOP00000013533 ATPAF1 D3ZY50 Atpaf1 Atpaf1 H3BLL2 (1<-1) Atpaf1 ATPAF1 I3L448 (1<-1) ATPAF1
ENSRNOP00000004948 ATPAF2 D3ZTW7 Atpaf2 Atpaf2 Q91YY4 (1<-1) Atpaf2 ATPAF2 Q8N5M1 (1<-1) ATPAF2
ENSRNOP00000018038 ATPIF1 Q03344 Atpif1 Atpif1 O35143 (1<-1) Atpif1 ATPIF1 Q9UII2 (1<-1) ATPIF1
ENSRNOP00000043760 ATR D3Z822 Atr Atr Q9JKK8 (1<-1) Atr ATR Q13535 (1<-1) ATR
ENSRNOP00000062616 ATRAID B2RYU3 Atraid Atraid A8C1S6 (1<-1) Atraid ATRAID Q6UW56-3 (1<-1) ATRAID
ENSRNOP00000028847 ATRN Q99J86 Atrn Atrn Q9WU60 (1<-1) Atrn ATRN O75882 (1<-1) ATRN
ENSRNOP00000023414 ATRNL1 F1M3T8 Atrnl1 Atrnl1 Q6A051 (1<-1) Atrnl1 ATRNL1 Q5VV63 (1<-1) ATRNL1
ENSRNOP00000041679 ATRX B5DFC2 Atrx Q61687 (1<-1) Atrx ATRX A4LAA3 (2<-1) ATRX
ENSRNOP00000021071 ATXN10 Q9ER24 Atxn10 Atxn10 P28658 (1<-1) Atxn10 ATXN10 Q9UBB4 (1<-1) ATXN10
ENSRNOP00000055994 ATXN1L D3ZBC4 Atxn1l Atxn1l P0C7T6 (1<-1) Atxn1l ATXN1L P0C7T5 (1<-1) ATXN1L
ENSRNOP00000001691 ATXN2 F1M049 Atxn2 Atxn2 E9QM77 (1<-1) Atxn2 ATXN2 V9GY86 (1<-1) ATXN2
ENSRNOP00000059876 ATXN2L B3DMA1 Atxn2l Atxn2l Q7TQH0-2 (1<-1) Atxn2l ATXN2L Q8WWM7 (1<-1) ATXN2L
ENSRNOP00000007505 ATXN3 O35815 Atxn3 Atxn3 Q546X9 (1<-1) Atxn3 ATXN3 P54252-2 (1<-1) ATXN3
ENSRNOP00000016493 AU040320 F1M4J1 LOC100294508 AU040320 Q8K135 (1<-1) Kiaa0319l KIAA0319L Q8IZA0 (1<-1) KIAA0319L
ENSRNOP00000015786 AUH F1LU71 Auh Auh Q9JLZ3 (1<-1) Auh AUH Q13825 (1<-1) AUH
ENSRNOP00000010602 AUP1 A1L134 Aup1 Aup1 Q3TBX5 (1<-1) Aup1 AUP1 Q9Y679-2 (1<-1) AUP1
ENSRNOP00000062695 AVEN D3Z853 Aven Aven A2AGL5 (1<-1) Aven AVEN Q9NQS1 (1<-1) AVEN
ENSRNOP00000067218 AVIL M0RCA6 Avil Avil Q0VEI6 (1<-1) Avil AVIL O75366 (1<-1) AVIL
ENSRNOP00000018426 AVL9 D3ZVU6 Avl9 Avl9 Q80U56 (1<-1) Avl9 AVL9 A0A024RA36 (1<-1) KIAA0241
ENSRNOP00000005829 AVPR1A P30560 Avpr1a Avpr1a Q3U1H9 (1<-1) Avpr1a AVPR1A X5D2B0 (1<-1) AVPR1A
ENSRNOP00000061728 AW551984 D4A1U8 RGD1311744 AW551984 Q8BGF0 (1<-1) AW551984 VWA5A
ENSRNOP00000027705 AXIN1 O70239 Axin1 Axin1 Q14DJ8 (1<-1) Axin1 AXIN1 O15169-2 (1<-1) AXIN1
ENSRNOP00000004898 AXIN2 O70240 Axin2 Axin2 O88566 (1<-1) Axin2 AXIN2 Q9Y2T1 (1<-1) AXIN2
ENSRNOP00000028131 AXL E9PSY0 Axl Axl Q00993 (1<-1) Axl AXL P30530 (1<-1) AXL
ENSRNOP00000001801 AZGP1 Q3B8R6 Azgp1 Azgp1 Q64726 (1<-1) Azgp1 AZGP1 P25311 (1<-1) AZGP1
ENSRNOP00000005977 AZI1 D4AEL8 Cep131 Cep131 J3QMP9 (1<-1) Cep131 CEP131 Q9UPN4-2 (1<-1) CEP131
ENSRNOP00000013449 AZI2 F1LQL4 Azi2 Azi2 Q9QYP6 (1<-1) Azi2 AZI2 Q9H6S1 (1<-1) AZI2
ENSRNOP00000023017 B2M P07151 B2m B2m P01887 (1<-1) B2m B2M P61769 (1<-1) B2M
ENSRNOP00000010018 B3GALT1 D3ZPD8 B3galt1 B3galt1 Q505A3 (1<-1) B3galt1 B3GALT1 Q9Y5Z6 (1<-1) B3GALT1
ENSRNOP00000000550 B3GALT4 Q6MGC2 B3galt4 B3galt4 A0A068BIS6 (1<-1) B3galt4 B3GALT4 Q5STJ7 (1<-1) B3GALT4
ENSRNOP00000027060 B3GALT6 D3ZQC1 B3galt6 B3galt6 Q91Z92 (1<-1) B3galt6 B3GALT6 Q96L58 (1<-1) B3GALT6
ENSRNOP00000001199 B3GALTL A0A0G2JUT7 B3glct B3glct Q8BHT6 (2<-1) B3glct B3GLCT Q6Y288 (2<-1) B3GLCT
ENSRNOP00000026875 B3GAT3 B2GV35 B3gat3 B3gat3 P58158 (1<-1) B3gat3 B3GAT3 O94766 (1<-1) B3GAT3
ENSRNOP00000067194 B3GNT1 D3ZHA1 B3gnt1 B4gat1 Q8BWP8 (1<-1) B4gat1 B4GAT1 A0A024R5F9 (1<-1) B3GNT6
ENSRNOP00000012286 B3GNT2 D3ZEF9 B3gnt2 B3gnt2 Q3TVJ9 (1<-1) B3gnt2 B3GNT2 Q9NY97-2 (1<-1) B3GNT2
ENSRNOP00000043462 B3GNT6 D3ZC66 B3gnt6 B3gnt6 Q3USF0 (1<-1) B3gnt6 B3GNT6 A8K9Q8 (1<-1) hCG_2018639
ENSRNOP00000048586 B4GALNT1 Q10468 B4galnt1 B4galnt1 Q3UN35 (1<-1) B4galnt1 B4GALNT1 Q00973 (1<-1) B4GALNT1
ENSRNOP00000038820 B4GALNT4 D4A750 B4galnt4 B4galnt4 Q766D5 (1<-1) B4galnt4 B4GALNT4 Q76KP1 (1<-1) B4GALNT4
ENSRNOP00000010874 B4GALT1 G3V722 B4galt1 B4galt1 Q3U478 (1<-1) B4galt1 B4GALT1 P15291 (1<-1) B4GALT1
ENSRNOP00000004735 B4GALT3 Q6P768 B4galt3 B4galt3 Q3U260 (1<-1) B4galt3 B4GALT3 O60512 (1<-1) B4GALT3
ENSRNOP00000004289 B4GALT4 Q66HH1 B4galt4 B4galt4 Q9JJ04 (1<-1) B4galt4 B4GALT4 B3KM35 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000060927 B4GALT5 F1LZL3 B4galt5
ENSRNOP00000021764 B4GALT6 A0A0A0MXX9 B4galt6 B4galt6 Q3UUA9 (1<-1) B4galt6 B4GALT6 Q6NT00 (1<-1) B4GALT6
ENSRNOP00000029002 B4GALT7 Q4FZU7 B4galt7 B4galt7 Q3TAW1 (1<-1) B4galt7 B4GALT7 Q9UBV7 (1<-1) B4GALT7
ENSRNOP00000009752 B630005N14RIK D3ZV22 LOC500034 B630005N14Rik Q8BXK4 (1<-1) C7orf60 Q1RMZ1 (1<-1) C7orf60
ENSRNOP00000009777 BAAT Q63276 Baat Baat Q91X34 (1<-1) Baat BAAT Q14032 (1<-1) BAAT
ENSRNOP00000022938 BABAM1 Q5XIJ6 Babam1 Babam1 Q3UI43 (1<-1) Babam1 BABAM1 A0A024R7L2 (1<-1) HSPC142
ENSRNOP00000022796 BACE1 P56819 Bace1 Bace1 P56818 (1<-1) Bace1 BACE1 A0A024R3D7 (1<-1) BACE1
ENSRNOP00000002679 BACE2 Q6IE75 Bace2 Bace2 Q9JL18 (1<-1) Bace2 BACE2 Q9Y5Z0 (1<-1) BACE2
ENSRNOP00000002151 BACH1 D4ACD2 Bach1 Bach1 Q3URL4 (1<-1) Bach1 BACH1 O14867 (1<-1) BACH1
ENSRNOP00000028712 BAD O35147 Bad Bad Q61337 (1<-1) Bad BAD A0A024R562 (1<-1) BAD
ENSRNOP00000011455 BAG1 B0K019 Bag1 Bag1 F6TCF9 (1<-1) Bag1 BAG1 Q99933 (1<-1) BAG1
ENSRNOP00000027616 BAG3 P49805 Rgs9 Bag3 Q9JLV1 (1<-1) Bag3 BAG3 O95817 (1<-1) BAG3
ENSRNOP00000015333 BAG5 Q5QJC9 Bag5 Bag5 Q8CI32 (1<-1) Bag5 BAG5 A0A024R6M6 (1<-1) BAG5
ENSRNOP00000057557 BAG6 Q6MG49 Bag6 Bag6 Q9Z1R2 (1<-1) Bag6 BAG6 A0A024RCR6 (1<-1) BAT3
ENSRNOP00000016194 BAI3 D4A831 Adgrb3 Adgrb3 Q80ZF8 (1<-1) Adgrb3 ADGRB3 O60242 (1<-1) ADGRB3
ENSRNOP00000005687 BAIAP2 Q6GMN2 Baiap2 Baiap2 Q8BKX1 (1<-1) Baiap2 BAIAP2 Q9UQB8-2 (1<-1) BAIAP2
ENSRNOP00000057568 BAIAP2L1 Q3KR97 Baiap2l1 Baiap2l1 Q9DBJ3 (1<-1) Baiap2l1 BAIAP2L1 Q9UHR4 (1<-1) BAIAP2L1
ENSRNOP00000016362 BAIAP2L2 D4A901 Baiap2l2 Baiap2l2 Q80Y61 (1<-1) Baiap2l2 BAIAP2L2 Q6UXY1 (1<-1) BAIAP2L2
ENSRNOP00000024072 BAIAP3 F1LVS1 Baiap3 Baiap3 B2RY68 (1<-1) Baiap3 BAIAP3 O94812-6 (1<-1) BAIAP3
ENSRNOP00000000576 BAK1 Q9JK59 Bak1 Bak1 O08734 (1<-1) Bak1 BAK1 Q16611 (1<-1) BAK1
ENSRNOP00000027734 BANF1 Q9R1T1 Banf1 Banf1 O54962 (1<-1) Banf1 BANF1 A0A024R5H0 (1<-1) BANF1
ENSRNOP00000066483 BANK1 M0RAD7 Bank1 Bank1 Q0P699 (1<-1) Bank1 BANK1 Q8NDB2 (1<-1) BANK1
ENSRNOP00000025853 BAP1 A0A0A0MXZ5 Bap1 Bap1 Q99PU7 (1<-1) Bap1 BAP1 A0A024R305 (1<-1) BAP1
ENSRNOP00000028328 BAX G3V8T9 Bax Bax Q544Z6 (1<-1) Bax BAX Q07812 (1<-1) BAX
ENSRNOP00000009080 BAZ1A F1M4U9 Baz1a Baz1a G3UWZ0 (1<-1) Baz1a BAZ1A Q9NRL2 (1<-1) BAZ1A
ENSRNOP00000001975 BAZ1B G3V661 Baz1b Baz1b Q9Z277 (1<-1) Baz1b BAZ1B Q9UIG0 (1<-1) BAZ1B
ENSRNOP00000006197 BBOX1 A0A0G2K461 Bbox1 Bbox1 Q924Y0 (1<-1) Bbox1 BBOX1 O75936 (1<-1) BBOX1
ENSRNOP00000009898 BBS12 D3ZYF7 Bbs12 Bbs12 Q5SUD9 (1<-1) Bbs12 BBS12 Q6ZW61 (1<-1) BBS12
ENSRNOP00000058376 BC005561 F1LZ00 LOC679894 BC005561 E9Q5E2 (1<-1) BC005561 THOC2 Q8NI27 (3<-1) THOC2
ENSRNOP00000051805 BC017643 Q6AYA6 BC017643 Q3TYS2 (1<-1) C17orf62 A0A024R8W9 (1<-1) C17orf62
ENSRNOP00000007816 BC030476 F1M6T7 Erich5 Erich5 Q8K0S2 (1<-1) Erich5 ERICH5 Q6P6B1 (1<-1) ERICH5
ENSRNOP00000033325 BC049715 Q4KLZ4 BC049715 Q810N5 (1<-1) C12orf60 Q5U649 (1<-1) C12orf60
ENSRNOP00000047809 BCAM Q9ESS6 Bcam Bcam Q9R069 (1<-1) Bcam BCAM P50895 (1<-1) BCAM
ENSRNOP00000010631 BCAP29 Q5XIU4 Bcap29 Bcap29 Q542A1 (1<-1) Bcap29 BCAP29 E9PAJ1 (1<-1) BCAP29
ENSRNOP00000025813 BCAP31 Q6AY58 Bcap31 Bcap31 Q61335 (1<-1) Bcap31 BCAP31 P51572 (1<-1) BCAP31
ENSRNOP00000039940 BCAR1 D3ZE30 Bcar1 Bcar1 Q61140-2 (1<-1) Bcar1 BCAR1 P56945-2 (1<-1) BCAR1
ENSRNOP00000062880 BCAR3 D3ZAZ5 Bcar3 Bcar3 Q9QZK2 (1<-1) Bcar3 BCAR3 O75815 (1<-1) BCAR3
ENSRNOP00000051984 BCAS1 Q3ZB98-3 Bcas1 Bcas1 E9Q8Q5 (1<-1) Bcas1 BCAS1 A0AVG7 (1<-1) BCAS1
ENSRNOP00000025592 BCAS2 B5DFM8 Bcas2 Bcas2 Q9D287 (1<-1) Bcas2 BCAS2 B2R7W3 (1<-1) BCAS2
ENSRNOP00000004657 BCAS3 B0BN06 Bcas3 Bcas3 B1AR74 (1<-1) Bcas3 BCAS3 Q9H6U6-8 (1<-1) BCAS3
ENSRNOP00000021193 BCAT1 P54690 Bcat1 Bcat1 Q8CBC8 (1<-1) Bcat1 BCAT1 P54687-5 (1<-1) BCAT1
ENSRNOP00000028474 BCAT2 G3V8U8 Bcat2 Bcat2 Q3ULU3 (1<-1) Bcat2 BCAT2 O15382 (1<-1) BCAT2
ENSRNOP00000024355 BCCIP D3ZB65 Bccip Bccip Q9CWI3 (1<-1) Bccip BCCIP Q9P287 (1<-1) BCCIP
ENSRNOP00000013279 BCHE Q9JKC1 Bche Bche Q03311 (1<-1) Bche BCHE D3DNN4 (1<-1) BCHE
ENSRNOP00000027995 BCKDHA P11960 Bckdha Bckdha Q3U3J1 (1<-1) Bckdha BCKDHA A0A024R0K3 (1<-1) BCKDHA
ENSRNOP00000013249 BCKDHB A0A0A0MXW1 Bckdhb Bckdhb Q6P3A8 (1<-1) Bckdhb BCKDHB P21953 (1<-1) BCKDHB
ENSRNOP00000026466 BCKDK A0A0H2UHR5 Bckdk Bckdk Q3UC13 (1<-1) Bckdk BCKDK A0A024QZA9 (1<-1) BCKDK
ENSRNOP00000003768 BCL2 F1LNV0 Bcl2 Bcl2 P10417 (1<-1) Bcl2 BCL2 A0A024R2B3 (1<-1) BCL2
ENSRNOP00000010762 BCL2L1 P53563 Bcl2l1 Bcl2l1 Q5HZH3 (1<-1) Bcl2l1 BCL2L1 Q07817 (1<-1) BCL2L1
ENSRNOP00000039006 BCL2L11 O88498 Bcl2l11 Bcl2l11 Q542N5 (1<-1) Bcl2l11 BCL2L11 O43521 (1<-1) BCL2L11
ENSRNOP00000027777 BCL2L12 D3Z9I2 Bcl2l12 Bcl2l12 Q9D3J3 (1<-1) Bcl2l12 BCL2L12 A0A087WSV0 (1<-1) BCL2L12
ENSRNOP00000016561 BCL2L13 D3ZT71 Bcl2l13 Bcl2l13 P59017 (1<-1) Bcl2l13 BCL2L13 Q9BXK5 (1<-1) BCL2L13
ENSRNOP00000029468 BCL2L14 Q6AYK4 Bcl2l14 Bcl2l14 Q9CPT0 (1<-1) Bcl2l14 BCL2L14 A0A024RAR1 (1<-1) hCG_27697
ENSRNOP00000052920 BCL2L15 D4A1Q8 Bcl2l15 Bcl2l15 Q08ED0 (1<-1) Bcl2l15 BCL2L15 Q5TBC7 (1<-1) BCL2L15
ENSRNOP00000020409 BCL2L2 Q7TS60 Bcl2l2 Bcl2l2 P70345 (1<-1) Bcl2l2 BCL2L2 Q92843 (1<-1) BCL2L2
ENSRNOP00000025618 BCL7C D3ZUL4 Bcl7c Bcl7c O08664 (1<-1) Bcl7c BCL7C Q8WUZ0 (1<-1) BCL7C
ENSRNOP00000042360 BCLAF1 Q7TP73 Bclaf1
ENSRNOP00000016880 BCMO1 G3V7N1 Bco1 Bco1 Q05AC0 (1<-1) Bco1 BCO1 Q9HAY6 (1<-1) BCO1
ENSRNOP00000055965 BCO2 A3KN98 Bco2 Bco2 Q3KNZ2 (1<-1) Bco2 BCO2 B2RCV8 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000006805 BCORL1 F1LYC7 Bcorl1 Bcorl1 A2AQH4 (1<-1) Bcorl1 BCORL1 Q5H9F3-3 (1<-1) BCORL1
ENSRNOP00000001766 BCR F1LXF1 Bcr Bcr Q6PAJ1 (1<-1) Bcr BCR P11274 (1<-1) BCR
ENSRNOP00000022632 BCS1L Q5XIM0 Bcs1l Bcs1l Q9CZP5 (1<-1) Bcs1l BCS1L A0A024R467 (1<-1) BCS1L
ENSRNOP00000002366 BDH1 P29147 Bdh1 Bdh1 Q80XN0 (1<-1) Bdh1 BDH1 Q02338 (1<-1) BDH1
ENSRNOP00000019507 BDH2 D4A1J4 Bdh2 Bdh2 G3UWD3 (1<-1) Bdh2 BDH2 A0A024RDG9 (1<-1) BDH2
ENSRNOP00000064715 BDKRB2 P25023 Bdkrb2 Bdkrb2 P32299 (1<-1) Bdkrb2 BDKRB2 P30411 (1<-1) BDKRB2
ENSRNOP00000027868 BECN1 Q91XJ1 Becn1 Becn1 O88597 (1<-1) Becn1 BECN1 A0A024R1X5 (1<-1) BECN1
ENSRNOP00000049699 BEGAIN O88881-2 Begain Begain A0A087WQY4 (1<-1) Begain BEGAIN Q9BUH8 (1<-1) BEGAIN
ENSRNOP00000014810 BET1 Q62896 Bet1 Bet1 O35623 (1<-1) Bet1 BET1 H7C1N3 (1<-1) BET1
ENSRNOP00000017684 BET1L A0A0G2JSM4 Bet1l Bet1l O35153 (1<-1) Bet1l BET1L Q9NYM9 (1<-1) BET1L
ENSRNOP00000004217 BFAR Q5PQN2 Bfar Bfar Q8R079 (1<-1) Bfar BFAR Q9NZS9 (1<-1) BFAR
ENSRNOP00000023920 BGN P47853 Bgn Bgn Q3TNY9 (1<-1) Bgn BGN A8K7E0 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000009564 BHLHE40 Q76JQ4 Bhlhe40 Bhlhe40 Q542A5 (1<-1) Bhlhe40 BHLHE40 Q6IB83 (1<-1) BHLHB2
ENSRNOP00000015336 BHMT A0A0G2JSK9 Bhmt Gm5096 O35490 (1<-1) Bhmt BHMT V9HWA4 (1<-1) HEL-S-61p
ENSRNOP00000058419 BHMT2 F1LMG2 Bhmt2 Bhmt2 Q91WS4 (1<-1) Bhmt2 BHMT2 A0A024RAQ0 (1<-1) BHMT2
ENSRNOP00000047890 BICD2 Q712J3 Bicd2 Bicd2 Q921C5 (1<-1) Bicd2 BICD2 Q8TD16 (1<-1) BICD2
ENSRNOP00000016776 BID Q9JLT6 Bid Bid P70444 (1<-1) Bid BID B3KT21 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000017573 BIN1 O08839-5 Bin1 Bin1 O08539 (1<-1) Bin1 BIN1 A0A024RAF1 (1<-1) BIN1
ENSRNOP00000039630 BIN2 Q68FR2 Bin2 Bin2 S4R270 (1<-1) Bin2 BIN2 B2RAR0 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000024614 BIN3 Q68FW8 Bin3 Bin3 Q3TC47 (2<-1) Bin3 BIN3 Q9NQY0 (2<-1) BIN3
ENSRNOP00000014560 BIRC2 Q6P6S1 Birc2 Birc2 Q62210 (1<-1) Birc2 BIRC2 B2R8N8 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000007702 BIRC3 F7FLN8 Birc3 Birc3 A2CGA5 (2<-1) Birc3 BIRC3 Q13489 (2<-1) BIRC3
ENSRNOP00000006830 BIRC6 F1LY70 Birc6 Birc6 O88738-2 (1<-1) Birc6 BIRC6 Q9NR09 (1<-1) BIRC6
ENSRNOP00000027869 BLES03 Q566Q8 Bles03 AI837181 E9QNR6 (1<-1) AI837181 C11orf68 Q9H3H3-2 (1<-1) C11orf68
ENSRNOP00000015021 BLK Q4KM97 Blk Blk P16277 (1<-1) Blk BLK P51451 (1<-1) BLK
ENSRNOP00000015065 BLM D3ZQW1 Blm Blm O88700 (1<-1) Blm BLM P54132 (1<-1) BLM
ENSRNOP00000005125 BLMH P70645 Blmh Blmh Q8R016 (1<-1) Blmh BLMH Q13867 (1<-1) BLMH
ENSRNOP00000010380 BLOC1S1 D3ZKU7 Bloc1s1 Bloc1s1 O55102 (1<-1) Bloc1s1 BLOC1S1 P78537 (1<-1) BLOC1S1
ENSRNOP00000017006 BLOC1S2 Q32WR5 Bloc1s2 Bloc1s2 Q9CWG9 (1<-1) Bloc1s2 BLOC1S2 F1T0F0 (1<-1) BLOC1S2
ENSRNOP00000023457 BLOC1S3 D4A3V6 Bloc1s3 Bloc1s3 Q5U5M8 (1<-1) Bloc1s3 BLOC1S3 Q6QNY0 (1<-1) BLOC1S3
ENSRNOP00000008127 BLOC1S4 G3V6R9 Bloc1s4 Bloc1s4 Q8VED2 (1<-1) Bloc1s4 BLOC1S4 Q9NUP1 (1<-1) BLOC1S4
ENSRNOP00000022108 BLOC1S5 B2GV52 Bloc1s5 Bloc1s5 Q8R015 (1<-1) Bloc1s5 BLOC1S5 Q8TDH9 (1<-1) BLOC1S5
ENSRNOP00000015843 BLVRA Q6AZ33 Blvra Blvra Q9CY64 (1<-1) Blvra BLVRA P53004 (1<-1) BLVRA
ENSRNOP00000035090 BLVRB B5DF65 Blvrb Blvrb Q3U6G1 (1<-1) Blvrb BLVRB V9HWI1 (1<-1) HEL-S-10
ENSRNOP00000010381 BMF Q8K589 Bmf Bmf A2AV75 (1<-1) Bmf BMF Q96LC9 (1<-1) BMF
ENSRNOP00000059998 BMI1 B4F7B6 Bmi1 Bmi1 Q2LC58 (1<-1) Bmi1 COMMD3-BMI1 R4GMX3 (1<-1) COMMD3-BMI1
ENSRNOP00000040287 BMP1 F1M798 Bmp1 Bmp1 P98063 (1<-1) Bmp1 BMP1 P13497 (1<-1) BMP1
ENSRNOP00000057591 BMP2K F1M7M4 Bmp2k Bmp2k Q91Z96 (1<-1) Bmp2k BMP2K H0Y9P1 (1<-1) BMP2K
ENSRNOP00000032031 BMP3 G3V903 Bmp3 Bmp3 Q149J9 (1<-1) Bmp3 BMP3 P12645 (1<-1) BMP3
ENSRNOP00000014846 BMP5 D4A7P9 Bmp5 Bmp5 P49003-2 (1<-1) Bmp5 BMP5 M9VUD0 (1<-1) BMP5
ENSRNOP00000049595 BMP8B D3ZWC5 Bmp8b Bmp8b P55105 (1<-1) Bmp8b BMP8B P34820 (2<-1) BMP8B
ENSRNOP00000015047 BMPR1A Q78EA7 Bmpr1a Bmpr1a Q53Z43 (1<-1) Bmpr1a BMPR1A B5BUG9 (1<-1) BMPR1A
ENSRNOP00000037011 BMPR2 F1LQC5 Bmpr2 Bmpr2 O35607 (1<-1) Bmpr2 BMPR2 Q13873 (1<-1) BMPR2
ENSRNOP00000008741 BMS1 E9PTV4 Bms1 Bms1 Q6ZQH0 (1<-1) Bms1 BMS1 Q14692 (1<-1) BMS1
ENSRNOP00000028173 BNIP1 Q8VHI8 Bnip1 Bnip1 Q6QD59 (1<-1) Bnip1 BNIP1 Q12981 (1<-1) BNIP1
ENSRNOP00000062234 BNIP2 D3ZGE0 Bnip2 Bnip2 Q3TTX3 (2<-1) Bnip2 BNIP2 J3KN59 (2<-1) BNIP2
ENSRNOP00000023477 BNIP3 Q5XFW6 Wdr6 Bnip3 O55003 (1<-1) Bnip3 BNIP3 Q6NVY4 (1<-1) BNIP3
ENSRNOP00000014798 BNIP3L Q4G086 Bnip3l Bnip3l Q9Z2F7 (1<-1) Bnip3l BNIP3L Q6IBV1 (1<-1) BNIP3L
ENSRNOP00000067163 BOD1L M0RC54 Bod1l1 Bod1l E9Q6J5 (1<-1) Bod1l BOD1L1 Q8NFC6 (1<-1) BOD1L1
ENSRNOP00000024526 BOK Q792S6-2 Bok Bok Q3TH93 (2<-1) Bok BOK Q9UL32 (2<-1) BOK
ENSRNOP00000028767 BOLA1 P56163-2 Dpf1 Bola1 Q9D8S9 (1<-1) Bola1 BOLA1 Q9Y3E2 (1<-1) BOLA1
ENSRNOP00000030813 BOLA3 D3ZT98 Bola3 Bola3 Q14A77 (1<-1) Bola3 BOLA3 Q53S33 (1<-1) BOLA3
ENSRNOP00000025133 BOP1 Q562C2 Bop1 Bop1 P97452 (1<-1) Bop1 BOP1 Q14137 (1<-1) BOP1
ENSRNOP00000013566 BPGM Q6P6G4 Bpgm Bpgm P15327 (1<-1) Bpgm BPGM A0A024R782 (1<-1) BPGM
ENSRNOP00000023914 BPHL Q3B8N9 Bphl Bphl Q3TDN8 (1<-1) Bphl BPHL Q86WA6 (1<-1) BPHL
ENSRNOP00000003249 BPNT1 Q9Z1N4 Bpnt1 Bpnt1 Q9Z0S1 (1<-1) Bpnt1 BPNT1 V9HWF9 (1<-1) HEL20
ENSRNOP00000014604 BRAF F1M9C3 Braf Braf F6SZ47 (1<-1) Braf BRAF P15056 (1<-1) BRAF
ENSRNOP00000067090 BRAP M0RBY8 Brap Brap Q99MP8 (1<-1) Brap BRAP Q7Z569 (1<-1) BRAP
ENSRNOP00000059762 BRAT1 D3ZSM9 Brat1 Brat1 E9QLK3 (1<-1) Brat1 BRAT1 Q6PJG6 (1<-1) BRAT1
ENSRNOP00000001475 BRCA2 Q66MH4 Brca2 Brca2 P97929 (1<-1) Brca2 BRCA2 P51587 (1<-1) BRCA2
ENSRNOP00000066438 BRCC3 B2RYM5 Brcc3 Brcc3 P46737 (1<-1) Brcc3 BRCC3 P46736-2 (1<-1) BRCC3
ENSRNOP00000006034 BRD1 D3ZUW8 Brd1 Brd1 G5E8P1 (1<-1) Brd1 BRD1 A0A024R4W4 (1<-1) BRD1
ENSRNOP00000056940 BRD2 Q6MGA9 Brd2 Brd2 B2RS09 (1<-1) Brd2 BRD2 A0A024RCR5 (1<-1) BRD2
ENSRNOP00000008963 BRD4 D3ZGX8 Brd4 BRD4 O60885 (1<-1) BRD4
ENSRNOP00000063186 BRD7 A0A0G2JTM7 Brd7 Brd7 O88665 (2<-1) Brd7 BRD7 Q9NPI1-2 (2<-1) BRD7
ENSRNOP00000050917 BRD8 E9PTN1 Brd8 Brd8 Q8R3B7 (2<-1) Brd8 BRD8 Q9H0E9-2 (2<-1) BRD8
ENSRNOP00000021000 BRD9 D4ACF5 Brd9 Brd9 Q3UQU0 (1<-1) Brd9 BRD9 Q9H8M2 (1<-1) BRD9
ENSRNOP00000005855 BRE Q6P7Q1 Bre Bre D3Z7P0 (1<-1) Bre BRE Q9NXR7 (1<-1) BRE
ENSRNOP00000019689 BRF1 D4A8W8 Brf1 Brf1 G3X8S2 (1<-1) Brf1 Q92994 (1<-1) BRF1
ENSRNOP00000001336 BRI3 Q5PPK1 Bri3 Bri3 P28662 (1<-1) Bri3 BRI3 O95415 (1<-1) BRI3
ENSRNOP00000001295 BRI3BP Q5U3Z5 Bri3bp Bri3bp Q8BXV2 (1<-1) Bri3bp BRI3BP Q8WY22 (1<-1) BRI3BP
ENSRNOP00000024285 BRIX1 G3V8B4 Brix1 Brix1 Q9DCA5 (1<-1) Brix1 BRIX1 Q8TDN6 (1<-1) BRIX1
ENSRNOP00000013600 BRK1 D3ZUP5 Brk1 Brk1 Q91VR8 (1<-1) Brk1 BRK1 Q8WUW1 (1<-1) BRK1
ENSRNOP00000010947 BRMS1L D3Z9D3 Brms1l Q3U1T3-2 (1<-2) Brms1l
ENSRNOP00000004949 BROX Q4V8K5 Brox Brox Q8K2Q7 (1<-1) Brox BROX Q5VW32 (1<-1) BROX
ENSRNOP00000011246 BRPF1 D4A411 Brpf1 Brpf1 B2RRD7 (1<-1) Brpf1 BRPF1 P55201-3 (1<-1) BRPF1
ENSRNOP00000033679 BRSK1 B2DD29 Brsk1 Brsk1 Q5RJI5 (1<-1) Brsk1 BRSK1 Q8TDC3-2 (1<-1) BRSK1
ENSRNOP00000002231 BRWD1 D4AAI9 Brwd1 Brwd1 Q921C3 (1<-1) Brwd1 BRWD1 Q9NSI6 (1<-1) BRWD1
ENSRNOP00000061399 BSCL2 Q5FVJ6 Bscl2 Bscl2 Q9Z2E9 (1<-1) Bscl2 BSCL2 A0A024R540 (1<-1) hCG_2020143
ENSRNOP00000011054 BSDC1 D4A3M7 Bsdc1 Bsdc1 Q80Y55 (1<-1) Bsdc1 BSDC1 Q9NW68 (1<-1) BSDC1
ENSRNOP00000050252 BSG P26453-2 Bsg Bsg P18572-2 (1<-1) Bsg BSG Q54A51 (1<-1) hEMMPRIN
ENSRNOP00000039162 BSN A0A0G2K1X6 Bsn Bsn O88737 (1<-1) Bsn BSN A0A024R2Y4 (1<-1) BSN
ENSRNOP00000004094 BST1 F1LSX3 Bst1 Bst1 Q64277 (1<-1) Bst1 BST1 Q10588 (1<-1) BST1
ENSRNOP00000031515 BST2 Q811A2 Bst2 Bst2 Q8R2Q8 (1<-1) Bst2 BST2 A0A024R7H5 (2<-1) BST2
ENSRNOP00000024465 BTAF1 F1LW16 Btaf1 Btaf1 E9QAE3 (2<-1) Btaf1 BTAF1 Q2M1V9 (2<-1) BTAF1
ENSRNOP00000026595 BTBD1 Q5RKI2 Btbd1 Btbd1 P58544 (1<-1) Btbd1 BTBD1 A0A024R224 (1<-1) BTBD1
ENSRNOP00000066860 BTBD11 D4AC89 Btbd11
ENSRNOP00000025391 BTBD2 F1M311 Btbd2 Btbd2 Q7TNF6 (1<-1) Btbd2 BTBD2 Q9BX70 (1<-1) BTBD2
ENSRNOP00000058273 BTBD8 D3ZN57 Btbd8 Btbd8 D3YUB6 (1<-1) Btbd8 BTBD8 Q5XKL5 (1<-1) BTBD8
ENSRNOP00000057779 BTD Q5FVF9 Btd Btd Q8CIF4 (1<-1) Btd BTD P43251-2 (1<-1) BTD
ENSRNOP00000022864 BTF3 Q5U3Y8 Btf3 Btf3 Q64152 (1<-1) Btf3 BTF3 P20290-2 (1<-1) BTF3
ENSRNOP00000047924 BTK A0A0G2K134 Btk Btk P35991 (2<-1) Btk BTK Q06187 (2<-1) BTK
ENSRNOP00000023622 BTN1A1 F1LRV5 Btn1a1 Btn1a1 Q3UM26 (1<-1) Btn1a1 BTN1A1 Q13410 (1<-1) BTN1A1
ENSRNOP00000022426 BTRC F1LMH8 Btrc Btrc Q3ULA2 (1<-1) Btrc BTRC Q9Y297 (1<-1) BTRC
ENSRNOP00000010406 BUB1B F1LMI1 Bub1b Bub1b Q8K2E5 (1<-1) Bub1b BUB1B O60566 (1<-1) BUB1B
ENSRNOP00000028020 BUB3 D4A567 Bub3 Bub3 Q9WVA3 (2<-1) Bub3 BUB3 O43684-2 (2<-1) BUB3
ENSRNOP00000025232 BUD13 G3V8F3 Bud13 Bud13 Q8R149 (1<-1) Bud13 BUD13 A8K4Z6 (1<-1)
ENSRNOP00000001307 BUD31 O70454 Bud31 Bud31 E0CX20 (1<-1) Bud31 BUD31 P41223 (1<-1) BUD31
ENSRNOP00000067656 BYSL M0RDF7 Bysl Bysl O54825 (1<-1) Bysl BYSL Q13895 (1<-1) BYSL
ENSRNOP00000010755 BZRAP1 F1LPI6 Bzrap1 Bzrap1 Q7TNF8 (1<-1) Bzrap1 BZRAP1 X5D8U9 (1<-1) BZRAP1
ENSRNOP00000019486 BZW1 Q6P7P5 Bzw1 Bzw1 A0A087WQS2 (1<-1) Bzw1 BZW1 Q7L1Q6-3 (1<-1) BZW1
ENSRNOP00000007414 BZW2 Q9WTT7 Bzw2 Bzw2 Q91VK1 (1<-1) Bzw2 BZW2 A0A024RA42 (1<-1) BZW2
ENSRNOP00000008057 C1D B5DEI6 C1d C1d O35473 (1<-1) C1d C1D J3KPZ4 (1<-1) C1D
ENSRNOP00000010375 C1GALT1 Q9JJ05 C1galt1 C1galt1 Q9JJ06 (2<-1) C1galt1 C1GALT1 A0A024RA32 (2<-1) C1GALT1
ENSRNOP00000003449 C1GALT1C1 Q499P3 C1galt1c1 C1galt1c1 Q9JMG2 (1<-1) C1galt1c1 C1GALT1C1 Q96EU7 (1<-1) C1GALT1C1
ENSRNOP00000017385 C1QA P31720 C1qa C1qa Q3TXB1 (1<-1) C1qa C1QA A0A024RAG6 (1<-1) C1QA
ENSRNOP00000017060 C1QB G3V7N9 C1qb C1qb P14106 (1<-1) C1qb C1QB A0A024RAB9 (1<-1) C1QB